Aoshi Leaves the (Space)Ship

Date March 28, 2021

Hello and goodbye everybody, All things must come to an end and so does my time as ETF2L admin. After being administrator for the League for the last six years, a quarter of my life, overseeing fourteen highlander seasons, eighteen sixes seasons and countless cups (including various LANs), I have had the opportunity to learn […]

Season 38 Preseason Cup and Main Season Sign-ups are open

Date February 23, 2021

Banner by Welcome to our 38th Season of 6v6! Season 38 Preseason Cup The cup will be a simple 3 match group stage and playoff stage on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of February. Signups are open until Friday 26th of February at 19:00 CET. Group Stage – Saturday 27th: Round 1: 19:30 […]

Data Recreation Phase One!

Date December 26, 2020

Hello everybody, We’re quite excited to show you the progress of the data recreation. Welcome to the finalization of phase one out of two! phase one included gathering up all recorded pages within archiving websites such as and parsing these pages back into actual results on the site. This has granted us the return […]

Harassment & Community Moderation Update

Date December 19, 2020

Hello everybody, We’re here again trying to clean up our stance in regards to community moderation. We’ve taken the past few months to get a solid internal policy setup in order to have more consistent handling of cases. We believe to have finalized this setup. While doing so we’ve looked at a handful or reports […]

Season 37: Signups Open!

Date September 28, 2020

Banner by Welcome to our 37th Season of 6v6! Without further ado, we are very happy to be able to announce that our signups are open right now until the 15th of October 21:00 CET! >>>> Sign up now! <<<< Prize Pool Firstly, we’ll be having a prize pool for Season 37’s Premiership Tier. The […]