Congratulations to Se7en for winning Season 31!

Roster Lock is now on for Highlander Season 17!

ETF2L Christmas Newbie Weekend Cup

Date December 11, 2018

The holiday spirit lives on

We sadly missed out on any major events aimed at new players this season. So we’ll be sneaking one in last minute to prepare ourselves for 2019!

As this is a short term announcement we’ll be aiming for 32 teams to sign up. In case you sign up after these spots are already taken you will be placed on the waiting list and added in in case a team drops before or very early in the competition. Signing up with a Fun team is possible.

>>> Click Here to signup <<<<

Signups for the cup close Friday 14th at 23:59 CET. (There are a limited amount of spots available so it’s first come first serve!)


Firstly as we’re having this cup aimed at new player we’ll be putting an experience-limit on it. Players are allowed to have 7 matches in mid played maximum, both 6v6 and highlander counts towards this. Mid playoff participants and above are not allowed to enter.

Golden Caps will be limited to be to 10 minutes in order to maintain a steady flow throughout the tournament.

The remaining rules are the same as the season 31 rules. The whitelist for this cup will also remain the same as season 31 and can be found here.


gold medal 1st Place: 6 Festivizers
silver medal 2nd Place: 2 Strange Snowwing’s, 4 All-fathers, 4 Merc’s Mufflers and 4 Pocket Santa’s
bronze medal 3rd Place: 6 Strange Coldsnap Caps


This cup will run a 4 team round robin format that runs into a single elimination stage.

The group stage has preset maps while the single elimination stage has map picks and bans.

Matches of the group stage are allowed to be move around as long as their results are submitted before Saturday 21:00 CET.

Saturday 15th December

  • 18:00 CET – Group Stage Round 1 – cp_gullywash_final1
  • 18:50 CET – Group Stage Round 2 – cp_process_final
  • 19:40 CET – Group Stage Round 3 – cp_snakewater_final1
  • 21:00 CET – Round of 16

Sunday 16th December

  • 18:00 CET – Quarter Finals
  • 19:45 CET – Semi Finals
  • 21:30 CET – Grand final and 3rd place match

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Highlander Season 17 Premiership Week 5: TORPEDO vs. inVision

Date December 11, 2018

Banner by soda | Written by joe the brave

We’re now in the final week of the regular Highlander season. Kicking it off in the Prem, it’s third vs fourth, as new boys on the block Hungary TORPEDO take on Ukraine inVision.

You can catch all the action, air-shots, backstabs and more, live tonight at 21:00 CET with Spain CeeJaey, European jakeowaty and Netherlands Wiethoofd on KritzKast.

Join us again later in the week as we take a look at the prospects of the playoffs, and what to expect as the Premiership season draws to a close!

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Sunday Night bans, Staff changes

Date December 9, 2018


Some of these bans were enacted before the release of this newspost.

The following players have been caught cheating by the AC team. They are banned from ETF2L for 1 year:

The following player has played on an alt account while being banned. Their ban is extended for 1 year:

Lithuania TheFieryBreeze supported him so he is banned alongside him for 6 months.

The following player has used a teammate’s account while being banned. Their ban is extend for 1 year:

Japan sl/a/sh supported him by sharing the account so he is banned alongside him for 6 months.
Ukraine fotor assisted in the ban evasion as a team leader and is therefore banned for 6 months.

The following players failed to provide a requested demo several times. They have been banned for their respective durations.

  • Turkey E H E – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • UnitedKingdom Piggles – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Portugal 31 – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Romania bluR- – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Israel Shulqiple – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • European smoogle – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Germany mezzo – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Wales iatgink – not uploading demos twice – 2 weeks
  • Lithuania Just1s – not uploading demos three times – 2 months
  • Sweden vani – not uploading demos four times – one year

The following players have been caught with VAC bans possibly affecting TF2, and will be banned from the league for one year:

+ 56 inactive ETF2L accounts.

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff, their match results are not affected.

If you were banned due to a VAC ban on your Steam account that doesn’t affect TF2, please contact an admin to get the ETF2L ban removed.

The Anti-Cheat Team is stocking up again, apply now!

The remaining Anti-Cheat staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the very knowledgeable players Sweden Collaide and Switzerland MIGHTY BURGER ツ for their continued hard work and commitment over their Anti-Cheat career. They will be missed and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Meanwhile Germany Amaterasu has completed her trial period and we welcome her aboard the staff fully.

However this still leaves an open position for anyone interested in working for a league free from cheaters. Anti-Cheat admins ensure fair competition in the league by analyzing submitted evidence for signs of cheats and issuing bans to confirmed cheaters. Submitted evidence is rarely clear-cut – most cases are challenging and involve a fair bit of “forensic work”.

Anti-Cheat staff need to have a good sense of trust and morality, additionally be excited by detective work and technical aspects of the source engine that come with demo viewing and cheats and such. It’s also important to have no bias and be respectful of the democratic process on voting.

Please don’t be intimidated to apply, it’s a position that you can really only improve on with real experience.

For more information on how to apply, click here.

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Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games &, Premiership Grand Finals: Se7en vs. Ascent.EU

Date December 2, 2018

Banner by soda

Se7en vs Ascent.EU

Season 31 was surely eventful, between the disappearance of two teams, the thrilling race for the last playoff spot and the overall non-stop action, and we have seen many upsets. But at the end of the day, it was the two big favourites who managed to push everyone out of their way to the final: UnitedKingdom Se7en and Finland Ascent.EU. Tune in for a game that will either see the most dominant side of Europe celebrating their first trophy with this new roster, or Ascent managing to defeat them in an uphill battle.

The odds are not in Ascent’s favour right now. In their previous clashes against Se7en, they have looked most uncomfortable on unorthodox maps, losing Sunshine 4-1 and Product 3-1, and now that Se7en won the Upper Bracket Final, they get the first two picks. Ascent are obviously not out of it yet, and Finland amppis and his accomplices have especially shown their strength on Gullywash, taking it 5-0 against Faint, so should they withstand the initial Se7en assaults, they could hit back hard on the more classical maps. Se7en also tends to impose their tempo on the game, but any false note can escalate into a tactical tumble when so much is on the line.

Head to Teamfortress TV tonight at 2030 CET and join Ombrack, Beater and gemm for all the action, with DuMmTm and eepily on the analysis desk.

Play-by-Play: Ombrack | Analysis: Beater | Production: gemm | Analyst desk: DuMmTm | Analyst desk: eepily | Match Page | UnitedKingdom Se7en | Finland Ascent.EU | Written by Aelkyr


ETF2L’s partners:

Make sure to visit our sponsors and Copenhagen Games!

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Highlander Season 17 Premiership Week 3: inVision vs. SDCK!

Date November 29, 2018

Banner by soda | Written by CeeJaey

We’ve reached the halfway point of the season, and this week’s map is the one every Highlander player has a love/hate relationship with – of course, it’s cp_steel! All 6 Premiership teams are in action tonight, with key points available in the battle for playoffs…

Firstly, early league leaders UnitedStates JOEYOTECH Feila come up against Russia kiti s bakenbardami looking to extend their unbeaten start to the season. Highlander’s resident power couple UnitedKingdom JoeN and European Leila have finished runner’s up in the past 3 seasons, but look the early favourites having dropped only 1 point in the opening fixtures. They face a rejuvenated kiti who managed to take the full 6 points against former champions SDCK in Week 2. Will the legend of Russian superiority on Steel produce another upset here?

A battle closer to the bottom of the table sees Hungary TORPEDO up against France Tourettes Frenchclub. Both sides have struggled so far, just picking up a point each from the first two fixtures. The pre-season qualifiers saw the teams face each other in the Upper Bracket Final, with Steel being one of the maps played – and TORPEDO coming out as the victors. Recent roster changes have seen Demoman Norway Yxxo leave TORPEDO, while former Pyro of the Season Belgium Synrise is switching from Pootis and returning to his roots. Will we see another 2-0 sweep for Hungary nubbi & his crew, or will these changes swing the odds?

Finally, we have our showpiece game – unbeaten Ukraine inVision, who find themselves in 2nd place so far, come up against Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! Returning after a 2 season hiatus SDCK has seen mixed results so far, dropping points in double-koth week to kiti without winning a round. inVision managed to overcome their eastern European couterparts, and a victory in this match would get them with one foot in the playoffs. Will SDCK return to form, or can inVision signal a changing in the guard at the top of European Highlander?

Join Spain CeeJaey, England chando & Netherlands Wiethoofd live on KritzKast tonight at 21:00 CET to find out!

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