Highlander Autumn Season 2023: Wrap-up & Staff Changes

Date November 27, 2023

Highlander Season 30

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After the Awards comes what usually has to come. The Wrap-up, and oh boy, this was a season! Who would have thought that we see a new winner in all divisions!

We want to thank everyone for participating in this season!

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Highlander Autumn 2023: Awards Show!

Date November 15, 2023

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On Thursday November 16th at 19:00 CET, we will find out if people vote for the winning team or not! This time, Jamaica GANJA 2009 has won the season! Will they win most the categories like Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! tf2easy.com has in all their previously 11 unbeaten seasons?! Only one way to find out!

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Highlander Autumn 2023: Award Polls

Date November 6, 2023

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Ladies and gentlemen… History has been made in ETF2L! Jamaica GANJA 2009 has successfully overthrown Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! tf2easy.com from their throne as the new Premiership Champions in Highlander! Ending their impressive streak of 11 seasons won in a row! Congratulations to Jamaica GANJA 2009!

As usual, the award polls are live! Let us figure out if there is a bias for the winners or not… The deadline is Friday 10th of November!

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6v6 Autumn 2023 Provisional Tiers

Date October 12, 2023

ETF2L 6v6 Season 46

Premiership Qualifiers Update

Due to European Witness Gaming withdrawing their sign up for the 6v6 Autumn Season 2023, we will skip the premiership qualifiers.

That leaves us with exact 8 for our Premiership division.

Provisional Tiers

Down below are this Season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name or not having 6 players rostered on your team page. Teams marked in yellow are more likely to be moved if there is a need to change teams around.

Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over Discord. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to why they should be moved.

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6v6 Autumn 2023 Premiership Qualifiers & Map pool conclusion

Date October 9, 2023

ETF2L 6v6 Season 46

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Map pool

Upon reviewing the feedback received from the community, we have chosen to include the following maps in the upcoming season. Replacing Clearcut with Product.

The following map pool will be used:

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