Provisional Schedule end of 2024

Date May 19, 2024

This is a provisional schedule therefore dates are subject to change.

6v6 Nations Cup #10

Captain Application: May 27th – June 23rd
Group Stage: July 1st – July 21st
Playoffs: July 26th – July 28th

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6v6 Season 47 (Spring 2024): Playoffs & Tiebreakers

Date May 11, 2024

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With the end of the main season now here, now it’s time to find out who has advanced from the group stages into the playoffs! Below you can find all the details on tiebreaker scores, format for playoffs & playoff brackets!

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We want YOU for ETF2L Staff!

Date April 13, 2024

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Dear members of ETF2L, we are once again looking for more staff to help benefit our league in both the League Admin & Anti-cheat Admin department! Below you can find more information on each of the admin roles we are looking for, some of the requirements of each role and what you are expected to do as a part of that role. We should also mention that you can apply for either of these roles at anytime, not just when we announce these ETF2L Staff recruitment posts! At the bottom of this post, you can find all the information you need on how to apply for either of these admin positions!

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Basketball Cup #7 – Wrap Up

Date April 1, 2024

SFM by UnitedKingdom Akio

With the 6v6 and Highlander Open #4 seasons officially beginning, we are now concluding the end of the BBall #7 Cup! A big thank you to everyone who participated, provided feedback or spread word of this cup, we hope it was worth the wait! And congratulations to European Memes For The Win for coming out victorious above all the other teams and claiming their titles as the LeBron James and Michael Jordan of ETF2L for this edition of the BBall cup!

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Highlander Winter 2024: Wrap-up

Date March 28, 2024

Highlander Season 31

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As spring blooms, the Highlander Winter Season 2024 has come to an end! Winners have celebrated but a big thank you goes out to all participants. Good news for all teams: rosters are now unlocked! It’s time to start creating strategies for the upcoming season!

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