Highlander Season 22: Provisional Tiers

Date August 26, 2020

Down below are this season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name. Division 2, Mid and Low will be played as a round-robin format, the groups will be divided when making the finals tiers. Teams marked in yellow are more likely to be moved if there is a need to change teams around.

Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over at our Discord Server. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to why they should be moved.

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Highlander Season 22 Premiership Qualifiers!

Date August 20, 2020

The Highlander Season 22 Premiership Qualifiers are hereby announced. Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! and Hungary inVision will keep their Premiership spot based on their performance in the last season. Based on the applications we received, we have decided that the suitable remaining six teams that applied for the Premiership tier will have to qualify for a spot.

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Season 36 Premiership Grand Finals: SVIFT vs. nerdRage

Date August 16, 2020

Banner by UnitedKingdom soda

The grand finale of the Premiership division between the dominant UnitedStates SVIFT and UnitedKingdom nerdRage is upon us. UnitedStates SVIFT earned the top seed thanks to their regular season results and as such were given a direct invite to the grand finals. However, UnitedKingdom nerdRage had to slog, claw, and fight tooth and nail to get there.

UnitedStates SVIFT only dropped 1 point the entire season in the second week against UnitedKingdom nerdRage, the team they are facing again tonight, scoring perfect 6-0 victories in the remaining fixtures, so the game is shaping up to be a good one.

UnitedKingdom nerdRage had a rocky start to the season, losing their first three matches of the season before they found their footing. Interestingly enough, the teams they lost to early on are the teams they are facing in the playoff stages. So far UnitedKingdom nerdRage have been able to overturn their losses against Norway The Church of Jezunis and France Les darons de l'edition to win the first two of their playoffs games. Will they be able to complete their comeback and take the title?
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Sunday Evening Bans

Date August 2, 2020


Please note that some of these bans were enacted before the release of this newspost! There might be more older bans mentioned than usual due to data loss.


The following players have been caught cheating by the Anti-Cheat team. They have been banned from ETF2L for one year:

The following player used an alternate account with the intent of smurfing in Highlander Open #3 and was banned for 3 months:

The following player used an alternate account to evade their ban. Their ban has been extended for one year:


The following players were involved in a case of non-permitted acquisition of profits and have been banned for their respective durations:

Demo Bans

The following players failed to provide a requested demo several times. They were banned for their respective durations:

  • Scotland DaFuQWiZaT – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Israel R0lz – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Hungary 6red – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Israel princess dvs – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • France NeverDieu – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Portugal 31 – not uploading demos three times – 2 months

VAC Bans

The following players have been caught with VAC bans possibly affecting TF2 on their main and/or alternate accounts and have been banned from the league for one year:

+ 110 inactive ETF2L accounts.

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff their match results are not affected.

If you were banned due to a VAC ban on your Steam account that doesn’t affect TF2, please contact an admin to get the ETF2L ban removed.

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Announcing Highlander Season 22!

Date August 1, 2020

Banner by UnitedKingdom soda

Announcing Highlander Season 22!

All the information regarding the coming Season can either be found in this newspost, or will be released shortly!

For tiers we’ll be aiming to run swiss again for Open, Low and Mid. This is still potentially subjected to change depending on the final signup numbers.

>>Signup Now!<<


Season Schedule

  • Signups: August  1st – August  25th 21:00 CEST (Premiership signup deadline is August 19th 21:00 CEST)
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: August 27th
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: August 29th
  • Premiership Qualifiers: August 21st – August 30th
  • Main Season: August 30th – October 2nd (5 Weeks)
  • Playoffs: October 4th – October 23rd

Map pool

Although we won’t be able to cram in a  preseason cup we are considering a map pool change.For this however we want some community input which can be done through the polls down below.

The following maps are already confirmed for the season.


The highlander config will be getting synced up to the 6s config which includes the addition of the following commands:

sm_deterministic_fall_damage 1
sm_fix_ghost_crossbow_bolts 1
sm_fix_slope_bug 1
sm_fix_sticky_delay 1
sm_remove_halloween_souls 1

More information on them can be found here https://github.com/ldesgoui/tf2-comp-fixes. If you’re running your own server make sure to also have the plugin.


We’re still discussing potential changes to the whitelist. Expect an update on this in the near future.

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