Highlander Season 11 Awards Show with BlackOut TV!

Date February 16, 2017

It feels like only yesterday that Season 11 kicked off (well….. November) but now as all things do, we close off Season 11 with one last celebration of all that made it memorable. Join  of Strong Opinions, of ETF2L, of SDCK, of Budget Toucans, of Chessclub and of Stacked with leading the production as always […]

Highlander Season 11 Playoffs LB Final: Tourettes Chessclub vs. SDCK

Date January 24, 2017

Season 11 is slowly drawing to a close, which can only mean one thing…..FINALS BOYS! Tonight we have vs. in a face off in the Lower Bracket final where the winner will progress to the Grand Final to play while the loser will walk away with a meek 3rd place earned. During the season, drew […]

Highlander Season 11 Playoffs LB Semi-Final: Budget Toucans vs. SDCK

Date January 15, 2017

The search continues to find the victor of ETF2L’s Highlander Season 11! Tonight we have the Lower Bracket Semi-Final match between and . The winner today will move on to the Lower Bracket Final to face for a chance at the Grand Final with  while the loser will have to find hope elsewhere as their […]

Highlander Season 11 Playoffs Upper Finals: Strong Opinions vs. Chessclub

Date January 13, 2017

Now everything gets interesting! Join & on BlackOut TV with on camera for the top twin seeds to battle it out for that automatic spot in the Grand Final match of Highlander Season 11 powered by Tt eSPORTS. In one corner we have the ever-reigning  against the tried and tested . As the last few […]

Highlander Season 11 Playoffs R1: Strong Opinions vs. SDCK @ 21:00 CET

Date January 9, 2017

Wait! Stop! There’s more playoff action tonight too! Join , & on BlackOut TV for an action-filled festival of frags for your feast. Donning the armour tonight is who are staring down at who are rocking up in their new shoes. In Week 7, proved that  are not the perfect demigods of Highlander that we […]