Basketball Cup #7 – Wrap Up

Date April 1, 2024

SFM by UnitedKingdom Akio

With the 6v6 and Highlander Open #4 seasons officially beginning, we are now concluding the end of the BBall #7 Cup! A big thank you to everyone who participated, provided feedback or spread word of this cup, we hope it was worth the wait! And congratulations to European Memes For The Win for coming out victorious above all the other teams and claiming their titles as the LeBron James and Michael Jordan of ETF2L for this edition of the BBall cup!

Final Rankings

  1. gold medal European Memes For The Win
  2. silver medal European Phantogram
  3. bronze medal European White Men Can't Jump

4th – 8th

9th – 16th

17th – 32nd

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