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ETF2L Recruiting

Date March 1, 2015

Regardless of the exact line of voluntary work you’re interested in, you should take a look at this site, listing some general information regarding working with us.

League Admins

After the recent departures, the Highlander staff is now down to two admins, the same goes for the current 6s staff.

As a result we are once again looking for volunteers to help run and maintain the league.

Among other things league admins take admin requests on IRC, deal with match conflicts, handle the setting of Default Dates and the verification of played matches. They also create and oversee cups.

With the change to the swiss system setting Default Dates does not create as much of a task as it used to do, since a notable portion of it is now automated. On the other hand dealing with match conflicts has become a task that has to be adressed in a more timely fashion. Additionally providing support during match times has grown in importance, therefore we cannot really employ admins who have team commitments every four to five times per week (especially but not limited to Thursdays). Same goes for creating and overseeing cups. It is always easier said than done, having the idea and setting up a cup is only a small part of actually running a cup. Being there when the cup is under way, providing match support, adressing conflicts, lending out servers, seeding further rounds, verifying finished matches and many more tasks have to be handled, while possibly over 100 matches are going on simultaneously, you may not be alone, but you will be part of it.

Also something we want to adress is our interest in self-managed admins, we will not take you by the hand and lead you through everything there is to do. YOU have to show interest, YOU have to ask what you can do, YOU have to prove you really want to be an admin. There are plenty of admins around almost all the time, who are happy to help you and show you the ropes, but at some point routines will have to be dealt with without someone telling you that they need to be done. At the same time, communicating with other admins is very imporant, to avoid certain tasks being done twice, conflicting results in decisions or even decisions overwriting previous ones.

If you are interested in supporting the administrative backbone for the league, you should also check out the details on the respective application page, this will tell you which information we need from you at the very least.

Newswriter/Coverage Writer

We are also looking for at least one new Newswriter/Coverage Writer. Your job is to write coverage posts for Premiership Division matches. Therefore it is required you know enough about the teams, their performances so far, their performances in the past, etc. to be able to write coverage posts that inform the community on the one hand and make them want to watch the cast on the other hand. Once again we do not want to have to remind you 2-3 hours before the match that there is a coverage post to be written. Ideally by that time the post is already published without anyone reminding you about it.

To apply please provide, besides the general information we are asking from league admins as well (which can be found here application page), a sample coverage post for any more or less recent Season 20 Premiership Division match.

Edit: We are not really looking for Anti Cheat Staff, you can apply, but your application will be put on hold, since for now the Anti Cheat team is pretty much at its maximum capacity.

Experimental Highlander One-Night-Cup #6 sponsored by scrap.tf: Wrap up post!

Date March 2, 2015

We hope you enjoyed the cup and thank every team for signing up and participating!
If you want to let us know how the maps and unlock felt, let us know in the feedback thread.
We would like to thank scrap.tf, tf2pickup.net, whitelist.tf for being so generous to set up prizes for the cup. Also we would like to thank USA sigafoo, UK Bulow and England Jon for covering the event!

The winners

Top bracket

  • gold medal European Highpander© 135€ + 9 Specialised Killstreak Kits
  • silver medal Denmark Tourettes Chessclub 45€ + 9 Keys + 9 Killstreak Kits
  • bronze medal European Fair Enough sponsored by TF2Pickup.net
  • bronze medal Sweden Phantom in pyjamas

High bracket

  • gold medal China He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 45€ + 9 Strange weapons/ cosmetics
  • silver medal European Mad?
  • bronze medal Russia WASP
  • bronze medal UK [é]quipe 2


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Experimental Highlander One-Night-Cup #6 sponsored by scrap.tf: Brackets and stream

Date February 28, 2015

The knockouts tonight are grouped by skill, which resulted in several sub-brackets per division.
Please play and submit your matches on time, so try to set up your server and configs ahead of time

Tournament Brackets
[Top |High | Mid-High | Mid | Mid #2 | Mid #3 | Mid-Low | Low | Lower | Lowest]

Scrap.tf, tf2pickup.net and whitelist.tf are generous enough to make sure the viewers have a chance at winning prizes as well, as they raffle out in-game items throughout the entire cup on blackoutgamingTV’s stream! so don’t hesitate and tune in to the cup from 19CET and onwards!

Staff changes, Friday bans

Date February 27, 2015

Staff changes

Our beloved Head Admin England Permzilla is stepping down from his position. He has delivered the following statement:

Regretfully I am stepping down from my ETF2L duties with immediate effect. For some this might not come as a surprise as I have been fairly open with my intentions to step down over the last few months, however for others this might come as a complete shock.

I am proud of what ETF2L has achieved during nearly 3 years of being an admin here, and I am grateful for the opportunities I was given. Every moment has been enjoyable, the people I’ve met and the experiences made are unique. I am going to deeply miss the years spent as part of ETF2L.

For those curious of the reasons, I am currently in my final year at University with my finals coming up shortly. Given the choice between university work and ETF2L work I know which I will prioritise (I’ve been doing it for 2.5 years of my degree already!). Therefore I’ve made the decision to remove that choice from myself.

The rest of staff are all dedicated and hard working and I have no doubt ETF2L will continue to thrive from this point onwards – Everyone knows Germans run this league anyway!

Thank you all and see you around!

England Permzilla

The rest of the ETF2L staff wish Permzilla good luck with his studies.

Our Highlander admin Wales Leftism is leaving the staff. We thank him for his commitments to the league and wish him good luck in the future.

England Hildreth has also left the staff. His short term as PR admin was a success. His efforts with the Archimedes Cup will not be forgotten.

Lastly, our newswriter Finland Lyrete has resigned after a period of inactivity, due to loss of interest.

All the departs from the staff aside, UK bubble bobbler has completed his trial as an Anti-Cheat admin, and will be joining the staff permanently. Welcome!

We would like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that ETF2L is always looking for talents. If you are interested in a position in the league, look over here.


This player has been caught impersonating an ETF2L staff member in an attempt to scam a contact of the league. He will hereby be banned from the league for five years:

These players have been caught with VAC bans affecting TF2, and will be banned from the league for one year:

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff, their match results are not affected.

The following players have been caught cheating by our Anti-Cheat team. They will be banned from ETF2L for one year:

The following player have failed to upload demos twice, and will be banned for two weeks:

Experimental Highlander One-Night-Cup #6 sponsored by scrap.tf: Updates

Date February 27, 2015

With only one day remaining until the cupnight, we thought we might keep you guys up-to-date with some news to keep the blood flowing and the hype going!

Signups are closed


Thanks to our main sponsor for this event scrap.tf as well as whitelist.tf and tf2pickup.net (make sure to check our their websites!) we are able to give out 225 € in prizemoney + 80 € in raffles donated by scrap.tf.
Additionally whitelist.tf and tf2pickup.net will contribute 9 keys, 9 specialized killstreak kits, 9 strange weapons and cosmetics, 9 regular killstreak kits as well as several professional killstreak kits for the raffles.

As such, we’re distributing prizes between groups as following:
Top tier

  • gold medal – 135€ + 9 Specialised Killstreak Kits
  • silver medal – 45€  + 9 Keys + 9 Killstreak Kits

High tier

  • gold medal – 45€  + 9 Strange weapons/ cosmetics

Rules clarification

As we did not announce Highlander Season 8 yet, Season 7 rules will apply for the cup. You will be allowed to have one default merc. However, you can use more than 3 mercs, if your opponents agree with it. Please note, that every merc has to be presented and accepted on the respective match page nonetheless.

Abusing a map exploit where the player is able to get behind the BLU spawn on keikoku is not allowed. Any team caught doing so will receive a default loss.

Map update

Since the original announcement post on sunday, cp_keikoku_pro_rc1 has been released and will be used for the cup. Make sure you have that version downloaded and in your mapsfolder as well as on your servers before the cup starts!

Whitelist update

The whitelist has been updated. Please make sure you upload the latest version of the whitelist to your server.
The new whitelist is available here

If your team is using serveme.tf as a server provider, you can select the new whitelist when reservering a server. Go to League Whitelist and select etf2l_9v9_onc6.

If your server is equipped with tftrue, you can load our whitelist by typing
rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 3091
Both teams have the responsibility to check if the correct whitelist is loaded before each round. This can be done by typing ‘status’ in console if TFTrue is loaded to check the whitelist ID


As usual, our highlander streams will be casted by BlackoutGamingTV and will be made available on their youtube.
So tune in and watch all the action, scrap.tf has set up a raffle bot in the chat, which will post raffle links specifically for you viewers to win awesome in-game items!