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Hey I'm looking for a team for the next season.
I'm not quite sure when I'll be available yet because I'm moving to another city. Though I'm still interested in playing the upcoming season either as demo or medic in a prem/div1 team and perhaps soldier in a div2 team.
I haven't been as keen as I used to be the past months but I'ld like to get back to it given the chance.

Feel free to add me on steam if you have any questions and/or are interested

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  1. deli: THEORIST - inv said:

    good main call, good gamesens take him up

  2. counou: FAINT - :) said:


  3. Noxxy: SG - TF2Co said:

    Really good player, deserves a spot in d1, really keen, nice gamesense, and last but not least, fairly good maincaller

  4. Kaylus: Quasar - -chess- said: