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Happy Birthday ETF2L!

Date November 17, 2017

Last month, TF2 celebrated its landmark tenth birthday.
Valve marked the occasion with the release of a major update: new maps were added to the Casual rotation, the matchmaking system was overhauled, and Pyro was given a jet pack (and Spy mains a Rainy Day Case of the blues).

However, there’s been another significant birthday in the community – our own!

This week, it’s been ten years to the day since ETF2L first began.

During that time, we’ve overseen twenty-eight seasons of sixes, thirteen of Highlander, eleven Nation Cups and myriad tournaments more. We’ve seen thousands of players compete, frag and frenetically call for Medic, across over twenty-five thousand teams. Join us as we look back at ETF2L’s competitive history, from ctf_2fort and cp_well to the competitive game we play today.

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Highlander Season 14 Week 1: Lucrosa vs Tourettes Chessclub

Date November 19, 2017

Long standing Highlander powerhouse Seychelles Tourettes Chessclub return with a vengeance after taking a season break. Led by France cobz The veteran team will be facing their first week back against Sweden Lucrosa, Season 13 High winners.

Lucrosa have altered their roster since last season, after a very successful season in the High division. Most notably, the flank has undergone major changes, with rising Irish superstar Ireland Kosuke taking the role of Soldier, while Finland ekkelund makes a comeback to the Highlander after a five season break. But that’s not all; old timer (lol) Poland Graba will be making a reappearance as medic, and will hopefully bring some important calls and strategy to the team. Former Ambassador extraordinaire, Netherlands Nightmare will continue playing for Lucrosa, perhaps opting for a change of playstyle after the ‘spy-crippling’ Pyro update. With both young, rising players and veterans compiling the Lucrosa roster, it’s anyone’s guess how their debut season in prem will pan out.

Tourettes Chessclub have, unsurprisingly, undergone major roster changes of their own. American heavyweight Kresnik has joined in on some European action and will be fighting alongside the up and coming demoman England Eemes, who proved himself aptly during the recent Highlander Nations Cup as well as a formidable player at the Insomnia61 LAN in August. Some familiar names have made their appearance this season with Chessclub as well. Sweden Ascendary will be playing Pyro, Sweden Khazul on spy and Scotland Fragm3nt3d on medic. These players represent the origins of Chessclub and many of their prior successes in the gamemode are credited to them.

With an amalgamation of old and new players filling both rosters, there is great potential for both teams. Will Chessclub be able to play their pieces correctly and kick their return season off with a bang? Or will Sweden Cronk be able to lead his team to victory in their most important match to date. Tune in at KritzKast with England the hand that destroys u and England Buck824 with the glorious Netherlands Wiethoofd on production at 21:00 CET to find out!

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Highlander Season 14 Week 1: Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS vs Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN!

Date November 16, 2017

The time has come again.

“What time?“, some may ask – confused, disoriented, scared. These emotions are more than justified. It’s that time again that makes cameramen sweat, by having to multitask more than the unfortunate maincaller of the gamemode in question.

The 14th Season of Highlander is about to start tonight as two seasoned teams clash in a frenzy of teamwork and gimmicks.
Gracefully covered in Dutch chocolate sweetware we have the consecutive two-time champions Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! re-emerging in the hopes of adding to their already mighty collection of accolades and all important TF2 esport prize money. With having kept most of their roster the same as the award winning and well oiled destruction machine from the last seasons, SDCK have however added much lauded and loaded former soldier Lithuania Just1s to their roster. The Lithuanian will be picking up the heavy minigun for SDCK with Netherlands SandBurn switching to demoman; due to the unfortunate departure of former main Belgium Spelly.
The second newcomer to the delicate, (not so) Dutch delegation of Dickmann’s will be long time spy main and former revolver enthusiast UnitedKingdom Grenja to take the spot of the -102 machine Finland Ze Man.

On the other side, as one of the most potential competitors for the podium this season, we have the ever so mighty, yet slightly less roster-consistent Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS coming in as the underdog for tonight.
With keeping more than fifty-percent of their roster from the previous season and having a daunting 10-0 victory streak in the current UGC EU Platinum season going for them, the squad of UnitedKingdom JoeN and European Leila is looking quite strong going into our first match of the season tonight. Replacing the German spy main and much lauded asset Germany mezzo today will be the long-standing premiership spy, Finland miknando. The fact that Feila eSports has rebuild a stronger roster is, however, skewed by the powerhouse that is SDCK who since scrimming have retained their former strength.
Conversely, the start of the season is often likely to cause new upsets which could or could not be initiated by the newcomers on Feila’s roster.
Will Feila’s latest addition Ireland Crayon up his teams potential to new heights?
Will Russia Poker be the ‘all-in’ that strengthens the hand of Feila?
Will England cloudy lift his team up to the heavens or will SDCK rain on his parade?

All of these factors will decide the fate of tonight and might end up influencing the rest of the season greatly as both teams will show who’s synergy has skyrocketed upward in the off-season.

Your casters for this first Highlander Prem game of Season 14 will be Germany Domaytoe & England Buck824 on the microphones with Netherlands Wiethoofd manning the camera. Tune in to KritzKast at 21:00 CET (3PM EST) tonight to kick off this ETF2L season on Upward.

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Season 28 UBR1: LEGO vs. Lowpander :-3

Date November 13, 2017

etf2l season28 banner

Banner by soda

Written by Ombrack

Finally, here they are. The Season 28 Premiership Playoffs are upon us, and what a cracker to start them!
Denmark LEGO and European Lowpander :-3 respectively finished at the 2nd and 3rd position in the league, being a single point away from each other. The last time these two teams faced the Denmark LEGO squad came out victorious (4-2), but had to give it all they had to obtain the victory. Losing on Gullywash during the golden cap but Josh and his teammates managed to win, what is commonly considered European Lowpander :-3‘s best map, Product.
But this time it could be a whole different story. With the pick and ban system we don’t know yet what maps will be played but this is where the battle begins. Will both teams just go for their favorite maps, or will they try to hinder their opponent by picking a map they’re not comfortable on.
Another point of interest lies in the presence of Papi in the European Lowpander :-3 line-up. After mercing for the team during the recent ESU Community Rumble, the soldier from Da Choke Bustaz will once again have to step in. This being his first Premiership Playoff Game, the English pocket carries a heavy load on his shoulders.
To witness what should be one of the best games of the season, tune in this tonight on TFTV, with Cornpop and Alba on the mic, and gemm on production.

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Highlander Season 14: Divisions Released!

Date November 11, 2017

The official divisions are now released! They can be viewed on the Competitions dropdown menu, you will notice a slight difference to the way we have previously done highlander seasons.

High is now being done in two Round Robin Groups of six teams, the top three of each group will go into a six team single elimination bracket when playoffs come around. Prem, Mid and Open are unchanged from last season.

Due to high now being in RR format teams in high will need to manually schedule their games. Each week (excluding week 1) must be scheduled by the preceding Friday, if an agreement cannot be reached for a schedule both teams should comment on the match page with the days/times that they can play and an admin will schedule the match based on those comments.

There will be no wildcards.

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