Highlander Nations Cup #7: Wrap-up

Date September 19, 2021

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It’s time to conclude the final results from the Highlander Nations Cup #7. We would like to congratulate to Team Poland Poland for winning the Highlander Nations Cup #7 tournament. It is something truly admirable, since they become the second team, after Sweden Sweden, to defend their highlander nation’s cup title.

The winning squad is composed of:

The best three teams of this competition are:



Highlander Season 25 – Provisional Tiers, Map Pool Rotation

Date September 2, 2021

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Provisional Tiers

Down below are this season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name. Teams marked in yellow are more likely to be moved if there is a need to change teams around.

Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over at our Discord Server. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to why they should be moved.
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Staff Changes, a short PSA on Demo Requests and Wednesday Evening Bans

Date September 1, 2021

Staff Changes

We would like to announce that Germany Jonez, Belgium EASY, and Latvia Axio have successfully completed their League Admin trials. Germany Jack has also completed his trial period as a site coder.
And finally, the Anti-Cheat team will include Denmark Jortand in our ranks as a full staff member.

PSA on Demo Requests

Recently we have received a couple of requests about players not receiving emails when demos have been requested or general admin comments were posted on a matchpage. In most of these cases it turns out that the team leaders and deputies did not enable the option “Send Email Notifications” in their profile dashboard, or their email was not current anymore. Even if you are not a leader or deputy in your current team, you should still consider leaving this feature enabled for the future. If you need to change your email address, please open a League Admin request on our Discord as you cannot change it yourself.

Furthermore, we will use this post to remind you that you are required to keep all of your demos from official matches until the wrap-up post of the season has been published!



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Highlander Season 25 – Premiership Qualifiers and Preseason Cup Polls

Date August 29, 2021

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Due to their performance in the past season, Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!, UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS and Poland inVision will keep their Premiership spots, as well as European SENSATION being promoted due to their placement in Division 1 last season. Meanwhile, the remaining signups will have to go through qualifiers.

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Season 39: Playoffs & Tiebreaker Scores

Date August 22, 2021

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Welcome everyone to the conclusion of the 39th Season of ETF2L 6v6.

We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for the teams that made it through, congratulations.

If you find yourself on the list of these teams you are expected to be available. If you fail to provide information, or it is insufficient, we will have to decide your match dates for you. Keep in mind that we will try and accommodate both teams, but the match date may still vary from your provided days if for example none of the days matches with your opponent’s, but your opponent offered more days than you did. Deadlines listed for the matches are flexible and may be changed in certain situations if admins are contacted about allowing extensions on these.

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