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Season 19 6v6 Sign-ups are OPEN! Less than 24 hours remaining!

Logjam Cup powered by serveme.tf: Knock-out Stages

Date September 16, 2014

First of all: Sorry about the Golden Cap mess during the tiebreakers, we fucked up. All of us forgot how to play Golden Caps with a timelimit. Shouldn’t have happened, but happened nonetheless (it should’ve been played like explained below).

Now to our actual business tonight: The Knock-out Stages! The part where the teams will give each other a run for their keys!

Each bracket has its own ‘mini-tournament’, starting at 20:00CEST with the round of 8. The semi-finals are at 20:45CEST, and the grand finals will be played at 21:30CEST. The schedule is incredibly tight, so please submit your match results as soon as you’re done with a match! Matches without results will be decided by coin flip at the start of the next round.

Rules stay the same, except this time we’ll play Golden Caps the way they were intended to be played in this cup: Timelimit of 10, and, in case of no deciding last cap; whoever holds middle wins the Golden Cap altogether.

Tournament Trees:

Top | Higher | High | Mid-High | Mid | Mid-Low | Low | Lower | Lowest

Logjam Cup powered by serveme.tf: Tiebreakers

Date September 15, 2014

As per usual, there’ll be a bunch of tiebreakers to decide which teams will actually move on into the knockout stages!

Unfortunately, some three-way tiebreakers will have to be played – but we’re all here to practice logjam anyway, so we’re sure you’ll manage.

Rules are the same as during Group Stages, with one exception: Golden Caps are limited to 10 minutes! Tiebreaker games may also be rescheduled if both teams agree.

Every team below has to play a tiebreaker or three; matches have to be submitted by Monday, 23:00CEST. Teams not listed below don’t have to do anything, and will be playing in Tuesday’s Knock-Out Stage if they finished first or second in their respective group.

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Logjam Cup powered by serveme.tf: Reminders (IMPORTANT)

Date September 14, 2014

Some quick reminders for the teams participating in the logjam cup to ensure everything goes smoothly.

1) DISABLE P-REC or your hl2.exe will CRASH.
Ever since the new update p-rec crashes the game,so make sure to either disable it via the console (the command is prec_mode 0) or delete it from your tf2 folder completly (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\custom_stuff\addons\>>>PREC FILES<<<)

2) Record demos
Since using p-rec is out of the question you’ll most likely have to record the demos manually. Recording pov demos for each map is still mandatory.
In case you don’t know how to do that:

- Open your console and type in record demoname (the “demoname” part is just the name of your demo file later)
– When you’re done type stop. If you did it correctly it should show you that the demo was completed
– If you’re ever asked to provide the demo you can find it in the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf

3) Execute the right config and take the necessary screenshots
The standard config for any 5cp map is etf2l_6v6_5cp. If you’re running your own server and don’t have it yet you can download it here.
As for any competition on ETF2L you’re required to take status screenshots before every match (and when changing players) aswell as scoreboard screenshots at the end of the map.

4) Play the matches and submit results on time
The schedule for this cup is very tight. We can’t be lenient with time losses so make sure to stick to the deadlines given to you.
To recap all our time-relevant rules:

- Make sure to contact the leader of each team that you’re going against beforehand to work out agreements on mercs and the server you want to play on.
Record each agreement on the matchpage comments as we will use those for evidence in case there’s a dispute.

- You have up to 15 mins after the scheduled match time to enter the server and ready up to play the match (in 6v6 we require a minimum of 5 players ready per team to start the match)
If a team fails to be ready in the required time window the match will be defaulted in favor of their opponents.
To claim a default win contact an admin via our support page.
Type something along the lines of “!admin logjam cup def win” (without the “) so we can handle your request as quickly as possible.
If neither team is able to play  in the required time window the match in question will be nullified and coinflipped.

- You have until Sunday,September 14th 23:00 CEST to submit the results for every match played during the group stage.
If the results of a match haven’t been submitted before that deadline the match in question will be nullified.

5) Mercs
Every merc has to be registered on etf2l with his/her steam account linked to the profile.
Your default merc ,as in one merc that you don’t need your opponents approval for, can’t be more experienced/skilled than your team overall (e.g. a div 6 experienced team can’t use a div 3 player as default merc).
If you don’t know your teams experience or whether or not the player you want to use as def merc is too experienced you can contact an admin and we will clear that up for you.
You can use up to two mercs if your opponent agrees.
In the case of your opponent approving a merc he/she can have any experience and will be allowed to play for you (e.g. if you’re a div 6 team and your opponent allows a div 3 merc you can use him/her).
Unverified players on a teams roster count as mercs.


If you have any questions or if something remains unclear don’t hesitate to contact us

Logjam Cup powered by serveme.tf: Group Stages & Prizes

Date September 14, 2014

>>> UPDATE: We re-seeded some groups and re-created some fixtures, please re-check your games tonight! <<<


The cup’s hub page has been released and all relevant details can be found there.

The groups have been released and all matches have been set to the respective times. Make sure to play them on time. If you have a dropped team in your group, just disregard all matches against that team. We’re looking to fill all gaps with waiting teams, but there’s only so much we can do. Sorry. Make sure to check shortly before the appointed match time, if any dropped teams have been replaced! We will not replace any dropped teams after 19:30CEST . If you want to be on the waiting list, just sign up – you’ll be put on it automatically.

>>> GROUPS <<<


To guarantee a smooth cup , everyone on your team has to have cp_logjam_b9 downloaded  and ready to use. Your server needs to have the correct map and s19 configs too, which you can find on our League Configs page (the correct map has been uploaded to the serveme.tf servers, too).

Each team should have at least one representative in #etf2l on IRC at all times to contact your opponents; if you don’t usually have an IRC client running, you can use our webchat plugin.

Make sure to verify your match results swiftly, before the end of the night, so we can move on to the Knockout Stages smoothly. Remember that a match which has no results submitted before the respective deadline (23:00 CEST) will be nullified and coinflipped.

Please forward all map related feedback towards the feedback thread.


Netherlands Arie of serveme.tf generously provided us with 50 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys. Serveme.tf is a platform to borrow gameservers sponsored by community members for free – make sure to check it out! Exact distribution is as follows:

Top Bracket

gold medal 1st place: 24 Keys

silver medal 2nd place: 12 Keys

Higher Bracket

gold medal 1st place: 12 Keys

silver medal 2nd place: 6 Keys

Yes, that’s 54 keys. We decided to top up the amount of keys to make the distribution easier.

Season 19 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Rule Updates and Signups still OPEN!

Date September 13, 2014


banner by Bajirek

Season 19 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Rule Updates

With the new Premiership Playoffs schedule needing to follow a strict schedule, some rules are needed to ensure that the night runs smoothly.

1.10.8 Matches in the Premiership Playoffs must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled time

All matches in the Premiership Playoffs must have started within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, or Minor Warnings will be applied to the team/teams responsible. Please note Admin discretion is applied to each individual case.

A rule has been removed since the new playoff schedule deems it not needed.

1.10.6 Default Dates in Premiership Playoffs and Tiebreakers

All teams must submit 3 available days for a playoff match at least 2 days before the start of the match week (i.e. before Friday 23:59). If the days submitted by both teams overlap, the default date is issued to one of the overlapping days based on admin discretion. If the days submitted by teams do not overlap, the default date is issued to the day not submitted by either team.

The version of cp_logjam to be used in the season will now be cp_logjam_b9We have spoken to map creator Hyce and there will not be an update unless there is a major problem in the Logjam Cup.

There has also been a change to the provisional unlock list for the season. The Buffalo Steak Sandvich has been removed from the allowed unlocks for Season 19. The complete list can be found on the Homepage. An overview of the whitelist can be seen here.

Unfortunately, many of the new taunts Valve added to the game are partner toggleable – similar to the High-Five taunt. To keep consistency within the whitelist we are forced to disable these taunts:

  • Flippin’ Awesome
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Skullcracker
  • Square Dance

Season 19 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Signups still OPEN!

>>> Sign up now! <<<

Sign-up process

Make sure to choose your desired division when signing up. If you created a new team or feel you can jump a division, feel free to apply for the division you believe you deserve you should be in. To prove you are capable of the division you applied for, we require you to submit screenshots of results from your recent practice matches or tournaments where you scored decent results against teams that play on the level you aim for. The quantity is not the most important factor in this case, it’s more of a helpful measure for us to figure out if your team will be able to keep up with the pace. There is no magical, minimum or maximum number of screenshots that you have to submit.

Please note that the success of your request also strongly depends on the free slots in the division you aim for. Established teams will be favoured over new teams or teams that request to jump a division. The screenshots have to be uploaded to an online image storage service (for example, you can use imgur or Dropbox). Keep in mind that if you opt for a zipped archives with tons of pictures attached to an e-mail, your application will be ignored. Keep it clean.

Also helpful for us, but not a must however, is adding who the opposing team is in each screenshot (and maybe even the division they played in the last time). That makes it easier for us, because sometimes it can be quite hard (especially in the lower divisions) to figure out who the teams in the screenshots are.

If you are applying for Division 6 (which is our entry division), you do not have to provide any proof that you are capable of playing at that level. This only applies to Division 5 or higher.

Please send your application to staff@etf2l.org. The division assignment request has to include the following information in order to be considered. Incomplete applications will be ignored!

  • Do not use HTML in your e-mail. If you want to add a link, just paste the link in the e-mail as you would enter it in your browser.
  • Team name
  • Team link on ETF2L.org
  • Division you apply for
  • Link to the online photo album
  • Reasons why your team deserves to be placed in the division you applied for (optional)

Edit: Applying sooner than later is recommended, signing up on e.g. Tuesday might not guarantee you a spot in Season 19 (despite being in time technically), since we can only fit in teams in groups of eight.