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Highlander Season 15 – Wrap-up

Date June 15, 2018

Highlander Season 15 – Wrap-up

The playoff games have ended and the winners have been crowned. The main season of Premiership was shown to be very promising and competitive, and in the end it was proven to witness the best players rise up and take the crown.

We want to give big congratulations to gold medal European :elephant: as the winners of Premiership! With silver medal Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS getting themselves another second place. And finally we see bronze medal Sweden Lucrosa improving on previous seasons by claiming third place.

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Season 30 by STN-Trading & Week 3: SVIFT vs. the bin & Se7en vs. The Bus Crew & Ora Elektro vs. the bin BLACK

Date June 14, 2018

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SVIFT vs. the bin

After 2 relatively easy weeks for the Premiership top teams, it’s time to raise the level with an expected close match between the dominant teams that are SVIFT and the bin. Week 3 will also be the occasion to first witness an official game on cp_cardinal.

A lot could be decided by this one match, firstly, that cp_cardinal is an actual playable map, but more importantly, it might determine who could potentially be seen as the top-challenger against Se7en. SVIFT is, given their results, the favorite, having managed very clear wins in the two previous weeks. While the bin had to deal with closer games and an eventual Golden Cap loss against Ora Elektro. However, the bin could still very well take this one home. The legacy of Lowpander’s creativity might translate into great plays on the less-known cp_cardinal and notorious players like uubers will equally be expected to show strong performances throughout the game.

Thus, who can win between a newly formed, but very strong, SVIFT and a somewhat reformed Lowpander? Be sure to check tomorrow at 21:15CEST if you want to know.

Play-by-Play: GrumpyKoi | Analyst: Beater | Production: Console | Match Page | European SVIFT | UnitedKingdom the bin | Written by Wylenn

Se7en vs. The Bus Crew

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Highlander Season 15 Awards Show

Date June 8, 2018

Created by Pr0p3r

Written by England chando

The Highlander Season 15 Awards Show

With another great season of highlander behind us, it is time to see which players stood out among the rest on their respective classes. This season saw some intense matches, made possible by many amazing players, both new and old. The awards show will pay homage to the very best the community has to offer (and nominated) as well as shedding some praise to the casting talent that allowed you guys to spectate what has been yet another incredible season of highlander action.

Join you host Spain CeeJaey, guest stars UnitedKingdom GardenFungus, Germany Menty, Germany mezzo, Slovakia Strno and award awarding ETF2L admin Germany Stinson_Out over on Kritzkast at 21 CEST to catch up on all the highlander gossip over the past season and check out which players deserve the all important highlander accolades.
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Season 30 by STN-Trading & Week 2: Ascent.EU vs. SVIFT & Velocity eSports EU vs. TTD

Date June 7, 2018

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Ascent.EU vs. SVIFT

Ascent.EU and SVIFT are meeting each other yet again for the first time since the S28 Grand Finals. The two names have historically been dominant forces in the European scene and, in the past few seasons, both teams could be seen as top-contenders for Premiership 1st place.

However, despite the names, the rosters of both teams have drastically changed and the long-time rivalry between the two has vanished accordingly. As the freshly made new SVIFT started its season very convincingly, beating Velocity eSports EU 6-0, Ascent.EU has struggled to show an equally strong performance against The Bus Crew, ending up conceding a map. But, Ascent.EU’s chances here are not non-existent, the match could be marked by an upset on Granary, with Ascent.EU’s soldiers reiterating their strong showing of last week and with SVIFT slightly struggling on the map.

To find out the outcome, join us on tonight at 21:15 CEST.

Play-by-play: Cornpop | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Beater | Match Page | France Ascent.EU | European SVIFT | Written by Wylenn

Velocity eSports EU vs. TTD

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Season 30 by STN-Trading & Week 1: Se7en vs. TTD & Velocity eSports EU vs. SVIFT

Date May 31, 2018

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Velocity eSports EU vs. SVIFT

Make sure your seat-belts are fastened as we are about to go dangerously fast, it’s SVIFT against Velocity eSports EU. In this supersonic fixture, both teams will be looking to prove themselves, SVIFT are coming in as the favorites, seeing how they did not need to go through the prem qualifiers, but Velocity are a team I wouldn’t be so swift to dismiss.

Which team of Velocity and SVIFT prove to be the better dashing gentlemen ? Tune in to to watch the second best speed-related fight available after The Flash (watch it now on CW !).

Play-by-Play: TurboTabs | Analysis: Beater | Production: Wiethoofd | Match Page | European SVIFT| European Velocity eSports | Written by a shameless shill

Se7en vs. TTD

Tonight’s secondary match-up might not look as close as the main one, but last time that happened TTD proved us all wrong by taking Product in a clean 3-0 against Se7en. A season has passed, the Se7en roster is more cohesive now and they surely know to not underestimate this team, while TTD changed half of the team in the offseason.

Se7en are looking like the clear favorites, but we all know what happened last time so they’ll be a bit wary going into this game. Another thing to look into is how will TTD play with those new players that they got : while lukas definitively proved to be a prem level demoman, Hems has not played last season in prem, and it’ll be the first game in said div for groove.

With only 5cp maps this time, will TTD prove that they are worth more than the Trinidad and Tobago dollar that possibly inspired their name ? Or will the kings of the hill be edged out on a more democratic Process ? Tune in to teamfortresstv2 to find out !

Play-by-Play: TurboTabs | Analysis: DuMmTmProduction: gemmMatch Page | European Se7enUnitedKingdom the bin BLACK | Written by Aelkyr

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