Demoman  Prem Skill, 6on6

France Elacour

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Ascent.EU [6on6] amppis
Left Top5rocket [6on6] Elacour
Joined France [National 6v6 Team] Corbac
Joined France [National Highlander Team] ElazulTF2
Joined Top5rocket [6on6] Ombrack
Left Lemmings [6on6] Cold Heart
Joined Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! [Highlander] Clark
Left Stacked [Highlander] Elacour
Joined Stacked [Highlander] b33p
Left That's a Bingo! [Highlander] Elacour
Joined Lemmings [6on6] Cold Heart
Left Deox fan club [6on6] Elacour
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] celvn
Left veu crever [6on6] Elacour
Joined veu crever [6on6] Raf
Left DABLANDZ [6on6] Elacour
Joined DABLANDZ [6on6] Boulon_
Left veu crever [6on6] Elacour
Joined veu crever [6on6] clement
Left Type8 [6on6] Elacour
Joined That's a Bingo! [Highlander] pyla
Left [Highlander] Raf
Joined [Highlander] Raf
Left Imperial Dragons eSports [Highlander] Elacour
Joined Imperial Dragons eSports [Highlander] DINDU
Left DeltΔ Dogs [Highlander] Elacour
Joined Type8 [6on6] Toshi
Left veu crever [6on6] Elacour
Joined DeltΔ Dogs [Highlander] Digits
Left Momentum eSports [Highlander] Olgha
Joined Dernier Train pour Nointel-Mours [Fun Team] Raf
Joined Momentum eSports [Highlander] Kaylus
Joined veu crever [6on6] Boulbiatch
Left CorksCrew [6on6] Elacour
Left DELTΔ CΔT [Highlander] Digits
Joined DELTΔ CΔT [Highlander] Digits
Left Komutile eSports [Highlander] Elacour
Joined Komutile eSports [Highlander] JMaxchill
Left Downstairs Heroes [Highlander] Elacour
Joined CorksCrew [6on6] BackFlip59
Joined Downstairs Heroes [Highlander] veach
Left Cloaca Maxima [6on6] Elacour
Joined Cloaca Maxima [6on6] Patibulaires

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  1. Morrow: (´・ω・`) said:

    pipe god

  2. Lava: RUSH - TBC said:

    his parkinson’s is actually an advantage

  3. fotor said:

    wanna play in low

  4. Raf: GODRAF - -chess- said:

    je dislike

  5. Maros: ORA ⚡️ said:

    sick pipes

  6. Daul said:

    sick aim

  7. Nevo: c u nt said:

    très bon golfeur

  8. Corbac said:


  9. counou: FAINT - :) said:

    scut pip

    honestly crazy
    hates fidget spinners though
    and has no idea how to use a keyboard

  10. Yohn: TP said:

    needs 14 hours of beauty sleep

  11. Funs: SVIFT - S-O said:

    hi im making a teamwith some americans wanna play no bait haha

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