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General TF2
General discussion about TF2.
4,014 107,635 Help Gragery come to i69 - SVIFT fundraiser
by $neaky, .
Training & Tactics
For all questions and discussions on competitive TF2. Newbies welcome!
930 9,683 LF 6s Personal mentor for low
by xCape, .
TF2 map announcements & discussion.
313 11,794 pl_prowater
by aura, .
Share TF2 movies!
3,048 70,612 ETF2L Season 42 Democall
by osvaldo, .
TF2 Customisation & Support
Interface tweaks, mods, configs etc. and any TF2-related support.
959 14,901 Announcing DemoMan, the TF2 demo manager
by Narcha, .
HUD Releases
Customized HUDs released for public use
98 6,564 Can someone help to find name of this hud
by tenshi., .
For discussions about TF2 streams
196 1,055 The Poison Stream
by yak, .
General ETF2L
For all talk about ETF2L and its community.
1,767 63,900 ETF2L PASStime maps?
by redlix, .
Feedback & Requests
Be sure to share your feedback and ideas for ETF2L here!
564 17,539 Highlander Season 25 Preseason Cup Feedback
by nutbeans, .
Fresh Meat Challenge #2
A sub forum for everything related to the Fresh Meat Challenge #2
by Laughli, .
For any non-ETF2L competitions, servers, sites, projects etc.
810 25,780 | Comp Pickup Games★ DEBUT Oct 1st!
by mehr, .
Anything related to LAN events.
630 19,490 Moscow LAN 2019
by Jan, .
Any problem, bug, request or question? Open a thread!
2,053 18,923 Name Change
by supra, .
General Off-topic
For everything not fitting in any specific forum.
4,032 74,616 thoughts on faceit
by makemake, .
Foreign Languages
Dutch Forum
Dutch discussion forum. Open for any topics.
144 2,272 Launch
by kKaltUu, .
Finnish Forum
Finnish discussion forum. Open for any topics.
106 1,363 Kissa
by Liko, .
French Forum
French discussion forum. Open for any topics.
59 453 Recensement des inscriptions ETF2L
by HartzFartz, .
German Forum
German discussion forum. Open for any topics.
260 4,109 Nationscup 4v4 Thread
by cooney, .
Russian Forum
Russian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
260 744 как набивать 300 дпм на скауте
by akure, .
Scandinavian Forum
Scandinavian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
160 2,192 Varmt så in i helv...
by Kanga, .