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Highlander Challenge Cup Stage Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
International Everybody Hates Chicago Bread0              
UnitedStates FAP6UnitedStates FAP6            
UnitedStates Labcoat Gamers (Intellegent Calcium)6UnitedStates Labcoat Gamers (Intellegent Calcium)0            
UnitedStates Team of Anonymous0  UnitedStates FAP6          
UnitedStates CYB3R P0LICE0  UnitedStates Ducksoup Gaming0          
UnitedStates Ducksoup Gaming6UnitedStates Ducksoup Gaming6            
Austria For Fun and Badges0UnitedStates Tunnel Snakes0            
UnitedStates Tunnel Snakes6    UnitedStates FAP0        
UnitedStates Bed Intruders6    UnitedStates Bed Intruders6        
UnitedStates BRB, Uninstalling0UnitedStates Bed Intruders6            
UnitedStates Brotherhood of Slaughter6UnitedStates Brotherhood of Slaughter0            
UnitedStates TEAM LAZER EXPLOSION0  UnitedStates Bed Intruders6          
Canada The Northern Resistance6  Canada The Northern Resistance3          
UnitedStates A Different Kind0Canada The Northern Resistance6            
UnitedStates Oregon Swat Unit6UnitedStates Oregon Swat Unit0            
International GTFO (Get Team Fortress nOw)0      UnitedStates Bed Intruders0      
Lithuania Chior Tai6      Lithuania Chior Tai6      
CzechRepublic ježek! community highlander team0Lithuania Chior Tai6            
European Best o Fest II0Russia Nine Days0            
Russia Nine Days6  Lithuania Chior Tai6          
International Team P.U.N.X.6  International Team P.U.N.X.0          
Norway The Generals0International Team P.U.N.X.6            
Russia Second Side6Russia Second Side3            
Russia Rescue The Princess!4    Lithuania Chior Tai6        
UnitedStates TF2itemsA0    Russia dnt0        
Hungary Hungarian Warriors6Hungary Hungarian Warriors0            
European Don\'t Eat the Sandvich3Latvia .LV6            
Latvia .LV8  Latvia .LV0          
Russia NoИame6  Russia dnt6          
European Energy=Team x Fortress²3Russia NoИame0            
Russia Cyber.yar slowpokes 2Russia dnt6            
Russia dnt5        Lithuania Chior Tai3    
UnitedStates Death Marked Soldiers6        Finland colony6    
UnitedStates Gangsta Gang Gaming0UnitedStates Death Marked Soldiers0            
Canada Inglorious Broadcasters6Canada Inglorious Broadcasters6            
UnitedStates C.N.B.0  Canada Inglorious Broadcasters0          
International [xSWATx]3  UnitedStates Lazytown regulars6          
UnitedStates Team Overclocked Remix6UnitedStates Team Overclocked Remix0            
UnitedStates Addiction to Gaming0UnitedStates Lazytown regulars6            
UnitedStates Lazytown regulars6    UnitedStates Lazytown regulars6        
UnitedStates The Funhavers3    UnitedStates Couch Athletics3        
UnitedStates The Legion and Friends6UnitedStates The Legion and Friends0            
UnitedStates papyrus3UnitedStates BbRs and HsE Love Child6            
UnitedStates BbRs and HsE Love Child6  UnitedStates BbRs and HsE Love Child0          
UnitedStates No skill no kill6  UnitedStates Couch Athletics6          
UnitedStates Flaming Ash0UnitedStates No skill no kill0            
UnitedStates ENH #clamstackers0UnitedStates Couch Athletics6            
UnitedStates Couch Athletics6      UnitedStates Lazytown regulars3      
Finland colony6      Finland colony6      
European \/ier // Highlander 0Finland colony6            
European Affable Ponies @ the HH0England The Bros0            
England The Bros6  Finland colony6          
International Kings6  International Kings0          
UnitedStates Janus Syndicate0International Kings6            
International Back 2 Basics6International Back 2 Basics3            
International Team Disco3    Finland colony6        
European Equinox0    Latvia Hard Drinkers3        
European NUT6European NUT0            
Latvia Hard Drinkers6Latvia Hard Drinkers6            
Croatia Guru training with Yoda0  Latvia Hard Drinkers6          
Russia Rock Team Hl0  Russia Public Power0          
Russia Public Power6Russia Public Power6            
European The Amazing Hunny Bunny's0International (0v0)0            
International (0v0)6          Finland colony6  
UnitedStates actor.0          England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!0  
UnitedStates SourceOP 6UnitedStates SourceOP 0            
UnitedStates Harmless Fluffy Bunnies6UnitedStates Harmless Fluffy Bunnies6            
UnitedStates XCON0  UnitedStates Harmless Fluffy Bunnies6          
UnitedStates IDK WHAT0  UnitedStates Your Princess3          
UnitedStates The Team6UnitedStates The Team3            
UnitedStates The Butonites0UnitedStates Your Princess6            
UnitedStates Your Princess6    UnitedStates Harmless Fluffy Bunnies0        
UnitedStates Exiledones0    Canada Stoic Defenders of the Igloo6        
UnitedStates Team Voogru6UnitedStates Team Voogru0            
UnitedStates Day Bow Bow0Canada Stoic Defenders of the Igloo6            
Canada Stoic Defenders of the Igloo6  Canada Stoic Defenders of the Igloo6          
UnitedStates The Wiggly Ladies6  UnitedStates Apocalypse Gaming0          
UnitedStates General Restoration Network0UnitedStates The Wiggly Ladies0            
UnitedStates Zerg Swarm0UnitedStates Apocalypse Gaming6            
UnitedStates Apocalypse Gaming6      Canada Stoic Defenders of the Igloo0      
European wat?6      England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!6      
Russia AbsOrb0European wat?6            
CzechRepublic Czech/Slovak Highlander Team6CzechRepublic Czech/Slovak Highlander Team0            
European Vicious, but Delicious0  European wat?6          
European Easy Going0  European Nasha-Life0          
European Nasha-Life6European Nasha-Life6            
International Team Gyarados0Sweden Some original Name0            
Sweden Some original Name6    European wat?3        
Finland Feline Rights League0    England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!6        
Lithuania Litofcai6Lithuania Litofcai0            
International Team Walrus0England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!6            
England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!6  England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!6          
Germany Hysteresis Highlander6  European Community Highlander Team0          
Russia ®Evolution0Germany Hysteresis Highlander0            
European Community Highlander Team6European Community Highlander Team6            
International Crit-A-Sandvich0        England Pixie Lott is SLAMMING!6    
Sweden Lokalen Alpha6        Sweden Lokalen Alpha0    
Germany Nappy Dschiedahs0Sweden Lokalen Alpha6            
International LagTastic Gaming Highlander0Latvia TF2.LV Community Highlander Team3            
Latvia TF2.LV Community Highlander Team6  Sweden Lokalen Alpha6          
France MK-Nemesis6  Finland Susi0          
France GZ Highlander0France MK-Nemesis0            
Finland Susi6Finland Susi6            
European Good Old Gunners2    Sweden Lokalen Alpha6        
European GFL Highlander Team6    Russia Team Milestorm0        
European The Pact Highlander0European GFL Highlander Team3            
Denmark DayohBanden0Italy GFM HIGHLANDER TEAM6            
Israel Grapes of Wrath6  Russia Team Milestorm6          
Spain Legión Revolucionaria0Israel Grapes of Wrath0            
Finland Perslammen Pioneerit0Russia Team Milestorm6            
Russia Team Milestorm6      Sweden Lokalen Alpha6      
France Choupinou6      Germany n2o goes Highlander3      
Romania Green Syndicate0France Choupinou6            
International The Republic of Awesome3European Sweet Bros0            
European Sweet Bros6  France Choupinou0          
International Madarchod 0  Germany n2o goes Highlander6          
UnitedStates Wonder Weasels!6UnitedStates Wonder Weasels!0            
Germany n2o goes Highlander6Germany n2o goes Highlander6            
European 8U Highlander0    Germany n2o goes Highlander6        
European SpA|com highlander3    European Tim!0        
European Tim!6European Tim!6            
Israel Look of Disapproval6Israel Look of Disapproval3            
International UKCS3  European Tim!6          
International nÜberium6  International nÜberium3          
Russia ®Evolution-20International nÜberium6            
International Fragsoc6International Fragsoc0            
European Some Puerto Rican Guys0            Finland colony3
UnitedStates Hanny\'s Awesome Waifu Team0            SouthKorea SNSD6
UnitedStates Simply Impenetrable Defense6UnitedStates Simply Impenetrable Defense0            
UnitedStates Two Donkeys and Two Dice0UnitedStates Team Player6            
UnitedStates Team Player6  UnitedStates Team Player6          
UnitedStates NeoGamersView0  Azerbaijan Kachinskies0          
UnitedStates Coaxial6UnitedStates Coaxial3            
International 1 Clown short of a circus 0Azerbaijan Kachinskies6            
Azerbaijan Kachinskies6    UnitedStates Team Player6        
UnitedStates Solidus0    UnitedStates 10013        
UnitedStates Stock 4 Pubs6UnitedStates Stock 4 Pubs3            
UnitedStates 10016UnitedStates 10016            
UnitedStates DragonX Ops0  UnitedStates 10016          
UnitedStates Bills, Inc.6  UnitedStates Bills, Inc.0          
UnitedStates Victory Pit0UnitedStates Bills, Inc.6            
Canada bEnt0UnitedStates Unofficial SPUF Highlanders3            
UnitedStates Unofficial SPUF Highlanders6      UnitedStates Team Player0      
SouthKorea SNSD6      SouthKorea SNSD6      
Russia Vegetables0SouthKorea SNSD6            
Germany 9 Strangers0Germany Community-Team0            
Germany Community-Team6  SouthKorea SNSD6          
Germany Alte Leidenschaft3  European Steev0          
Russia Leprosorium Highlander6Russia Leprosorium Highlander0            
European Lokalen Omega0European Steev6            
European Steev6    SouthKorea SNSD6        
International Team Nub6    Poland No ogar Team0        
International Facepunch UK TF2 Server Highlander Team0International Team Nub6            
International Living Life Casually0Germany KiFFERSTUEBCHEN.de0            
Germany KiFFERSTUEBCHEN.de6  International Team Nub0          
European Team Colonslash: Crash6  Poland No ogar Team6          
International Team Hypedog0European Team Colonslash: Crash3            
European TF2Maps - Mighty Pies0Poland No ogar Team6            
Poland No ogar Team6        SouthKorea SNSD6    
UnitedStates Coalition of Strength3        European Blood is Good0    
UnitedStates Devious Blasterds6UnitedStates Devious Blasterds0            
UnitedStates Wolfcats6UnitedStates Wolfcats6            
UnitedStates TEAMoeTEI3  UnitedStates Wolfcats6          
UnitedStates Drinkin Buddies6  UnitedStates Proprietary Nine0          
UnitedStates Top Notch Clan0UnitedStates Drinkin Buddies0            
UnitedStates Proprietary Nine6UnitedStates Proprietary Nine6            
UnitedStates Sertrof Meat0    UnitedStates Wolfcats0        
UnitedStates A-Team6    UnitedStates The Pink Flamingos6        
UnitedStates FAP Official0UnitedStates A-Team6            
UnitedStates Pancake Shrine0UnitedStates Renegade Heroes3            
UnitedStates Renegade Heroes6  UnitedStates A-Team0          
UnitedStates Hard Ass0  UnitedStates The Pink Flamingos6          
UnitedStates The Pink Flamingos6UnitedStates The Pink Flamingos6            
UnitedStates Aunt Jemimas Pancake Crew3UnitedStates The Furry Pound Alpha0            
UnitedStates The Furry Pound Alpha6      UnitedStates The Pink Flamingos3      
European Blood is Good6      European Blood is Good6      
European Team nevermind0European Blood is Good6            
UnitedStates Team Freze3International Funky Bear Pie0            
International Funky Bear Pie6  European Blood is Good6          
Germany eL6  Germany eL0          
European 7 lives highlander0Germany eL6            
European Rocket Lawn Mowers6European Rocket Lawn Mowers0            
Germany ZeFerkelz Highlander0    European Blood is Good6        
European Best o Fest III6    European Team 130        
UnitedStates Derse3European Best o Fest III5            
European Late Night Shinanigans HO Force 16European Late Night Shinanigans HO Force 12            
UnitedStates HKC II - Brothers From Another Mother2  European Best o Fest III0          
European Team 136  European Team 136          
Russia Pantsu Squad0European Team 136            
Germany The Bad Pings6Germany The Bad Pings3            
European The Lords Of Gravel Pit0          SouthKorea SNSD6  
International ChHa Cyan0          European May Contain Nuts0  
UnitedStates SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER6UnitedStates SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER6            
UnitedStates EatPanda0UnitedStates You Are a Pirate0            
UnitedStates You Are a Pirate6  UnitedStates SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER6          
Canada Boolet Goes Where?!6  Canada Boolet Goes Where?!0          
UnitedStates CommonwealthGaming0Canada Boolet Goes Where?!6            
UnitedStates Shadow Dragon Society0UnitedStates The Rabbit Hole0            
UnitedStates The Rabbit Hole6    UnitedStates SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER6        
UnitedStates Axl-Ffu6    UnitedStates Axl-Ffu0        
UnitedStates Broforce is the Main Course0UnitedStates Axl-Ffu6            
UnitedStates Go West, Young Man!0Canada Props.[neo]0            
Canada Props.[neo]6  UnitedStates Axl-Ffu6          
UnitedStates Adapt or Die6  UnitedStates The Magnificent Nine3          
International Teamnull Australia0UnitedStates Adapt or Die0            
UnitedStates Brothers of Chaos0UnitedStates The Magnificent Nine6            
UnitedStates The Magnificent Nine6      UnitedStates SUPER SAIYAN SWAGGER0      
European Badmen Enterprise6      European Badmen Enterprise6      
Turkey Lumberjacks Team0European Badmen Enterprise6            
International 東方Medals0France Chicken-Team0            
France Chicken-Team6  European Badmen Enterprise6          
International Überium6  France TouchMy Highlander2          
European Tyrannosaurus Regs0International Überium0            
France TouchMy Highlander6France TouchMy Highlander6            
Poland Kabel od Prodiga0    European Badmen Enterprise6        
France La Rache6    Germany Ins Gesicht0        
Russia Rosaline0France La Rache0            
Lithuania Kiberzona Highlander Strip0Germany Ins Gesicht6            
Germany Ins Gesicht6  Germany Ins Gesicht6          
UnitedStates joe.to0  France Chobo Monkeys3          
Hungary FLaK6Hungary FLaK0            
France Chobo Monkeys6France Chobo Monkeys6            
Finland PENISPUMPPU0        European Badmen Enterprise2    
France No Aim, Just Brain6        European May Contain Nuts6    
Germany | Team Drink3France No Aim, Just Brain3            
International pzggpz6International pzggpz6            
Russia Russian Gun Owners0  International pzggpz6          
European Best o Fest I6  European Best o Fest I3          
International ÐragonArmy0European Best o Fest I6            
Russia Memories0International Team Fortress Wiki0            
International Team Fortress Wiki6    International pzggpz0        
European -=Crazy=- Community0    Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa TF26        
Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa TF26Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa TF26            
European Robot Unicorn6European Robot Unicorn0            
Russia Boot To The Head3  Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa TF26          
European Elemencontitalviolenuincety6  European Elemencontitalviolenuincety3          
France Team §§ Tidam0European Elemencontitalviolenuincety6            
European VGN-Highlanders6European VGN-Highlanders0            
Russia Free Man\'s0      Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa TF23      
European May Contain Nuts6      European May Contain Nuts6      
Latvia GamerX0European May Contain Nuts6            
European The V3 Highlanders6European The V3 Highlanders0            
Russia Negative_Impact0  European May Contain Nuts6          
International Unified AO Highlander Team6  Germany Highlander0          
European Armed Young Eagles0International Unified AO Highlander Team0            
Belgium teambarbeQQ0Germany Highlander6            
Germany Highlander6    European May Contain Nuts6        
France Les Mouleux0    European Eurocharged0        
Germany 9guys1cup6Germany 9guys1cup3            
European Eurocharged6European Eurocharged6            
European Who Dares... Grins Highlander!0  European Eurocharged6          
Bulgaria Man1a Crew3  European Knifeback Mountain Cool Team0          
European Knifeback Mountain Cool Team6European Knifeback Mountain Cool Team6            
Lithuania Über Ninja Kittehs!6Lithuania Über Ninja Kittehs!0            
International nou chance?0