Saturday Evening Bans

Date February 27, 2021

PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OF THESE BANS WERE ENACTED BEFORE THE RELEASE OF THIS NEWSPOST! Anti-Cheat The following players have been caught cheating by the Anti-Cheat team. They have been banned from ETF2L for one year: / The following players have been caught cheating again by the Anti-Cheat team while still being banned on ETF2L for the […]

Highlander Season 23 Premiership Qualifiers & Season Info Finalization!

Date January 18, 2021

Banner by The Highlander Season 23 Premiership Qualifiers are hereby announced. , ,  and will keep their Premiership spot based on their performance in the last season. Based on the applications we received, we have four remaining teams who will be fighting it out for the remaining two spots.

Staff Changes, Monday Night Bans, and a Rule Update!

Date October 19, 2020

Staff Changes We are sad to announce that is resigning from her position as Head Anti-Cheat and League Admin. The Anti-Cheat Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank for her hard work and uninterrupted dedication, volunteering a great amount of time to ensure each case is fully documented and well-structured to reduce the […]

Season 37: Premiership

Date October 13, 2020

Banner by Hey just going to keep this as a short update for the season 37 Premiership division. We ended up receiving 6 signups which will directly be placed into the tier. If any other teams are out there that are interested feel free to still sign up. We will look at what the best […]

Season 36 – Wrap-Up

Date September 22, 2020

Season 36 – Wrap-Up With Season 37 just around the corner we would like to honour the winners of Season 36 and wrap-up the season. Congratulations to for winning this season’s Premiership tier! The winning squad is composed of: