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eZ eSports, italiani dal 2012

Season 13 – DIV 3 – Miki, Inuy, Giusepinho, Mikis, Adrenaline, Histerim (Link)
Season 14 – DIV 3 – Miki, Sphynx, Giusepinho, Histerim, Adrenaline, Link
Season 15 – DIV 2 – Miki, Giusepinho, Asso, Histerim, Adrenaline, Link (Croce)
Season 28 – MID – Gunter, Strix, Supreme, Nuno, Histerim, Draky (Aventador)
Season 29 – MID – Legatus, Histerim, Nuno, Draky, Ale, Ares (Strix)


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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
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Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Season 29: Main Tiers [Archives]
Week 7 (Mid) eZ eSports seymour the house is on fire 6 - 0
Week 6 (Mid) eZ eSports Odin progib i ty pogib 6 - 0
Week 5 (Mid) eZ eSports BaywatchBois 0 - 6
Week 4 (Mid) eZ eSports Down To Mid~ 0 - 6
Week 3 (Mid) Autistic Airshot Artisans eZ eSports 0 - 6
Week 2 (Mid) █▄ █▄█ █▄ ▀█▀ █ █▄ ▀█▀ eZ eSports 3 - 3
Week 1 (Mid) Digital Warfare eZ eSports 2 - 4
Season 28 [Archives]
Week 7 (Mid) eZ eSports 3 - 3
Week 6 (Mid) ucraine хуле eZ eSports 3 - 3
Week 5 (Mid) eZ eSports International Oral Sex Default Win
Week 4 (Mid) gentle flowers eZ eSports 3 - 3
Week 3 (Mid) eZ eSports Cock And Ball Torture (Sex Team) #sex 0 - 6
Week 2 (Mid) webo eZ eSports 2 - 4
Week 1 (Mid) eZ eSports MANNDEM CO. 0 - 6
Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming [Archives]
Week 5 (Division 2A) Huehuehuehue eZ eSports 3 - 3
Week 7 (Division 2A) Elite nile Gunners eZ eSports 3 - 3
Week 6 (Division 2A) eZ eSports Team Colonslash 3 - 3
Week 4 (Division 2A) RIP eZ eSports 3 - 3
Week 3 (Division 2A) HoverCrabs eZ eSports 6 - 0
Week 1 (Division 2A) Big Black Brothers eZ eSports 1 - 5
Week 2 (Division 2A) eZ eSports LEGO 1 - 5
Season 14 powered by Twitch [Archives]
Week 6 (Division 3B) eZ eSports Scutum Default Win
Week 7 (Division 3B) eZ eSports Trick17 Full HD 6 - 0
Week 5 (Division 3B) breeze eZ eSports 0 - 6
Week 3 (Division 3B) eZ eSports Shogun'z 6 - 0
Week 4 (Division 3B) Evil Empire Headquarters eZ eSports 0 - 6
Week 2 (Division 3B) blaze eZ eSports 0 - 6
Week 1 (Division 3B) RIP eZ eSports 1 - 5
Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS [Archives]
Week 6 (Division 3D) eZ eSports Perilous Gaming | International 4 - 2
Week 7 (Division 3D) eZ eSports Doom inc. Default Win
Week 5 (Division 3D) who is? eZ eSports 0 - 6
Week 2 (Division 3D) burn eZ eSports 0 - 6
Week 1 (Division 3D) Elite nile Gunners eZ eSports 6 - 0


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No demos for this team.

Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
IMPULSIVE Gaming eZ eSports
Ez esports IMPULSIVE Gaming
Impulsive Gaming Ez esports
eZ eSports Impulsive Gaming
Ez Gaming Ez E-Sports
budello Ez Gaming
OX-Gaming budello
OX-Enermax OX-Gaming
OX-Gaming OX-Enermax
Budellino Bros. OX-Gaming
tba Budellino Bros.
The hista's bay tba

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Hist3rim Hist3rim
Joined Hist3rim Miki
Left Hist3rim Hist3rim
Left Gunter Hist3rim
Left cirlo Hist3rim
Left bbb Hist3rim
Left .strix Hist3rim
Left n1xx1 Hist3rim
Left Godz Ares Hist3rim
Left Legatus Hist3rim
Left draky draky
Left Al3 Al3
Joined .strix Hist3rim
Joined bbb Hist3rim
Joined cirlo Hist3rim
Joined Legatus draky
Left Nabla Hist3rim
Left Aventador Hist3rim
Left Freakie draky
Left PsyKo draky
Joined Hist3rim draky
Joined Al3 draky
Joined Godz Ares draky
Left supreme supreme
Left stefaaan stefaaan
Left .strix .strix
Left _kate_ _kate_
Joined .strix draky
Joined Aventador draky
Joined stefaaan supreme
Left .strix .strix
Left 20grams 20grams
Joined PsyKo supreme
Joined _kate_ .strix
Joined .strix draky
Left .strix .strix
Left Hist3rim Hist3rim
Joined Gunter .strix
Joined Freakie Hist3rim
Joined n1xx1 Hist3rim
Joined Nabla Hist3rim
Joined draky Hist3rim
Joined supreme Hist3rim
Joined 20grams Hist3rim
Joined .strix Hist3rim
Left .strix .strix
Joined .strix Hist3rim
Joined Miki Hist3rim
Joined Hist3rim Menty
Left Miki Miki
Left LinK LinK
Joined Miki LinK
Joined LinK JohnnyBambo
Left Hist3rim Hist3rim
Left Croce Hist3rim
Left fiuciuaH Hist3rim
Left hyste Hist3rim
Left Miki Hist3rim
Left LinK Hist3rim
Joined fiuciuaH LinK
Joined hyste LinK
Left SorroW SorroW
Left Inuy Inuy
Joined SorroW Inuy
Left Giusepinho Giusepinho
Left Asso Hist3rim
Left Adrenaline Adrenaline
Left rybben Hist3rim
Joined rybben rybben
Left TSL Hist3rim
Left mikis Hist3rim
Joined Asso Asso
Joined TSL TSL
Joined TSL TSL
Left sphynx sphynx
Joined sphynx sphynx
Joined Croce Croce
Joined Hist3rim Hist3rim
Left Hist3rim Hist3rim
Left Sarah Hist3rim
Left rockie Hist3rim
Joined LinK LinK
Joined rockie rockie
Left sphynx sphynx
Joined Miki Miki
Joined Sarah Sarah
Joined Giusepinho Giusepinho
Joined mikis mikis
Left Asso Asso
Joined Inuy Inuy
Joined Adrenaline Adrenaline
Joined sphynx sphynx
Joined Asso Asso
Joined Hist3rim Hist3rim