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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
France scar Prem 6on6 1
France Igov Драгови Mid/Low 6on6 5
Russia Balenciaga Low/Open Highlander 0
Israel MoreBuckets! Mid Highlander 10
International Szlemek Prem Highlander 5
Finland Jared Open 6on6 4
Russia tsd. Mid Highlander 7
Netherlands virgonaly Mid 6on6 4
Netherlands Teddi Low Highlander 1
Russia chatsky Open Highlander 1
International tsae Open Highlander 6
Turkey Can Open Highlander 0
England aychi High Highlander 16
Turkey yaken Mid 6on6 1
Peru anonimo1476 Low 6on6 0
Spain Yinsoo Open 6on6 0
England samii Mid 6on6 1
England ketchup Open 6on6 6
Greece TEK IT EZ High Highlander 7
Finland Nebula Prem/High Highlander 6
Poland Kebabvendor Mid Highlander 4
Kazakhstan lazcore Low/Open 6on6 4
Denmark Fox Open Highlander 1
Hungary invis Mid Highlander 7
England Polybrow Open Highlander 1
Finland grinner Open 6on6 0
Italy Loquenlucas Open Highlander 3
Germany Zamparonie High Highlander 7
Italy Phil Mid/Low Highlander 8
Italy Erupo89 Prem/High Highlander 11
Italy Murray Moonrain Low/Open Highlander 0
Finland Septique Low/Open 6on6 3
Turkey kreumat Open 6on6 9
Lithuania WaIt Mid/Low 6on6 1
Russia Shandi Mid/Low 6on6 0
Germany rise Mid Highlander 3
Russia Still Low/Open 6on6 10
Germany danny Mid Highlander 17
European hk Low/Open 6on6 0
Poland auchan Open Highlander 1
Italy Godz Ares Prem/High Highlander 4
Hungary Genderless Ghost Low/Open Fun Team 0
Hungary daga High Highlander 10
International Ninja Scoot Open Highlander 0
Finland Janteri Open 6on6 0
Spain WFlash Mid 6on6 4
European Green Open Highlander 0
Hungary redlix Prem/High Highlander 11
Japan Adam. Open 6on6 3
European Lupe Open Highlander 0
Turkey NeonCeejay Mid Highlander 2
England Com3t Low Highlander 0
Germany Kreos Low/Open Highlander 0
Belarus Amushi Open Highlander 0
Finland kuno Low/Open Highlander 0
England Roper Mid Highlander 4
Russia BlastFM Mid Highlander 14
UnitedKingdom Cubix Open Highlander 0
European joost Mid/Low Highlander 0
Russia Requiem High/Mid Highlander 4
Portugal Geraldes High/Mid Highlander 0
Russia dima Prem Highlander 7
UnitedKingdom Luna Lana Low/Open Highlander 1
International medicine man team fo Open 6on6 3
Poland Kordian Low/Open Highlander 3
International nikkomode High 6on6 0
European Imperdius Mid/Low Highlander 3
Turkey 酔っ Open 6on6 0
Romania iusti High/Mid 6on6 4
Belgium viking Prem/High Highlander 6
Scotland Highlander Low/Open Highlander 18
Hungary adam Low/Open Highlander 5
Sweden aabracadabra Mid/Low 6on6 0
Finland alv High/Mid Highlander 2
Denmark . High/Mid Highlander 0
Ukraine wardeathmachine Open Highlander 0
Poland re4ct1ve Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom wiitabix Prem/High Highlander 6
Poland MuodyM Prem Highlander 7
Finland ollitf Prem Highlander 5
Russia Panacea Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Theo Mid Highlander 2
International 10/100 would stab ag Open Highlander 7
England Vexo Low/Open 6on6 0
Russia den4ik Open Highlander 0
Poland Gladius Low Highlander 7
Russia Link Mid/Low 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom HaZz Mid Highlander 10
European Mercimek Open 6on6 0
Russia Cupcakeion The Greay Mid 6on6 0
Poland Jacob Mid/Low Highlander 5
Russia eblarin Low/Open Highlander 6
Russia denamo Mid/Low Highlander 0
Hungary rb26dett Prem Highlander 7
Italy frank0g Low/Open Highlander 3
Algeria Cherry Mid 6on6 2
Scotland sheepy dog's hand High/Mid 6on6 0
Estonia Tomilla Mid/Low 6on6 6
International merg Open Highlander 7
Turkey MrCagri Open Highlander 1
Portugal RNTenant High/Mid Highlander 6
Portugal simple Open Highlander 0
International JumpSper Open 6on6 0
England Swanny Prem Highlander 1
European Timka Open Highlander 1
Lithuania Lew Mid/Low Highlander 0
International fat cunt Open 6on6 7
Poland x. Open Highlander 11
Germany Luna Mid/Low Highlander 4
Scotland Merk Open Highlander 11
Hungary Uselesskecske Mid Highlander 0
International tW!n Open 6on6 1
England -frost- Low/Open Highlander 0
Russia Rid Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates Shieldtrain Low/Open Fun Team 0
Hungary Gergosz. Low/Open 6on6 3
Russia Goodly Prem/High Highlander 5
Bulgaria Lupus Prem/High 6on6 1
European Asda Mid/Low Highlander 0
England chando High Highlander 1
SouthAfrica BokiPvP_ Open 6on6 1
Kosovo Endrit Low/Open 6on6 1
International sep Open Highlander 0
European godir Open Highlander 0
Poland noxize Prem Highlander 3
Finland emskii Low/Open 6on6 2
CzechRepublic kapustak Mid Highlander 1
International DarkStorm TheFallen Open 6on6 0
International sirpents Low/Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom jim the dragon Low/Open Fresh Meat 0
Russia BlackMedic Low/Open Highlander 0
Russia Skelty Low/Open 6on6 3
Russia Evi Open Highlander 2
Russia B.P.O.R | guard Open 6on6 3
Austria Defa High Highlander 1
International Noadi Low/Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Henrald Open Highlander 0
Wales Carbon_ Mid 6on6 0
Denmark zaint High Highlander 5
Sweden skeme Mid/Low 6on6 1
Sweden Cronk Prem Highlander 3
Belgium [email protected]$Y High/Mid Highlander 0
Russia CAT_MATROSKIN Low/Open Highlander 0
Jordan UsualMate High/Mid 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom lyte High 6on6 11
Croatia st0rm Open Highlander 2
Ukraine Detoed. High Highlander 17
Finland Leif High Highlander 0
Finland Miko High Highlander 0
Ireland YladFrank Mid 6on6 0
Germany Lemmy Low/Open 6on6 5
Slovenia GreenFrosty Mid Highlander 2
Ukraine desu Open 6on6 0
Italy ddf Open 6on6 8
UnitedKingdom ollie High Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Fire Prem/High Highlander 0
Israel Snow High/Mid 6on6 2
Finland MoBa Mid/Low Highlander 1
Russia uuu High/Mid 6on6 1
International Jarry Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom QuestionableExistenc Mid/Low Highlander 0
Germany Georgiboy Mid/Low Highlander 0
International Mofu Low/Open Highlander 2
Romania Scout Mid/Low 6on6 1
Belarus Krispoo Low/Open 6on6 0
Turkey RedDawn Low/Open Highlander 0
International canscrat Open Highlander 0
Hungary Sfvys Open Highlander 2
Russia ...Zeeron... Open Highlander 0
Poland Monsteroo Open Highlander 1
Sweden fishska High/Mid Highlander 2
Hungary LoliHunter Low 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom JvJ Open Highlander 0
International Myth Open 6on6 0
UnitedStates youngboy Open 6on6 0
England Heff_ Open Highlander 0
England ScarletQueen Low/Open 6on6 2
Mexico Ubersetzen Open Highlander 0
International Cookie Open Highlander 0
Russia V1KM4N High Highlander 8
Serbia VasaLav Mid/Low 6on6 0
Turkey Nata Low Highlander 3
Netherlands duckers Low 6on6 4
International Segra High 6on6 0
Turkey FreezeLight Low/Open Highlander 0
Russia Lennysos Open Highlander 1
Germany Brengineer Open 6on6 1
Algeria mAdyy High/Mid Highlander 0
Hungary korree Low/Open Highlander 0
European Romain Low/Open Highlander 0
Poland Rafchal Open Highlander 1
England Pepy Low 6on6 2
Russia Kworker Mid Highlander 8
France Tirgou Low/Open 6on6 1
European aaron Low/Open Highlander 0
Russia znach Low Highlander 12
International Ogzo High/Mid 6on6 0
Turkey canomano02 Open Highlander 0
International Smellyiot Open 6on6 1
Slovakia ZanKIx Low/Open 6on6 0
Macedonia reem Low/Open Highlander 0
Scotland monty High/Mid Highlander 7
Russia Falkonze Open Highlander 0
Serbia MX Low/Open Highlander 0
Italy 20grams Prem/High Highlander 13
International nebu Open Highlander 6
Hungary EriK10 Mid/Low 6on6 1
Russia The King Of Hedgehog Open Highlander 0
European shelby Mid/Low Highlander 3
UnitedKingdom ryan Low/Open 6on6 7
International Gale35 Low/Open Highlander 0
Hungary misterkill555 Low/Open 6on6 0
England Josh Low/Open 6on6 6
Russia akceN Mid Highlander 0
Ukraine gunguyemo832 Open Highlander 3
UnitedKingdom YooT Mid Highlander 0
Sweden Plague_doctor Open Highlander 0
Germany Phyxkes Open 6on6 0
Belgium airplay Mid/Low Highlander 0
European Yuno Low/Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Bluee Prem/High 6on6 6