Ultiduo roster locks are now ON.

Season 42: Wrap-up

Date September 5, 2022

Once again we would like to thank you in the participation in Season 42. We are happy to conclude the results of this season alongside with the Awards given for the best players in the Premiership division!

Season 41: Wrap-up

Date September 5, 2022

Season 41 was concluded some time ago, however we did not have an opportunity to wrap it up yet. Thanks to all players for the participation in the season and now it is time to find out once again who was the best in their perspective divisions!

Highlander Season 26: Wrap-up

Date September 4, 2022

It has been some time after we announced the Season 26 Awards on KritzKast and would like to share the winners with you in case you didn’t catch the award show. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for all the players and teams participating in Season 26.

Season 41 & 42: Awards Show!

Date August 28, 2022

Right before the final stages of the Insomnia i69 Open BYOC Playoffs kick off on the 3rd day there will be an ETF2L Awards Show. Since we did not have any for Season 41, we are going to present winners for the Season 41 together with Season 42. This show will be a bit different […]

Season 42: Award Polls!

Date August 23, 2022

Banner by Welcome everyone! We hope you enjoyed the Season 42 playoffs, regardless if you were participating or watching others fight for the best placements in the season. For those of you who won their division – congratulations! Thanks to those who played in the season and maybe even the playoffs, and we hope to […]