Highlander Winter 2024: Wrap-up

Date March 28, 2024

Highlander Season 31

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As spring blooms, the Highlander Winter Season 2024 has come to an end! Winners have celebrated but a big thank you goes out to all participants. Good news for all teams: rosters are now unlocked! It’s time to start creating strategies for the upcoming season!

Highlander Winter 2024 Winners

Do I hear comeback? The winner of the Premiership Division is Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!! Big congratulations to SDCK with their 15th victory!

The winning squad is composed of:

Division Placements


  1. gold medal Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!
  2. silver medal Morocco 4House
  3. bronze medal Jamaica GANJA 2009


  1. gold medal UnitedStates Nine Guys: Berner Hates Spies
  2. silver medal Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch
  3. bronze medal Russia CHLEN9


  1. gold medal European Complete Guesswork
  2. silver medal Albania Wicked Lotus
  3. bronze medal Lithuania ChudsX2 & SouthAfrica Jollyweed


  1. gold medal Italy SBQRRA
  2. silver medal European Lost In Dreams
  3. bronze medal Russia сука_баZука & European Xenon


  1. gold medal UnitedStates Massive Legends Here
  2. silver medal UnitedKingdom Atria
  3. bronze medal Albania XPUC TEAM & Mongolia 9YoungClowns

Premiership Award Winners

  • gold medal Scout of the Season – Greece menex (GANJA 2009)
  • gold medal Soldier of the Season – Israel JackyLegs (SDCK!)
  • gold medal Pyro of the Season – France TBourdon (SDCK!)
  • gold medal Demoman of the Season – Denmark buddy (SDCK!)
  • gold medal Heavy of the Season – Bulgaria Odin. (4House)
  • gold medal Engineer of the Season – Latvia Clark (SDCK!)
  • gold medal Medic of the Season – Poland .xio (GANJA 2009)
  • gold medal Sniper of the Season – Russia laiky (SDCK!)
  • gold medal Spy of the Season –  Germany mezzo (SDCK!)
  • gold medal Debut of the Season – Romania Mong (moro moro)
  • gold medal Player of the Season – Russia laiky (SDCK!)
  • gold medal Caster of the Season – UnitedKingdom Harry


  1. Harry: Nah - ONCE said:

    See you next season.

  2. SlippingReality: BEGPEG - 256 said:

    Caster of the Season – Harry :3

  3. P1nball: Africa - jolly said:


  4. stun: 9GUYS said:

    Mongathan Ross

  5. Suomipe: TEMU said:


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