6v6 Season 47 (Spring 2024): Playoffs & Tiebreakers

Date May 11, 2024

Banner by With the end of the main season now here, now it’s time to find out who has advanced from the group stages into the playoffs! Below you can find all the details on tiebreaker scores, format for playoffs & playoff brackets!

Basketball Cup #7 – Wrap Up

Date April 1, 2024

SFM by With the 6v6 and Highlander Open #4 seasons officially beginning, we are now concluding the end of the BBall #7 Cup! A big thank you to everyone who participated, provided feedback or spread word of this cup, we hope it was worth the wait! And congratulations to for coming out victorious above all […]

Announcing 6v6 Spring Season 2024!

Date March 3, 2024

6v6 season 47 Banner by Whilst The Highlander Open #4 is beginning and BBall is still ongoing, we’re also pleased to announce that the 6v6 Spring 2024 season is here! Below you can find all the important details for the upcoming season! (Details for Premiership & Division 1 are separated from all divisions below.)