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Season 24 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership week 3: nameLess vs. PERSONAL COMPUTER MASTER RACE

Date May 31, 2016


As one should expect of three time champions, the fellas in UnitedKingdom nameLess have been making their way through the competition with ease. Disposing of two teams thus far, while only giving up two rounds across four maps. But third time’s the charm so this might be Ukraine PERSONAL COMPUTER MASTER RACE’s lucky day. They put up a good fight against strong contender European Perilous Gaming on Process last week. With that map carrying over they could have opportunity to cause an upset. So join Denmark Beater, Scotland kermit and England DavidTheWin as they bring you Process and Product at 21.30 CEST.

Season 24 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership week 2: Comfortably Spanked vs. LEGO

Date May 29, 2016


Week two comes to a close almost as we turn the page in our calendar to a new month. The kind lads in Prem decided to play an official for you, yes You so be grateful. Who are these kind people who offer up their Sunday to entertain you? Well if you couldn’t figure it out from the title it’s Denmark LEGO and Sweden Comfortably Spanked. Both teams have had success so far with LEGO taking all the points last week and Comfortably Spanked splitting their points like generous souls. Will they be generous tonight? Find out with UnitedKingdom kaidus, England Bren and England DavidTheWin.

Season 24 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership week 2 Double Bill: Personal Computer Master Race vs. Perilous Gaming & [email protected] FIVE vs. nameLess

Date May 26, 2016


PC MASTER RACE VS. Perilous Gaming

The PC prophets played proper TF2 and earned themselves a tie last week. While the performance of European Perilous Gaming procured them a perfect 6 points. With the wast wealth of knowledge on the side of Perilous Gaming it will be a tough nut to break open for Ukraine PERSONAL COMPUTER MASTER RACE. If they want the points that are on stake here they will need to put on a phenomenal performance. So tune in with UnitedKingdom CommanderX, UnitedKingdom kaidus and Scotland Sim as they cover game number one.

[email protected] FIVE VS. NAMELESS

The baptism by fire continues for our promoted sixsome Russia [email protected] FIVE as they face another difficult competitor in the opening weeks of season 24. Will they survive unscorched or will the high flying dreams be brought down to earth like a certain wax winged warrior by imposing UnitedKingdom nameLess? Tune in over on stream number two with Denmark Beater, Scotland kermit and Germany Suyooo to find out.

Season 24 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership week 2: happy farmers vs. Publiclir

Date May 25, 2016


Week two is upon us and it is time for the Germany happy farmers to put aside their hoes and leave the fields be. It’s game time and 6 points are on the line. The Germans had a rough time getting ploughed by UnitedKingdom nameLess in their game last week. As did Sweden Publiclir who were disassembled by Denmark LEGO. So tune in with UnitedKingdom CommanderX, England WARHURYEAH and Germany Suyooo as they give you in depth coverage starting at 21.15 CEST.

Tuesday – Highlander Season 10 GRAND FINAL: Fair Enough vs. Strong Opinions

Date May 24, 2016


WHOA WHOA WHOA! Hold up there, this ain’t no ordinary cast, the is the grand f@!#ing final of ETF2L’s 10th Highlander Season powered by Tt eSPORTS! Our finalists for this evening need no big recognition, we both know them, Slovakia Fair Enough, first time in the playoffs zone in their long history spanning 6 seasons now and European Strong Opinions, defending their 1st place title of Season 9 held since January this year.

Slovakia Fair Enough this season has proven their new roster lineup works after 6 back-to-back wins throughout the season, only slipping up to European Highpander© in the final week on where they dropped a single map, koth_product ending in a 2-3 score. So in total across the season, we have a grand total of….oh wait, one. Somebody is starting to look like a favourite…. :)

European Strong Opinions, defending champions, finished up in 3rd place after 7 weeks of intense matches on a variety of maps with only 2 games dropped, one without any points taken home. The team: Slovakia Fair Enough, snatching away 6 points from the returning victors of season 9. However after battling European The Bureau in the semi-final they have gained their spot in the grand final game tonight to make their opponents wait even longer for another chance to grab their golden crown.

But now with many weeks since that fateful day in Week 2, tactics have changed and rosters have shifted so could we be expecting different outcomes this evening when the grand final kicks off at 21:00 CEST or will the previous results prove right and the premiership title shift hands to crown an new team? Tune in with England Hildreth & England Maxi with England Jon on camera at BlackOut TV!

Match Overview
Slovakia Fair Enough vs European Strong Opinions
Finals (Premiership)
Date Tuesday, May 24th 21:00 CEST



0 - 1



0 - 2

Slovakia Fair Enough [0:6] European Strong Opinions