Announcing Highlander Season 25 and Preseason Cup

Date August 17, 2021

Banner by Announcing Highlander Season 25 and Preseason Cup! All the information regarding Highlander Season 25 and the Preseason Cup can either be found in this newspost, or will be released shortly! The tier systems that we use will be fully dependent on the final signup numbers. >>>> Sign up now! <<<<

Highlander Season 24 – Wrap-up

Date August 17, 2021

Banner by Highlander Season 24 – Wrap-up With Highlander Season 25 fast approaching we would like to honour the winners of Season 24 and wrap up the season. Congratulations to for winning this season’s Premiership tier!. The winning squad is composed of:

Highlander Season 24 Award Polls!

Date July 31, 2021

Vote for who you think was the best at their respective role! These polls are going to be live until Friday the 6th of August at 21:00 CET!

Highlander Nations Cup #7: Captains & Group Stage

Date July 16, 2021

Banner by The captains have been decided! Here is a list: Belgium – Croatia – Czech Republic – Denmark – England – Finland – France – & Germany – Greece – Hungary – Ireland – Italy – Lithuania – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal – Romania – Russia – Scotland – Serbia – Sweden – […]

Season 39: Whitelist and map pool update

Date June 24, 2021

Banner by As the start of Season 39 gets closer and closer, it is time to finalize to map pool and whitelist. Quick reminder of the current map pool:  cp_gullywash_final1 cp_process_f7 cp_snakewater_final cp_sunshine cp_granary_pro_rc8 On top of these already confirmed maps, the following maps will also be a part of this season’s map pool: koth_product_rcx […]