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Highlander Season 12: Award Polls

Date May 23, 2017


One week has passed, but we still cannot really believe it: European Strong Opinions has been dethroned!
Before we wrap up the season for good, there are a couple more things to do, though… For instance find out who you think performed best on his/her respective role! In other words… it is awards time!
The Premiership players have decided who of their peers should have a shot at winning the honours. But ultimately you lot decide who ends up receiving them. So without further ado, here are the nominees for the Highlander Season 12 awards:

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Announcing Highlander Nations Cup #5

Date May 16, 2017


Update: We are not allowing players to change nationalities, if you have played for a nation’s cup team, 6v6 or Highlander you are locked to that country and may not play for a different nation. If you have any queries please contact the admin team.

Highlander Nations Cup #5: Announcement

With Highlander Season 12 over but for the last playoff games and award poll – It is time for the best players of each country to group up together and prove that their country is the best!

The Cup will feature a Group Stage and a single-elimination Tournament, and will take place throughout June and July. Each country will be represented by one team consisting out of players of the same nationality, led by a Captain chosen through the applications process.

Highlander Nations Cup #5: Schedule

  • Captains Applications: 16.05. – 01.06.
  • Announce Captains & Groups: 02.06.
  • Group Stage Round 1: 04.06. – 10.06.
  • Group Stage Round 2: 11.06. – 17.06.
  • Group Stage Round 3: 18.06. – 24.06
  • Tiebreakers: 25.06 – 28.06
  • Round of 16: 29.06. – 02.07.
  • Quarter finals: 03.07. – 06.07.
  • Semi finals: 07.07. – 10.07.
  • Grand finals: 11.07. – 14.07.

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Season 27 Premiership Week 1: Arctic Foxes vs Se7en

Date May 25, 2017


The Sun’s outside your window, the Mice and Keyboards are clicking and raring to go. ETF2L Premiership is back with a bang with a rematch of last seasons Grand Final right off the bat.

Last seasons runners-up European Arctic Foxes face off against current Champions UnitedKingdom Se7en in a fixture which may well echo this seasons Grand-Final perhaps.

While the Foxes have managed to acquire ex-Se7en Scout Finland Puoskari who’ll hope to go one up against his former team it is all change at the reigning Champions with legendary players UnitedKingdom Starkie and UnitedKingdom kaidus returning to playing duties with the rest of the team looking to continue with their unstoppable form from last season.

With roster changes on both sides and a chance to exchange blows in the run up to Playoffs this is set to be an epic encounter and it will be live for all to see on teamfortresstv tonight which will be casted by Denmark Beater and UnitedKingdom ever_x with England gemm on production.

Be sure to tune in around 21:15 CEST for what is sure to be an explosive opener!

Match Overview
European Arctic Foxes vs UnitedKingdom Se7en
Week 1 (Premiership)
Date Thursday, May 25th 21:15 CEST



1 - 4



1 - 6

European Arctic Foxes [0:6] UnitedKingdom Se7en

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Season 27 Premiership Preseason Playoffs Lower Bracket Final: unexpected vs. ★★★½

Date May 21, 2017


It’s the last chance saloon for two aspiring Premiership teams tonight as European unexpected face off against France ★★★½ on teamfortresstv in one of the Lower Bracket Finals of the Qualifiers. Also Japan Loli Squad and Belarus the absolute nuts will be fighting in their own last chance for a place among Europe’s elite (this match will not be casted on teamfortress.tv at the time of writing).

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Season 27 Provisional Divs, Rule Updates and Highlander Nations Cup Update

Date May 20, 2017


Season 27: Provisional Tiers

In case you do not find your team in this list, you were likely removed because you had between 1 and 5 players, in this case you have to gather 6 players in your roster and sign up for Season 27 again or you changed your name during signup process, just check for an old team name. We will try and get as many teams into the season as possible before week 1 starts. This is also a reminder that we will leave the signups open until the start of week 3 for late signups. If your team is not on the list or is in a different tier to what you expected please contact the admin team.

Due to a lack of signups we have not been able to create a fresh meat tier, however all teams that signed up for the fresh meat tier along with some of the less experienced teams that signed up for low have been placed together in the Open division. The remaining teams that signed up for low have been placed in a division together. Prem, High and Mid are unaffected.

Provisional Tiers

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Season 27 Premiership Preseason Playoffs Upper Bracket Round 3: team vs Loli Squad

Date May 18, 2017


Two of four available Premiership slots are up for grabs today in the Upper Bracket Finals of the Premiership Qualifiers.

While European unexpected and Denmark LEGO juke it out in the background. A battle of the Finnish Leaders will commence on teamfortresstv with Finland amppis‘ Anglo-Nordic affair Sweden BazookaSports fighting for their right at the top against Finland Bloodis and his Japan Loli Squad.

All 4 teams will be eager to earn their confirmed slot in this seasons Premiership Division with the losing teams having one last chance to qualify in the Lower Bracket Finals.

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