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Thursday Night Showdown – Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Finland vs. Netherlands

Date July 28, 2016

It hasn’t been too long, but the we’ve reached the concluding chapter of the group stages in our Nations Cup #6 story. Slovenia Slovenia, Wales Wales, Romania Romania, Croatia Croatia, Ireland Ireland, Georgia Georgia, Estonia Estonia, Scotland Scotland, Switzerland Switzerland, Bulgaria Bulgaria and Poland Poland are just some of the names eliminated already, meaning a lot of the last round of fixtures are for pride and the very important top seed position in the group, which will give the winners the chance to face a 2nd seed team in the Round of 16.

In Group G, that is the situation as Austria Austria and Spain Spain have been despatched by both Netherlands Netherlands and Finland Finland respectively, leaving the Netherlands Netherlands and the Suomi army to battle it out for top spot and a more favourable draw (in theory). Netherlands Netherlands boast the experienced Soldier duo of Netherlands kaptain and Netherlands DamnEasy, leading their relatively inexperienced teammates in a battle against the might of Finland Finland, with every member of the Finnish roster being a former or current Premiership level player, well except Finland Cauthon, who’s 5 seasons of High will be dragging the team down no doubt! Not since Nations Cup #1 have these two nations met, where Finland Finland won both maps, including a 12-0 victory on Granary! Netherlands Netherlands have yet to get to the Last 8 of the tournament, whilst Finland Finland won the first two Nations Cups, but since them have come up short, their best placement being a 3rd place finish.

Netherlands Netherlands are expected to lose, but they may be able to pull off a surprise, like last Nations Cup #5 where Lithuania Lithuania surprisingly beat the old school Finns and condemned them to the history books. The game will be streamed live tonight at 21:15 CEST by BlackOut TV, streamed by the legend England Jon and casted by the ever present Spain CeeJaey and moviemaker Denmark Beater, who will be out to spot some huge plays for his Nations Cup fragmovie.

Wednesday Night: Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Scotland vs. Ukraine

Date July 27, 2016


Scotland Scotland vs Ukraine Ukraine

As we continue the daily coverage of the Highlander Nations Cup, we have reached the last playday for round 2 of the group stages, where already we see a host of nations able to book their last 16 place. Tonight we bring you the key clash in Group F between Scotland Scotland and Ukraine Ukraine, with both sides desperately needing the points to go further.

Scotland Scotland‘s opening round loss to Israel Israel was a fairly competitive fixture but leaves them with 0 points whilst Ukraine Ukraine were able to outclass Switzerland Switzerland and put themselves in prime position to qualify. Another performance tonight will give Ukraine Ukraine guaranteed progression to the knockout rounds whilst Scotland Scotland know another defeat and an Israel win will see them almost certainly knocked out at the group stages again. Look out for key players Sheepy and Kensi for each sides, bringing huge experience and talent to what should be an evenly matched contest.

BlackOut TV will be bringing you a 100% (un)BIASED commentary from two Englishmen, UnitedKingdom Honey Badger and England Hildreth, with another on the camera with England Jon.

ETF2L Coding Project Startup & Staff Changes

Date July 27, 2016

This newspost is targeted at developers that are interested in a coding project that would lead to them being part of the ETF2L staff. Are you not a coder but still have some ideas that we could look at? Then leave them in this forum thread. Keep in mind this is meant for changes to currently existing features.

So as some of you have may noticed the development of the beta design has been halted for quite some time now. This mainly being due to the core of the site's problems not being the layout but rather the backend. Over the numerous years that its been around a bunch of different people have helped out in coding the site. But due to this the coding itself has become quite a bit of a mess.
With this we'll be trying to change that. We would be aiming to make the site in Python & Django in a group of around 5 people. Seeing that the site is quite complex this wont happen in a day of course and we would be looking at doing so across a rather large time scale. The coders that would be coming from the community would be with the idea that they can stick around after the site is remade to make new features that go with it or just help with management.

So all in all we'll mainly be using Git, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, Python and Django. If you aren't familiar with one of them but want to learn quickly you're more then welcome to apply as well. So if you want to join send an email to [email protected] with an appropriate subject like "ETF2L Coding Project Application" and with the following information:

  • Name
  • ETF2L profile link
  • Country of residence
  • Age
  • Previous experience
  • Aspects of the site or new features you are particularly interested in working on

Staff Changes

Over the past couple of months we've had quite a few people leaving our staff. So here is a thanks to Portugal stuntz, Germany Yggdrasil and England Morphine for all the work that they've done for ETF2L.

With those leaves we had some fresh meat hop on in with that being Italy fantastictobey as a Media Producer and Scotland Crasp returning to ETF2L as League Admin.

Tuesday: Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS – Italy vs. Czech Republic

Date July 26, 2016


Italy Italy vs CzechRepublic Czech Republic

Continuing the coverage of this years Nations Cup, we’ve elected to cover Italy Italy vs CzechRepublic Czech Republic as both teams are desperate for points. For CzechRepublic Czech Republic, they earned a 6-0 win over Estonia Estonia and know a win will guarantee them a spot in the last 16, whilst Italy Italy know a defeat means their tournament is over after Sweden Sweden took a convincing two maps against them last time out.

CzechRepublic Czech Republic roster is filled with some familiar names, watch out for captain Nation as the former Premiership soldier takes well balanced roster against the might of Premiership runner-up Italy sorex and last seasons upcoming talent Italy pierzzz- for what is by far the best Italian team we have seen. But can either team turn their potential into results?

Tune in and find out as England Maxi and Spain CeeJaey will be on the mics tonight, with England Jon on stream duties, live at 21:15 CEST – LIVE on BlackOut TV.

Match Overview
CzechRepublic Czech Republic vs Italy Italy
Round 2 (Group E)
Date Tuesday, July 26th 21:15 CEST
SourceTV: connect; password loltv



5 - 4 (golden cap)



1 - 2

CzechRepublic Czech Republic [2:4] Italy Italy

Sunday Casting – Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS Double Header

Date July 23, 2016


What is this? BlackOut TV casting something other than Highlander? It can only mean we’ve got a Nations Cup tournament happening right now in Europe, with 32 of the continents best battling it out for their countries gaming pride. LIVE on BlackOut TV this Sunday we’re bringing you two matches back to back as we kick off our summer coverage.

First up at 20:00 CEST, we have Italy Italy versus Sweden Sweden, if this was a football fixture I know who I would be supporting but in the TF2 world, Sweden Sweden are one of the big guns, having made it to three previous Finals in Nations Cup history, and lost them all. Hopefully Ond “Zlatan” Kaja will inspire his stacked roster to go that step further this summer. Their opponents Italy Italy remain as minnows but come to this event with their most promising roster yet, the likes of Italy sorex and Italy pierzzz- both being established Premiership scouts add a lot of strength to their team, I just hope they turn up!

This will be followed at 21:15 CEST by Scotland Scotland versus Israel Israel, a game which should be a more balanced battle, though the Israeli’s will come across as more likely the favourites, the core of the team no doubt coming from former Premiership team, Israel Foreskings. However they have not played together for a while, and Scotland Scotland have this aura of unpredictability about them with captain Scotland sheepy dog's hand assembling a decent side, that may be looking to escape the group stages for the first time ever.

All the action will be presented by veteran caster and INTERNATIONAL TF2 STAR Spain CeeJaey joined by England Hildreth, former captain of England’s….. Highlander team. Eurostar expert England Arjax will be directing the action on camera for what promises to be a fantastic night of international TF2 action live on BlackOut TV!