◽️ 6v6 Season 38 roster lock is activated.
◽️ The latest changes to rules 3.6 and 3.7 will not apply for the remainder of S38, the changes will only apply starting HL S24 onward.

Highlander Season 23 – Wrap-up

Date April 13, 2021

Highlander Season 23 – Wrap-up

With summer fast approaching we would like to honour the winners of Season 23 and wrap up the season. Congratulations to Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! for winning this season’s Premiership tier!.

The winning squad is composed of:

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Highlander Season 23 Award Show!

Date April 3, 2021

With the Highlander Season 23 polls wrapped up it is tradition to have an Awards Show where the winners will be presented their pixel trophies.

Join your hosts Spain CeeJaey & UnitedKingdom TheMeerCat with ETF2L Admin Belgium Sodium announcing the awards, and guests Germany mezzo, Latvia Axio & Wales sneaky the cat tonight at 20:00 CEST on KritzKast.
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ETF2L Policy Update on Cheating and VAC Bans

Date April 2, 2021

Cheating Bans and TF2 VAC League Bans for first-time offenders now last for two years

We would like to announce a policy update on how ETF2L will hand out league bans for Cheating offenses and Team Fortress 2 VAC bans in the future. Currently we give cheaters the chance to redeem themselves and return as a clean player after a year of forced retirement. While we would like to continue giving this opportunity to players, looking back at the past there have always been some bad actors who do not really seem to care about quietly returning to the community.

After receiving a lot of community feedback over the years and a recent internal discussion we have decided that we are going to increase the ban length for cheating and TF2 VACs from one year to two years. This two-year ban length only applies to those players who were caught cheating for the first time. This additional year will give the cheaters a longer time away from the scene so that they hopefully change their ways. It will also decrease the workload on our Anti-Cheat staff, while putting us in line with other TF2 competitive leagues as well.

Please note that this will not affect the ban lengths of players who are currently still banned for cheating or receiving a Team Fortress 2 VAC on their account.

That is not all, however.

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Staff Changes & Nations Cup

Date April 1, 2021

Staff changes and Ban

After the recent departure of Belgium Aoshi it was meant for Belgium Sodium to take over the role of head admin. Since then the League Admins had a discussion and decided to ask him to step down. Although it might seem as this is a pretty sudden change behind the scenes the situation became quickly became uncontrollable with Belgium Sodium more often than not being unreachable at critical moments, he has agreed to step down as head admin. The remaining admins reached out to Belgium Aoshi who turned down their request. Fortunately for us Germany DCS has agreed to come back and fill in the gap until a new League Admin has been prepared to step up to the head admin spot.  Germany DCS mentioned that he only took up the offer to return because being a solo head admin gives him a lot more freedom in the role in comparison to his time alongside Belgium Aoshi.

Additionally we came across a situation we hoped would never happen. International Faust used his trial position to gain and leak critical information that forced us to put the website under maintenance a couple of times to fix what he’s done.

League Ban:

The following player have been caught gathering and leaking information. They have been banned from ETF2L for one year:

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Highlander Season 23 Award Polls!

Date March 30, 2021

Vote for who you think was the best at their respective role!

These polls are going to be live until Friday the 2nd of April at 21:00 CET!

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