One Night Cup: Saffron Unlocks


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Tarkus (HmtraHreH`s)



2 - 6

[Screenshots: A ]

International yaay vs Israel HmtraHreH`s
0 - 3

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  1. Dummy said:

    gran + badlands, gully decider

  2. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

    stfu dummy, its gran+badlands – gravelpit decider.

  3. Dummy said:

    no its not
    ur such an idiot

  4. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:


  5. Dummy said:

    Perilous 110: am i supposed to tell an admin
    Perilous 110: about the maps?
    Perilous 110: gran + badlands as 1st/2nd, decider gully
    pudi pudi: ok

  6. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

    seems legit!

  7. Tarkus: aHn said:

    gravel ftw D:

  8. Dummy said:


  9. Dummy said:

  10. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

  11. Dummy said:

    nice photoshop skills but im not convinced

  12. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

    [email protected]

  13. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    When are you playing this match?

  14. Dummy said:

    we can only play the 7th unless you want to wait like 3 weeks

  15. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Does that mean both of you can play on the 7th? I would prefer not to wait 3 weeks considering the deadline for this match was two days ago.

  16. Dummy said:

    no, just perilous – hadnt talked to matnun yet, faggot hasnt been on irc when i was on irc =[

  17. Dr Icecream said:

    So rude Dummy

  18. Tarkus: aHn said:

    Dummy ignoring me on the irc /:

    3 days already.

  19. Dummy said:

    told u to add me on steam faggot

  20. Snyyppis: RLM said:

    Who would want to add you to their friends list Dummy?

    Like, seriously, who?

  21. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

    ME [email protected]%!**#~!$&(*11

  22. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Hello teams Perilous Gaming and HmtraHreH`s,

    please play this match until May 10, it is already due for a week.

    If you can not agree on a schedule the prizes will be held back for another competition.

    Contact us on IRC if you have any problems regarding the schedule.

  23. Dummy said:

    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): we cant play any iother day but yesterday or 2day
    aVenue.Tarkus: so we fucked
    aVenue.Tarkus: ;/
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): byg tim
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): byg tim
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): i vote
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): our best MGE player
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): ur best MGE player
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): best of 5 arenas
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): winner takes all
    aVenue.Tarkus: deal
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): soldier only
    mausy_cute(stillfaggot): ITS ON

    Any objections canfo/admin team?

  24. Tarkus: aHn said:

    fake logs ;/

    i told him we can play it everyday just not today because cc has officeal today

  25. Dummy said:

    i told you we can only play 2day or yesterday NOT FAKE LOGS (LOOK ALL LEGIT N SHIT)

  26. Retsh0ck: 32erz - 2strong said:

    Dear CanFo,
    We had ( and still have ) more dates available to play this match than they have/had.
    I find it not fair that we’ll be penalised for their inability to play this match *most of the days* or simply their lack of willingness.
    We could’ve/can play any day of the week knowing we’ll get a head notice about when this match will be played a few days ago. Because of the latter we are not available to play tonight, which is reasonable enough, unlike their w/e ‘excuse’ ( couldn’t think of a better word, no offence or anything :D )

    In simple words – lets talk dugri.
    when do you wanna play the match ( WE CANT PLAY TONIGHT BROS )

  27. Dummy said:

    we couldve played last week. week before that. not my bad you couldnt.
    “I find it not fair that we’ll be penalised for their inability to play this match” same goes for us. Its not my fault youre a mix team whos members have teams of their own.

  28. Retsh0ck: 32erz - 2strong said:

    We could’ve/can play any day of the week knowing we’ll get a head notice about when this match will be played a few days ago. Because of the latter we are not available to play tonight, which is reasonable enough

  29. Retsh0ck: 32erz - 2strong said:

    before* not ago

  30. Dummy said:

    I told your team today/yesterday were the last times we could play until 15th, as you could not play some days before. not a day in advance, but a week in advance.

  31. Tarkus: aHn said:

    when do you wanna play the match ( WE CANT PLAY TONIGHT BROS )?!?!

  32. Dummy said:

    hi. they were not able to play (not just these 2 days but much more) when we wanted and we were not able to play this week and sometimes before, and since neither of us are willing to default lose to the other, please give the prizes to the next cup. sucks that this happened but its not their fault, they got teams of their own after all
    (wouldve tots lost 5-0 5-0 anyway, and dem bags bad! no i kid i kid)g

  33. Tarkus: aHn said:

    u can use mercs if u want ;/

    lets play this match already

  34. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

    wut no

  35. p0Le said:

    common, when do we play this?

  36. Snyyppis: RLM said:

    Wow, that’s ridiculous.

    Grow a pair dummy.

  37. Dummy said:

    ??? what are you talking about snypis?

  38. Snyyppis: RLM said:

    I’m talking about the fact that you’re not willing to play this before the deadline and basically pissing all over this cup and your opponents. I’m sure you’d be able to get like 3 mercs together, and what’s stopping you from throwing in the default, not like you had any fighting chance in the first place.

    Also, my nick is right above the fucking post you dyslexic half-wit.

  39. Dummy said:

    throwing in a default? if given the choice of 1) default (for anybody, them or us) and 2) passing the prizes along to the next cup which will – hopefully – have a proper final and good ending I’d choose 2) anytime, so how about you twist your dick around and fuck your own asshole you self-conceited hemorrhaged fuckwit (no hard feelings I just enjoy creating strings of insults) and ‘pissinvg all over this cup’? What the fuck do I get from doing this? whats my evil motivation in doing this?

  40. Snyyppis: RLM said:

    A proper final? You mean one where you don’t end up 5-0’d before you can find your way to mid? What gives you the right to simply throw away the prizes your opponents have played for?

    If you can’t see how refusing to play the final after given apt time and choice of mercs, effectively nullifying all games played so far, is very much so screwing over this cup, then one can indeed question your intellect. Yes offence.

    And also, I don’t simply google for random insults and type out my perverted fantasies like you did, you really do come across as a dyslexic oaf.

  41. Dummy said:

    Imma let you finish but I really don’t care what you think snypis, there is only two people you’ve heard of this from which are your teammates from the opposing team in this final. I do so enjoy how you avoid responding to anything which makes your well worked asshole twitch though
    I’d tell you to add me on steam so you can actually see “the other side of the argument” (hint: there is none) but you’re proper mad, brap so – again – go fuck yourself (though really do feel free to add me if this is getting your panties twisted)

    PS. We were not the only people given “apt time and choice of mercs” xD xD xD
    PPS. no really, fuck yourself with a rake you incredibly witty sperg

  42. Starkie: czur - sniper said:

    17:20 – aVenué.Tarkus: u can use 2 mercs
    17:20 – Perilous Stark: Yeah
    17:20 – Perilous Stark: Atomic and turbomonkey
    17:20 – aVenué.Tarkus: write it on etf2l

  43. Dummy said:

    o so they are playing it! gl my babycakes

  44. ReveraL said:


  45. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

    gg wp

  46. Quik: idd. - Fe | said:

    bg stark is retard

  47. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:


  48. Starkie: czur - sniper said:


  49. atomic said:

    wp lads, tough games.
    shame Perilous had no dummy playing and used a div6 soldier merc
    shame on him!

  50. Dummy said:

    aww atomic u makin me blush
    well dats what u get when u dont got your maincalla uh-uh babygirls

  51. Quik: idd. - Fe | said:

    btw anyone need this bag?

  52. alien`: POLAKI - said:

    I NEED

  53. Quik: idd. - Fe | said:

    too late, giving it to Volum for being awesome

  54. Tarkus: aHn said:

    wp guys.

  55. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    I am glad you managed to play this match in the given deadlines after all, although with a bit of difficulties :)
    To claim your prizes each team has to send to [email protected] including one address and name where they should be delivered to.

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