Fantomen trolled a newspaper into thinking he was good

Created 1st September 2011 @ 18:46

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Quoted from toogyboogy

I like how the article also says that he failed at school. GOOD WORK FANTO!

I know that your jelous over that I’m one of the best demomen in the europe and probably the world, I can understand that. But you just have to accept that fact and move on!


Quoted from Extremer

Reminds me of the time when Jh got interviewed by one of the biggest radio stations in Finland or something.

yeah but at least jh wasnt comlete failure like this guy, if tf2 talks got booring who could mumble about law school :D


(Toucan Ambassador)

Nice one Fanto!


HAHAHAHAHA OMFG! I just stumbled across this amazing thread and it gave me such a nostalgic feeling! Great memories! I was actually the one who contacted the local newspaper, I sent them an email and told them about “the best demoman player in the world”! :D

It’s really a shame though that the link to the article is not working anymore, I would LOOOVE to read the full article again!

And holy hell am I laughing at all the toxicity directed towards Fantomen (my childhood friend) for doing this! LOL

I miss oldschool competetive TF2 a ton, but I don’t miss all the cringey hate, elitism, toxicity and people taking shit to seriously!

My god, I had to bump this so maybe someone else can travel down memory lane with this amazing troll that me and Fantomen pulled off 13 years ago! It’s insane to me how fast the time flies by!

Anyways, hope all the OG TF2 people are doing good, signing out! – clippen

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