6v6 Season 41, Preseason Update, Config Changes and a Rule Update!

Date January 11, 2022

Banner by After reading some comments on ETF2L and teamfortress.tv following the announcement for our upcoming 6v6 Season 41, we decided to ask our Premiership players, of which 74 out of the eligible 88 responded and voted, for their opinions about the current map pool and general decisions with regards to config settings for mechanics […]

6v6 Season 40 Sponsored by Mannco.store: Wrap-up

Date January 11, 2022

Banner by 6v6 Season 40 Sponsored by Mannco.store – Wrap-up Congratulations to for winning this season’s Premiership tier! The winning squad is composed of: (Scout) (Scout) (Soldier) (Soldier) (Demoman) (Medic)

6v6 Season 40 Sponsored by Mannco.store: Awards Show!

Date January 7, 2022

Banner by With the 6v6 Season 40 Sponsored by Mannco.store polls wrapped up it is tradition to have an Awards Show where the winners will be presented their pixel trophies. Join your hosts  &  with ETF2L Admin  announcing the awards and the suprise guests tommorow (08.01.2022) at 20:00 CET on teamfortresstv with on production.

Announcing 6v6 Season 41 and Preseason Cup

Date January 5, 2022

Banner by We are making preparations for the 6v6 Season 40 Awards Show and despite the fact that the season is not over yet, we will be lifting the roster lock so that teams can add their players and start applying for the upcoming season. Welcome to our 41st Season of 6v6! Without further ado, […]

6v6 Season 40 Sponsored by Mannco.store: Award Polls!

Date December 27, 2021

Banner by We would like to start of by congratulating 6v6 Season 40 Premiership division winning team for taking the title in an extremely dominating finals series against . Also thanks to everyone that played in Season 40 for their active cooperation with the League Admin Team (especially during the playoff stages), allowing us to […]