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DeutschLAN sponsored by TF2Pickup.net: Matches and Schedule are now live!

Date September 2, 2015


*cough cough*… *clearing throat*… *playing 20th Century Fox music*…

Well, hello there, TF2 Community! Have you missed us? We know, it has been a while since we had a frontpage newpost on ETF2l.org… but we are back! As they say: “After the LAN is before the LAN!” (Winston Churchill – or something).

I55 has come to an end and with it fades the summer. There is only one LAN Highlight left this year, and it is DeutschLAN! Since we have been somewhat behind with news, here is a whole bunch of them!

Fixtures for DeutschLAN are now live!

We are now proud to announce that the schedule and matches are now public for DeutschLAN 2015! You can view them from the widgets below, scrolling down to see the details:

Team List (in order of seed placement)

  1. European Fair Enough sponsored by TF2Pickup.net
  2. European checkers
  3. LANpander
  4. German Intuition
  5. Finland BALL IS LIFE
  6. International ME!ME!MEMES!
  7. Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity
  8. Operation LAN-Love
  9. Germany Goldgraber-Gucci-Gang

Some teams do not have a full ETF2L roster yet, thus they are not linked.

Schedule (times in CEST)

Scroll through these widgets to see every single fixture, the tables and the exact time schedule for each match! You can also find it on our website, DeutschLAN.tf.

A couple of teams are dealing with last-minute-LANdodgers. If you feel like you want to participate after all, use our steamgroup or the recruitement thread!

DeutschLAN.tf now live!

Our website has gone live a couple of days ago. Still under construction it is soon to contain all info and news you need for the LAN! We highly recommend you to check it out regularly, especially if you are participating!

Mode, whitelist, maps and rules

As you may have figured by scrolling through the widgets above, we will have 9 Highlander Teams battling for the crown of DeutschLAN. Thus, we decided to have a round robin tournament, in which every team faces each other once! The first three teams will then advance, with the 1st seat automatically reaching the Grand Finals and the 2nd and 3rd seat playing a Best-of-3 maps match to decide who gets the second spot!

Whitelist.tf kindly provides us with a preset for DeutschLAN. However, it is the exact same one that is used in the Highlander Nations Cup. If you want to check it out anyway: whitelist.tf/deutschlan_2015

The maps featured in this tournament are going to be:

  • pl_badwater_pro_v8
  • pl_upward
  • pl_barnblitz_pro6
  • koth_lakeside_final
  • koth_product_rc8
  • koth_warmtic_b6
  • cp_steel
  • cp_gullywash_final1
  • cp_process_final

Each map will be played as a single match according to the UGC ruleset, i.e.:

  • Stopwatch: ABBA (Best-of-3)
  • King of the Hill: Best-of-7 (first to 4 round wins with halftime after 3rd round win)
  • 5cp: First to 5 or 2 x 30 minutes, whichever comes first. If tied, Golden Cap (15 minutes). After 15 minutes: whoever holds mid.

Please note, that we do not allow medigun pickups for this tournament.

Tiebreakers (only necessary for playoff-spot seeding):

  • 2-Way-Ties: Winner of direct matchup
  • 3-Way-Ties: Heavy Fist Fights

Fundraiser ends this week (for real this time)

We extended the fundraiser when the Highlander Nationscup started but now it is time to wrap it up and let it rest.
You can claim some last-minute-perks until wednesday, but please note that we cannot guarantee you a T-Shirt anymore, if you claim it now. The Shirts are already being printed by 3dsupply.de as you read this. Our sponsor TF2Pickup.net will also accept donations that are going towards the prizepool. Click here for info.
The campaign has raised 2.514 € so far, which is more than we could ever have hoped for! Thanks to everyone that donated or contributed in any way!
Speaking of wrap-ups: if you still feel like helping out, you can provide us with gift-wraps for the weapons that are going to be signed. We need over 50 of them, feel free to contact any DeutschLAN staffmember!

Do not miss our casts!

BlackoutTV will cover at least one match of every round, so check out the schedule and make sure to tune in on time!

For the participants:

There will be a form sheet for the underaged boys and girls. We know, we have said this before, but we really, really mean it this time! Keep checking the steamgroup, the etf2l-forumthread and DeutschLAN.tf (as you should regardless) for updates on that front.

We are in need of cameramen. Latvia Clark volunteered to produce a little documentary about the LAN. He needs your help at LAN for filming and a possibly some other tasks. Please contact him, if you would like to help (hello, spectators!).
Furthermore, we would like to ask any participant that owns a GoPro to bring it to LAN. Whether it will be used for streaming or the documentary, it will help us out a lot either way!

Moving on…. we have contacted your teamleaders to provide us with details about your arrivals. We will need your help to pick up those players that are coming by train/bus. Anyone with a car and a bit of time to spare is welcome to help pick up players from the nearest train stations (7-15km one way). Of course, we will use money from the fundraiser to reimburse gas cost and such.

Oh, and for those of you already arriving on thursday, because you just cant wait (like me): You can pay the additional 15€ when you arrive at LAN!


For those of you new to and interested in this event, check out our official announcement post, the previous fundraiser announcement and, most importantly, the official DeutschLAN forum thread here on ETF2L.org. Spread the word and let the world know!

Highlander Nations Cup #4 Quarter Finals: England vs. Denmark @ 21:15 CEST

Date September 1, 2015


Down to the last 8 teams in the running! Join Spain CeeJaey, UnitedStates sigafoo & England Arjax on BlackOut TV for the Quarter Final of England England vs. Denmark Denmark.

England England are entering into this game after a 6-3 victory over Finland Finland last week in the first set of playoff games. Can the same happen for tonight and could we see England England muster it back to the Grand Final like last time around?

The opponents for tonight come in the form of the kingdom of Denmark Denmark who got to this point in the third Highlander Nations Cup but were stumped in place by, you guessed it, Finland Finland also. Will their changes in roster prove fruitful against England England or will they suffer the same fate as the previous year?

Tune in from 21:15 CEST to find out!

Insomnia55 TF2 LAN tournament

Date August 28, 2015

If you by some stroke of sheer misfortune somehow didn’t know, today marks the start of the annual TF2 tournament taking place at the i55 LAN in Coventry, England. Here the best and bravest will compete live for your amusement, unhindered by ping, to see which team can lay claim to the title of world’s greatest. Featured among the many teams participating are the 4 top teams from ETF2L’s Season 21 Premiership tier : European Reason Gaming, European nerdRage.tf2, European The Last Resort, & European Danger Dogs by TF2Pickup.net. They will face their North American counterparts Froyotech and Ascent. All of this will be covered by our friends over at TEAMFORTRESS.TV and most of the information can be here or in their schedule. So tune in to watch these stars duke it out for LAN supremacy.

Forsaken Cup: Wrap-up

Date August 24, 2015

Forsaken Cup
banner by PaprikaProductions

The cup came to an end and to most people’s surprise Russia Forsak3n didn’t run off with the gold medal. Instead they ended on a well earned 3rd place. Germany drückebergers went and took the 1st place in an interesting final against SouthAfrica Springboks E-sports.

I hope most players enjoyed the cup and hope they would potentially leave some more feedback in the thread which can be found hereA big thanks to all participants and a big props to the teams who battled their way up to the top!

1.  – Germany drückebergers
2.  – SouthAfrica Springboks E-sports
3.  – Russia Belyarka-doyarka ♥
3.  – European Absintheminded


Highlander Nations Cup #4 Playoffs: Sweden vs. Norway @ 19 CEST

Date August 23, 2015


Sunday special is nearly here! Join Spain CeeJaey, Romania Atomicus & England Jon on BlackOut TV with the Scandinavian derby between Sweden Sweden in the east and Norway Norway on the west!

Sweden nijoonen leads the charge from Sweden Sweden once more with a roster full of history (and talent), once such moment being the victors of last year’s Nations Cup where they took home the prize over England England in the Grand Final. So far this cup they’ve haven’t had a challenge with 6-0 victories over CzechRepublic Czech Republic and Netherlands Netherlands but when facing their neighbours will such results come home?

On the other hand, Norway Norway have only really had one official played (sorry Scotland Scotland) against UnitedStates United States of America where we saw a 6-0 win going to the yanks. Was the team we saw last year still alive or did it all go down to seeding? Norway Ace‘s team have tonight to prove themselves as a loss will mean the end of the road.

Tune in from 19:00 CEST for all the action!