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Season 21 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 7: Wonderland vs. Fenneks eSports

Date July 2, 2015


As the season draws even closer to its end we gaze down upon the bottom half of Prem. Seychelles Wonderland surprised and aggravated many with their entry into the highest tier of play. They haven’t gathered many points sitting in last place behind Denmark LEGO and their opponents for the evening. No matter how much Seychelles Wonderland struggled, with roster issues and “lol Poland Graba” chants alike. They never faltered and find themselves with one last hurdle to overcome: Sweden Fenneks eSports. Sweden Fenneks eSports had the most difficult start to the season, getting mauled by tigers and Kaidi before getting a chance to settle into things. Now looms the gloom and doom of relegation and every point is important. So tune in for your last chance to see these teams live in action. With Germany .kr4tos, UnitedKingdom Sideshow and England Jon on the camera.

Season 21 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 7: 4-25 vs. Danger Dogs by TF2Pickup.net

Date July 1, 2015


As we approach the end of this eventful season we finally get to find out firsthand how these two teams match up. Russia 4-25 had fourth place as their goal for the season but standing in their way are the dastardly European Danger Dogs by TF2Pickup.net who have an even bigger goal in mind. If they managed to steal away with all of the points from this fixture, and European Reason Gaming take none in their next game, they will have earned themselves a place in the playoffs and even a shot at the gold. This might be possible since Russia 4-25’s clutch king Russia Forsak3n is missing in action and we all remember what happened when he wasn’t there to aide his team against Denmark LEGO. But with Ukraine kensi. having a warmup official under his belt 4-25 are well poised to make this a real nail biter. So tune in to see whether or not Scotland Sheepy and his canine cohorts will have their dreams crushed. Your casters for the evening are UnitedKingdom Samski, Ireland molesto and England Jon on the camera.


Season 21 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 6: The Last Resort vs. nerdRage.tf2

Date June 29, 2015


It’s time for the big daddies to finally square off in this long awaited fixture. Both teams have had almost an entire season’s worth of practice leading up to this and they sit only 2 points apart in the table, meaning they’re guaranteed playoff spots but this is a game of honour and pride. European nerdRage.tf2 managed to beat the North Americans in their showmatch while European The Last Resort came close but were unable to clinch it in the end. So there is no doubt that these two teams have what it takes come i55. But let’s focus on the present, Sweden Zebbosai has given up his scout position to UnitedKingdom tonythetiger and is now supposedly fulltime roamer. Tonight he will not only have to deal with Russia ShaDowBurn, who has shown himself to be a great asset to European The Last Resort, he will also face the bane of his existence in cp_granary_pro_b9. Will he overcome his deep-seated hatred of this new map and do what needs to be done to aide his team? Both teams are filled to the brim with skill and passion so this is a game you wouldn’t want to miss. Tune in with UnitedKingdom Sideshow , UnitedKingdom kaidus and England DavidTheWin on the camera.

Highlander Season 8 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Wrap-up & Staff Changes

Date June 27, 2015


Highlander Season 8 Premier Division

Congratulations to the teams that got top 3 in the Premiership Division:

  • gold medal Sweden Tourettes Chessclub – 500€ Prize
  • silver medal European Highpander© – 350€ Prize
  • bronze medal UnitedStates PremTech – 150€ Prize

Who won your division?

High Tier

  • gold medal TrinidadTobago Megakillerz eSports Fanclub eSports
  • silver medal European Rectal Verdict
  • bronze medal European Strong Opinions
  • bronze medal Japan Moe moe Kyuuuun :3

Mid Tier

  • gold medal European Chaos
  • silver medal Ukraine UAPlayer
  • bronze medal European Pizza Police by TF2Pickup.net
  • bronze medal Japan Sushi Squad

Open Tier

  • gold medal France for games on DESURA
  • silver medal Russia Team Niveous
  • bronze medal European Lesk
  • bronze medal TrinidadTobago Budget Toucans

Pixel trophies have been given out, and in-game medals will be awarded to winners and participants once they are added to the item schema. Medals will be issued to players who were on team rosters at the time of the roster lock, so you may now change your roster as you see fit.

Highlanders Season 8 Awards

Of course we can’t close off a season without mentioning the awards, this season the public voted on the following players as the top of their respective categories:

The winners are:

  • gold medal Scout of the Season – Norway Lazybear
  • gold medal Soldier of the Season – Russia ShaDowBurn
  • gold medal Pyro of the Season – European Stevepander
  • gold medal Demoman of the Season – Germany blub
  • gold medal Heavy of the Season – UnitedKingdom BreakfasT_Jr
  • gold medal Engineer of the Season – UnitedKingdom cherryrendezvous
  • gold medal Medic of the Season – Lithuania Sprayer
  • gold medal Sniper of the Season – Poland phromelo
  • gold medal Spy of the Season – UnitedKingdom Grenjabob
  • gold medal Best Premiership Debut – Germany blub
  • gold medal Best Player of the Season – Germany blub
  • gold medal Caster of the Season – Spain CeeJaey

Staff Changes

We are pleased to announce that England Permzilla is returning to the ETF2L Staff as Head Admin with immediate effect.

Season 21powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 6 Double Bill: Reason Gaming vs. Wonderland & 4-25 vs. LEGO

Date June 25, 2015


Season 21 Premiership Week 6: Reason Gaming vs. Wonderland

This is the official reveal of the new European Reason Gaming. After losing both a fixture and some players last week UnitedKingdom kaidus managed to get the most highly lauded player in ETF2L history: Wales Mike to join his team. Along with some other familiar faces: having made his debut on scout for the season the former European Epsilon eSports by Fragnet Networks leading light France KnOxXx returns to buff up his teammates along with Portugal Kiler4fun who’s also played an official for European The Last Resort on scout, before embarking on this new adventure, ready to dole out meatshots. They will take on the wildcard of the season Seychelles Wonderland. Will they be able to put a damper on European Reason Gaming’s playoff dreams and throw them off whack before they settle into the new swing of things? Tune in with England TurboTabs, England WARHURYEAH and England Jon on the camera.

Season 21 Premiership Week 6: 4-25 vs. LEGO

On the other cast of the day we see Russia 4-25 take on Denmark LEGO who find themselves in the usual situation of needing to scrape together enough points to avoid relegation. Russia 4-25 on the other hand need points to climb up the table in an attempt at reaching the elusive playoffs. But tonight they will be weakened as superstar sniper Russia Forsak3n is missing and Denmark LEGO have been graced with Russia ShaDowBurn allowed as a mercenary. Will his intricate knowledge of the Russian mind-set be enough to give LEGO the edge needed to knock the Russians down a peg? Join UnitedStates mana, Ireland molesto with Marblr on the camera to find out.