Season 7 powered by SteelSeries

Division 5g

Week 4

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by S.Y.G.O.R.S. (



8 - 3

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5 - 1

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Germany vs Italy Team Extreme
6 - 0

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Players (6) Miata, r0bster, Sonny Black, electrizzity, S.Y.G.O.R.S., peter4life
Team Extreme (6) rockie, italian angel, Don Kratos, Warrior, S19, TerminatoR


  1. S.Y.G.O.R.S.: - said:

    hey guys we like to play 8-11 March at 20:00! thats the dates we can play

  2. S.Y.G.O.R.S.: - said: | tby<3 Mix: hey ho m8 | tby<3 Mix: got time?
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos is now Online.
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: yes
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: hi | tby<3 Mix: to talk about a date for our war
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: yes
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: ok | tby<3 Mix: best date will be the 10 or 11 march | tby<3 Mix: for us
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: ok it 's the same for my team | tby<3 Mix: so lets do 11 march 20:00?
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: no after 21:00 cet | tby<3 Mix: lol k^^ | tby<3 Mix: our opponent today will play at 18:00 xD
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: lol | tby<3 Mix: yeah 21:00 then?
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: 11 march at 21:15 is perferct
    -GoV.B- Don Kratos: cet | tby<3 Mix: okay so lets do this

  3. towlie said:

    this is going to be a good good match

    gl tfp-guys

  4. electrizzity said:


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