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Announcing: ETF2L Forsaken Cup

Date August 3, 2015

Forsaken Cup
banner by PaprikaProductions

It’s beginning to look a lot like Dustbowl!

The maps of old are back and are ready for reliving their golden time! Will competetive have finally caught up to these maps or will it have distanced even further? Sign-up now and find out in this amazing cup!

Requirements: A 6v6 or fun team that’s able to play during the scheduled days which are stated below.

You can signup here until August 10th, 19:00 CEST


Now, this is where this particular Fun-Cup is differs to others!

This Cup will consist of the following maps:



We will divide the cup into a couple of weeks. One for group stages, one for knockout and the finals. Each group will contain 5 teams playing on the default dates shown below. These dates can get moved around within the week by contacting your opponent and asking them to reschedule.

Week 1 August 11th – August 16th

Tuesday, August 11th – Group Stage

  • Match 1 – 20:00 CEST – ctf_2fort
  • Match 2 – 21:00 CEST – cp_well

Thursday, August 13th – Group Stage

  • Match 3 – 20:00 CEST – cp_obscure_final
  • Match 4 – 21:00 CEST – cp_dustbowl

All Group Stage matches have to be played until August 13th 23:59 CEST at the latest!

Week 2 August 18th – August 23rd

Tuesday, August 18th – Knockout Stage

  • (Round of 32 – 20:00 CEST – cp_bazillion_rc5)
  • Round of 16 – 21:00 CEST – ctf_turbine_pro_rc4

Thursday, August 20th – Knockout Stage

  • Quarter-Finals – 19:00 CEST – cp_freight_final1
  • Semi-Finals – 20:00 CEST – cp_warmfront
  • Grand Final – 21:00 CEST – Best of 3 maps: cp_prolane_rc4, next 1/2 map(s) loser´s pick out of the mappool of the cup

Depending the number of singups, we will decide whether 32 or 16 teams advance to the Knockout Stage. In case of 16 teams, the Quarter-Finals will be held on Tuesday, August 18th 21:00 CEST.


Only stating the changes to the Season 21 whitelist:


  • Scorch Shot


  • Back Scatter
  • Pretty Boys Pocket Pistol
  • Loch-n-Load
  • Killing Gloves of Boxing
  • Eureka Effect
  • Bazaar Bargain

The whitelist for this cup only can be found here. Please make sure you have all maps, configs and whitelists installed on your server.

If you have TFTRUE you can invoke the whitelists by entering any of the following ID’s:

  • tftrue_whitelist_id etf2l_6v6
  • tftrue_whitelist_id etf2l_6v6_fc
  • tftrue_whitelist_id etf2l_whitelist_6v6



This will be largely the same as Season 21’s rules with some minor additions or changes.

Cup-specific rules:

  • Picking up weapons is allowed (yes, including mediguns!)
  • On cp_well players are allowed to deal damage during setup, while staying on their side or by standing on the train separating both sides.


Highlander Nations Cup #4 Back-to-back: Hungary vs. Turkey & Norway vs. Scotland

Date August 2, 2015


Tonight we’ve got back to back games on the horizon waiting for you! First up at 20:00 CEST is Hungary Hungary vs. Turkey Turkey in the first Round 2 game on cp_steel

Hungary PingWIN leads the Hungarian charge this year, a long serving member of TF2 for over 7 years. Could this merit his roster a victory? On the side we have Turkey h3x who is on the chopping block with his first HLNC leadership but has lead the Turkish team in last year’s 6v6 Nations Cup. Will this experience hinder their chances or be their boon? Both sides are veterans of the Highlander Nations Cup but neither have ever managed to progress from the group stage into the playoffs. Will the tides change when they face tonight?

The second match of the evening heralds from two northern lands, Norway Norway and Scotland Scotland at 21:00 CEST. Norway Ace and his merry men of the Norway Norway roster are no stranger to this competition, they’ve been up, down, left and right through the past 3 competitions and could taste victory last year until they were shot down by Finland Finland in the Bronze final. Could these previous feats come to a singularity tonight? The other chilling side, Scotland Scotland lead by Scotland kermit, have had a similar experience throughout previous cups but have always struggled to reach the playoff category. Maybe today is their moment to shine once more?

Tune in from 20:00 CEST on BlackOut TV for all the back-to-back actions brought to you by European jakeowaty & UnitedStates sigafoo with England Jon on camera!

Highlander Nations Cup #4 Double Header: Germany vs. Lithuania & Belgium vs. England

Date July 30, 2015


Germany vs. Lithuania

We continue our action of ETF2L’s Highlander Nations Cup #4 tonight as Spain CeeJaey, Sweden nijoonen & England Jon take the reigns for Germany Germany vs Lithuania Lithuania! Germany Germany have history in this competition, winning the first cup back in 2012, and with Highlander Season 8’s Player of the Season Germany blub on Demo, as well as 6v6 legends Germany schocky and Germany basH. on the roster, could they reclaim the top spot, 3 years later? Lithuania Lithuania have never progressed further than the first round of the knockout stages in this competition, but the 6v6 team pulled off some shock results to take 3rd place last summer during the 6v6 Nation’s Cup. Led by Premiership-winning Medic Lithuania Sprayer, can they beat the odds again and take victory here? Find out tonight on BlackOut TV 1 at 21:10 CEST!


Belgium vs. England

The second half of our Highlander Nations Cup #4 double header tonight brings European jakeowaty, UnitedStates sigafoo & England Arjax together for Belgium Belgium vs England England! Last year Belgium Belgium made it to the knockout stages for the first time, eventually losing out to the UnitedStates United States of America. With old faces like Belgium droso and Belgium Crazyman sitting this competition out, can Belgium Aoshi lead his new crop of Waffles to the knockout stages once more? England England finished runners up to Sweden Sweden in last summer’s cup, in an extremely close final. UnitedKingdom BreakfasT_Jr, UnitedKingdom cherryrendezvous & UnitedKingdom Grenjabob picked up awards in Season 8 for being best in their class – although there are rumours some key players will be missing tonight. Can England Hildreth mastermind a victory for the English in the cup this summer? It all starts for them tonight on BlackOut TV 2 at 21:00 CEST!

Written by Spain CeeJaey

Season 21 powered by Tt eSPORTS High Grand Final: Hello Kitteh Ninjas! vs. top5rocket

Date July 29, 2015


No rest for the wicked, as we go into the third consecutive night of the High playoffs we also find ourselves at the end. Standing at the top of High with 28 teams behind them we find Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas! and France top5rocket. France top5rocket scraped their way through after narrowly beating European Animate in a Golden Cap on the third map. Comparatively Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas! had it much easier, beating Israel Foreskings across two straight maps even forcing the mercy rule on their opponents on process. A game where Finland Astt truly got to shine boasting a KA/D of 10.0. So will the Frenchies keep it together enough to take on this forceful team? Will anyone threaten Finland Astt as the king of the logs and most importantly who will win? Tune in to find out with International TwiggyWan Kenobi,  England TurboTabs and England Jon on the camera.

Highlander Nations Cup #4 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Switzerland vs. USA @ 20:00 CEST

Date July 29, 2015


Hey ho, lets go! Switzerland Switzerland vs. UnitedStates United States of America is the tune for tonight so sing along with UnitedStates sigafoo, Latvia Clark & England Arjax on camera from 20:00 CEST on BlackOut TV!