Highlander Winter 2024: Wrap-up

Date March 28, 2024

Highlander Season 31 Banner by  As spring blooms, the Highlander Winter Season 2024 has come to an end! Winners have celebrated but a big thank you goes out to all participants. Good news for all teams: rosters are now unlocked! It’s time to start creating strategies for the upcoming season!

Highlander Winter 2024: Award Polls

Date March 12, 2024

ETF2L Highlander Season 31 banner by Following the thrilling conclusion of the Premiership Playoffs last weekend, we saw emerge victorious, reclaiming their title as Highlander Premiership Champions once again! Now it’s time for you to recognise and vote for the standout players and casters of the season! And as per usual, the Award Polls are […]

Highlander Winter 2024: Playoffs and Tiebreakers

Date February 18, 2024

Banner by Welcome to the culmination of the Winter 2024 Season of Highlander! After five weeks of competition, we are here, entering the playoffs stage once again… (BIG EXPLOSION NOISE). Additional details regarding tiebreaker scores and forthcoming matches can be found below.

Highlander Winter 2024 Provisional Tiers and Restrictions

Date January 11, 2024

ETF2L Highlander Season 31 banner by Map vote From the preseason polls we saw cornyard was the best received map. This requires an additional poll to see which map will make it into the season. The poll below will close Saturday 13th of January at 20:00 CET! Provisional Tiers & Restrictions Down below are this […]

6v6 Autumn 2023 Premiership Qualifiers & Map pool conclusion

Date October 9, 2023

ETF2L 6v6 Season 46 Banner by Map pool Upon reviewing the feedback received from the community, we have chosen to include the following maps in the upcoming season. Replacing Clearcut with Product. The following map pool will be used: