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Signups for Season 31 close Friday at 20:00 CEST!

Season 31: Provisional Tiers Published!

Date September 21, 2018

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Down below are this season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name. Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over at or in our Discord Server. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to why they should be moved.

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Saturday Evening Bans, Staff Changes

Date September 15, 2018


Some of these bans were enacted before the release of this newspost.

The following players have been caught cheating by the AC team. They will be banned from ETF2L for 1 year:

The following player is guilty of using multiple accounts to play in the same season and fraudulent actions. They will be banned from ETF2L for 1 year:

The following players knew that they played alongside someone using an alt account or intended to assist them in doing so. They will be banned from ETF2L for 3 months:

The following players are guilty of playing on multiple accounts in the same season. They will be banned from ETF2L for 6 months:

Russia dima supported these players so he will also be banned alongside them for 6 months.

The following players failed to provide a requested demo several times. They will be banned for their respective durations.

  • France Karnax – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Germany Bananenpudding – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Sweden Clam – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • France Pistol.Peter98[FR] – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Russia m0rg – not uploading demos three times – 2 months

The following players have been caught with VAC bans possibly affecting TF2, and will be banned from the league for one year:

+ 107 inactive ETF2L accounts.

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff, their match results are not affected.

If you were banned due to a VAC ban on your Steam account that doesn’t affect TF2, please contact an admin to get the ETF2L ban removed.

Staff Changes

Rejoining AC staff we have both UnitedKingdom hrbls and England snowdream here to help out.
However, we have to sadly announce Poland thaZu leaving. We thank him for his contributions to ETF2L and we wish them well in all of his future aspirations.

Announcing Season 31!

Date September 2, 2018

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Welcome to our 31st Season of 6v6 Gaming!

After an exciting season 30 there is no time to waste to announce the upcoming season. We are very happy to be able to announce that our signups are open right now until September 21st 20.00 CEST!

>>>> Sign up now! <<<<


We are proud to announce that ETF2L is partnering up with the one and only Copenhagen Games! Copenhagen Games have organised a series of LAN events all over the Danish capital since 2010. In 2018, for the first time ever, they hosted a Team Fortress 2 tournament in co-operation with ESU.
It has been recently announced that TF2 will return to Copenhagen in 2019. To celebrate the second showing of our wonderful game at their LAN, Copenhagen Games generously offered us

… for the premiership winners of ETF2L Season 31!


That said, we are also looking for additional sponsors that would like to chip in to Season 31. If you are interested or know a company, an organisation or an individual who is, do not hesitate to contact any staff member or send an email to [email protected]!

Season Schedule

  • Signups: September 2nd – September 21st, 20:00 CEST (Premiership signups will close early, on September 15th at 21:00 CEST)
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: September 21st
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: September 22nd
  • Pre-Season Premiership Qualifiers: Septmeber 15th – September 22nd
  • Main Season: September 23rd – November 10th (7 Weeks)
  • Playoffs: November 11th – December 1st
  • Premiership Finals: November 25th

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Season 31: Premiership Qualifiers Announcement!

Date September 15, 2018

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The signups for the Premiership tier for Season 31 are closed and we’re happy to announce our decision regarding our highest tier!

UnitedKingdom Se7en, UnitedKingdom DNA-powered 200-watt squonk mods and Norway Ora Elektro will retain their Premiership spot due to their placement last season and not changing more than half of their roster.

European Faint Gaming won Division 1 in season 30 and will receive a guaranteed spot as well. We’ve also decided to give International Ascent.EU a direct invite to Premiership due to their roster strength.

The last team directly invited to the Premiership tier is Sweden SVIFT EU due to their roster and the results submitted to the admin team.

This leaves us with the last 2 spots being decided in the Premiership Qualifiers between 4 teams in a Double Bracket format. The four teams will be Israel Foreskings, Germany wer das liest ist doof, England Two foreigners up front and SouthAfrica nunya.

These will be the first games:

The winners will go on to play against each other in the Upper Bracket final, with the winner of that game claiming a Premiership spot for themselves. The losers will play each other in the Lower Bracket. The winner of that game will then play the loser of the Upper Bracket Final for the last Premiership spot. The teams that do not qualify for Premiership will be guaranteed a spot in Division 1.

You can see the complete setup here:

The playoffs will take place from Sunday 16th until Sunday 23rd September. If your team is running into any scheduling issues then let the admin team know as soon as possible so we can try to help.

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Nations Cup #7: Wrap-up

Date September 10, 2018

Nations Cup #7: Wrap-up

The seventh ETF2L Nations Cup has come to a close. 31 teams in total signed up for this tournament; after weeks and weeks of exciting games, followed by an extremely closely fought Grand Final, we have our winner. England England emerged victorious over Finland Finland. Congratulations to England for winning the Nations Cup for the second time! Team captain International krafty had the following to say about the cup and his team:

“I am extremely proud of the performance our squad put in this nations cup. Despite the lack of faith from other members of the community, I knew that we had a strong roster of true patriots that could bring home the win. Feels great to prove the salty non-believers wrong. Thanks to etf2l for hosting and shoutout to Finland for an entertaining final. God save the queen. ez btw”

The winning squad is comprised of:

The full standings are as follows:

  • Winner: England England
  • Runner-Up: Finland Finland
  • 3rd Place: France France

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Season 31: Map Pool Update and Reminder of in-game Bugs

Date September 9, 2018

After about a week from the announcement, we have decided to revert the addition of koth_coalplant_b8 in the season. It will be replaced by cp_sunshine, taking the same map rotation slots in weeks 5 and 6.

Updated map pool and rotation for Season 31 will be as follows:

Map Rotation

Reminder of in-game Bugs

Just like in our previous season, there are still 2 major bugs that have a chance to have a major impact on a match. If you suspect the opposing team of using either of these bugs in a match, please inform us through IRC.

The first bug is the one where stickies can damage players through walls if they’re placed inside of each other.

The second one is about the Ubercharge being built during pauses. This one can obviously happen by accident but we expect teams to handle it with fair play and make agreements if it does.

If there are cases of either of these bugs being abused, teams are going to get punished appropriately.

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