Join us!

We are always looking for motivated volunteers who are eager to help us improving this league.

What do we expect of you?

  • Fluent in English. The main language in the league being English it is expected to be able to speak and write in English to a decent level to be well understood.
  • Impartiality. The ability to stay out of cases you are personally involved in.
  • Availability. Yes this is a voluntary job and we are understanding when it comes to unavailability. However we are still expecting you to be involved in the admins tasks on a daily basis.
  • Teamwork. Many admin tasks can be done individually. However a good portion of it is a matter of teamwork, discussions and meetings.
  • Confidentiality. Some things that are discussed should not reach the public until decided by the head admins.
  • No prior history of misconduct. It goes without saying that admins shouldn’t have any prior cases of misconduct against them.
  • Bonus: If you are fluent in another language and have good ties in specific communities.
  • Bonus: Be known and well liked and respected in the scene.

What can you expect of us?

  • Gain experience in community management, web design, referee work, teamwork and much more.
  • Got a good idea how to improve the experience at the ETF2L? Let us know and we will listen and discuss.
  • We are a large team of experienced admins from different countries and professions.
  • We believe there are no stupid questions but only stupid answers. If you do not know how to fulfill a task you can always ask.
  • Your voice counts as much as every other admin’s voice in all discussions.
  • Improve your English! We are from many different countries and for most of us English is not our mother tongue. Talking (or writing) in English on a regular basis has helped many of us to maintain or improve our level of English.

Currently recruiting:

Click on any of the available roles to get a more detailed description and application form.

  • League Admins
  • Anti-Cheat Admin
  • Coder
  • Have any good ideas or special skills that could help improve ETF2L or promote competitive TF2, but don’t fall under the roles above? Fill in the League Admin application and describe any special tasks you would be able to assist with as staff.