Due to technical issues, the roster lock for Highlander Season 14 has been enabled late. Because of this we have removed every player that had joined since the roster lock should have been on (10th of December) from rosters taking part in running season. In case of a misunderstanding please contact an admin in our IRC support chat.

Highlander Season 14 Week 4: Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN! vs. Tourettes Frenchclub

Date December 7, 2017

Tonight, two former premiership champions will throw down to assert their dominance. Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! will take on France Tourettes Frenchclub on cp_process and koth_coalplant!

Tourettes Chessclub, despite an impressive history in the Highlander scene have struggled this season, only landing a Golden Cap Loss against the prem fresh meat Sweden Lucrosa in their first week. With ongoing roster changes and the group stages already beginning to draw to an end, the Chessclub are in desperate need of some better luck to avoid the dreaded relegation spot. American additions such as UnitedStates Kresnik and UnitedStates Nursey have certainly assisted in the team’s development, and having a strong set of sixes players (namely France Olgha, France Raf, Italy ixy) will surely help on Process. But without having had a consistent roster throughout the season, things are starting to look grey for the former Highlander titans.

On the other hand, Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!, previously the best Highlander team in the current European Highlander scene, have gotten off to a decent start, only losing points to their long standing rival Strong Opinions. However, after a very close match against Seychelles inVision on possibly their best map [Steel], Chessclub may be able to take the edge if they have practiced enough. SDCK will surely be eager to secure another 6-0, securing them in a firm second place when the season draws to the playoff stages.

Tune in to KritzKast at 21:15 CET to see the action unfold live with Spain CeeJaey and England the hand that destroys u in the casting booth, and Netherlands Wiethoofd behind the scenes.

Because of the Heals for Reals event this Saturday and Sunday we won’t be able to cover the Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS vs. European Strong Opinions fixture live, we will however provide a full weekend of quality charity fundraising entertainment for you on the KritzKast channel!

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Highlander Season 14 Week 4: inVision vs. Lucrosa

Date December 6, 2017

Tonight, the two prem newcomers Sweden Lucrosa and Seychelles inVision will battle it out in the Highlander gamemode; since there can only be one (winner). Both teams have a lot to play for today, after starting their seasons off with mixed results, the outcome of this match will determine which of these debut prem teams has the edge in this season, and will significantly help their chances of dodging relegation. This week witnesses the mighty return of cp_process and koth_coalplant into the Highlander map pool, after pl_borneo was removed accommodate a more diverse range of gamemodes.

Sweden Lucrosa were off to a good start in the first week, taking a golden cap win against the newly reformed France Tourettes Frenchclub. However since then they have not taken any points of Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS or European Strong Opinions, two long standing premiership teams with high chances of playoffs. There have, however, been some minor changes to Lucrosa’s roster which might give them the edge they need today: Veteran spy legend Poland Chooper has joined the ranks in the hopes of defeating Polish rival spy Poland tomi.

Invision seem to have kicked their season off to a moderately better start, taking a full 6-0 against Tourette’s Chessclub. While they have not grasped anymore points during their matches, a nail-bitingly close game versus Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! has filled them with a boost of confidence that will surely be transferred into this match. For both teams, this is maybe their closest game and the battle to secure which dominant debut team is just as important as establishing this season’s champion!

All coverage will be over at KritzKast at 21:15 CET with England the hand that destroys u and Spain CeeJaey in the casting booth and Netherlands Wiethoofd on production. See you over there!

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Season 28 Grand Final: SVIFT vs. Ascent.EU

Date December 6, 2017

Banner by soda


After an exciting playoff bracket we’ve ended up with two teams clawing their way to a finalist position, European SVIFT and France Ascent.EU. European SVIFT finished the regular season in a stable manner, only losing 3 maps and looking comfortable for the majority of it, but it took a turn for the worse in the first game of playoffs when Sweden alle left mid-match, to be replaced by none other than UnitedKingdom Se7en‘s UnitedKingdom kaidus. He has been mercing since, and European SVIFT held out against both France Ascent.EU and Denmark LEGO in the upper bracket where both games went to a third map. France Ascent.EU on the other hand managed to get the 4th playoff spot in the regular season, and were the underdogs by the estimation of most. With France Néo unavailable (as he is again tonight), France Ascent.EU got knocked into the lower bracket after losing to European SVIFT in the Upper Bracket Round 1, but they have not let their nerves get the better of them so far. They have had a solid lower bracket run while knocking out both European Lowpander :-3 and Denmark LEGO, only needing 2 maps to do so to the former.
With a flashback on our hands, we can expect to see another closely fought series with a potential 4 maps being played. European SVIFT have a map in hand, so they will only need to win two maps to be victorious, but if France Ascent.EU were to complete their S28 underdog story, it would require them to take 3 maps of the series.

Are France Ascent.EU up to the challenge? Shall European SVIFT repeat history even while facing invite tf2 god ThalashEEE? Find out this Wednesday at 21:00 CET with Denmark Beater and Sweden alba on the mic, and ol’ reliable England gemm on production at twitch.tv/teamfortresstv.

Written by Scotland nuze

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Highlander Season 14 Week 3: inVision vs. Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN!

Date December 3, 2017

Another Sunday, another set of matches! Today debut premiership team Seychelles inVision will battle Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! in what has been nicknamed the Marmite of maps: cp_steel!

Invision have launched their first season in prem rather successfully, having lost and won once so far against two very well respected teams. The team features many of the rising Highlander superstars of the time, pyro Sweden yugo and heavy Hungary tuja have hit the premiership ground running, effectively performing against the very best in the scene. To top it off, former Premiership debut of the season, UnitedKingdom counou has been snatched up by team leader Poland STiNGHAN after he dominated the sniping fields of prem last season.

Perhaps contrastingly, SDCK has established themselves as a team of old and experienced players who have perfected their gamesense and teamwork through the several seasons of them playing under team leader Latvia Clark. It is no surprise that they have taken victory in the past two seasons of prem. However, after taking a loss to rival Strong Opinions, is their highlander supremacy beginning to show cracks? If so, does inVision have what it takes to take the lead of this match and eliminate ⅔ rd of the three most powerful names in Highlander in the first three weeks?

Head on over to KritzKast at 21:15 CET to watch this frantic showdown unfold. Casted by England the hand that destroys u and Germany Zamparonie with Netherlands Wiethoofd on production. See you there!

There is also the European Strong Opinions vs. Sweden Lucrosa match going on at the same time, but unfortunately we won’t be able to cover this tonight.

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Highlander Season 14 Week 3: Feila eSports vs Tourettes Chessclub

Date November 29, 2017

As we arrive into the third week of this 14th ETF2L Highlander Season, Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS will square up against France Tourettes Frenchclub in a gimmick fueled fight to the death on everyone’s favourite Highlander map: cp_steel.

Tourettes Chessclub, a team with nobled recognition throughout the seasons has been off to a less than desirable start, currently only holding 2 points after the first two weeks. Any hope of attaining playoffs and having a chance to retake their crown lies on them taking some wins in the upcoming weeks. With former Sniper Germany Nate leaving the roster and old teammate Scotland Deox rejoining the ranks, the future can go either way for Tourettes Chessclub.

Conversely, Feila eSports have set off this season with mixed results. While taking a defeat to the current champions, Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!, they were able to take a decisive victory against Sweden Lucrosa in their second week, redeeming the start of their season. As far as the roster goes, they continue to stay unified and strong. However, if there is one map which can be unreliable, it’s cp_steel, so perhaps we’ll be seeing some mixed up and abstract strategy coming out from both teams to “out-gimmick” the other.

Join us tonight at 21:00 CET over at KritzKast where we will be uncovering the winners of this crucial match. Join Spain CeeJaey and England the hand that destroys u in the casting booth with Netherlands Wiethoofd backstage on the production. We look forward to seeing you there!

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