The Highlander Open #4 – Home, Rules & FAQ

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Cup Format

  • The Cup will be held in a Swiss style competition
  • There will be a total of 5 matches, with 1 match per week.
  • Rosterlocks will be applied at the start of Week 5. (29th April.)


  • Signups: CLOSED
  • Group Stage: April 1st – May 5th
  • Knockout Stage: May 6th – May 26th



Rules, Q&A and FAQ

Q: Who can play?
A: Anyone can play! As long as they don’t meet any of these criterias:

– Anyone with experience outside of ETF2L and RGL is NOT eligible to play in this cup. (e.g FBTF & ozfortress.)
– A maximum of 10 matches in ETF2L Open played. This does not include cups.
– Played in ETF2L Open playoffs or above. This does not include cups.
– A maximum of 10 matches in RGL Newcomer played. This does not include cups.
– Played in RGL Newcomer playoffs or above. This does not include cups.
– Played in Quarter Finals or higher in the previous Fresh Meat/Highlander Open Tournaments.

These criterias also apply to mercs. Even if approved by your opponent.

If you are unsure about a player’s eligibillity in The Highlander Open #4, don’t hesitate make a League Admin ticket in our discord – to check if they are eligible to play or not!

Q: I heard you can have buddies, what are they exactly? and what can they do?
A: The Highlander Open #4 is also open for more experienced players. These players are limited to be 2 per team. They cannot play for your team, but they can provide coaching! which can include things such as: Map talks, Demo Reviews and Callouts! However, live coaching is NOT allowed. (e.g Streaming your game via Discord and having them help you with callouts or enemy team’s positioning during a game.)

Q: Can I get anything for participating in or winning this cup?
A: Just like in our previous Fresh Meat/Highlander Open tournaments, there will be Medals for everyone participating! And for those who end up making it to the Top 3, there will be Bronze, Silver and Gold medals!

Q: What is the format for The Highlander Open #4 and when will it happen?
A: The cup will be like a regular Highlander 9v9 season, which means that you’ll be playing 5 matches in 5 weeks, followed by a 3 week knockout stage:

Signups: CLOSED
Group Stage: April 1st – May 5th
Playoffs: May 6th – May 26th

Q: How can I join a team or create one?
A: You can find players looking for teams and teams looking for players here: – There is also a link at the top saying “Create or edit a recruitment post”, click that to be taken straight to the page where you can make your own Player or Team recruitment post!
Tip: It’s best to contact these players/team leaders via Steam or Discord instead of commenting on the recruitment post for quicker responses.

Q: I don’t really know what Highlander is. Are there any guides?
A: Yes there are. We have one of our own and you can check it out here –

Q: I’m still not sure about other things, is there an FAQ page that I can refer to?
A: More information about the website and how other things work can be found here in our FAQ – If you still can’t find what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to join our Discord – and open a League Admin ticket for further support!


Group Stage

  • Week 1: 1st April – 7th April
  • Week 2: 8th April – 14th April
  • Week 3: 15th April – 21st April
  • Week 4: 22nd April – 27th April
  • Week 5: 29th April – 5th May

Knockout Stage

The top 8 teams will proceed to the Knockout Stage.

All matches will be played as a Best of 3.

  • Quarter Finals: 6th May – 12th May
  • Semi Finals: 13th May – 19th May
  • 3rd Place Playoff and Grand Final: 20th May – 26th May