Thanks to the ETF2L whitelists with weapons/items bans are always up to date!

Presets are available for every TF2 League imaginable, perfect for when you’re renting a server. provides always up to date league whitelists and allows you to create your own custom whitelists with a click of a few buttons.


TeamFortress.TV is the main hub of all European TF2 news, gossip, casts, insights and interviews. Since November 2012 TeamFortress.TV has firmly established itself as the main place for top level 6v6 casting through their Twitch.TV channel TeamFortressTV.

KritzKast has been covering the TF2 scene since 2008 maintaining a near perfect once a week record. You know who you can trust to always be there for this community. In 2017 scope was widened to cover European Highlander, where you can find in season content being delivered through their Twitch channel KritzKast.