Sweet Spice Season 10!

Date August 27, 2011

It brings us great relief to announce that the summer hiatus is almost at an end, and the time for our 10th season is at hand! With i43 practically over (Check it out!) and only 17 weeks until Christmas, we have a decent window to host what will be our 10th main season. So without further ado, here are the spicy details of ETF2L Season 10!


The public has spoken! The  6 maps which received the most votes and form our Season 10 Map Pool are:

  • Badlands (94% of votes)
  • Gullywash (90% of votes)
  • Granary (89% of votes)
  • Gravelpit (66% of votes)
  • Obscure (60% of votes) UPDATE: The rc1 version of cp_obscure_remake has just been released and will be used in the league (pending newer releases).
  • Snakewater (59% of votes) UPDATE: The final version of cp_snakewater has just been released and will be used in the league.

Many thanks to the 1,475 who voted!

We welcome 2 new maps to our map pool. One is a familiar name, returning from the cold with a sunny new theme and various balance updates. From the mind of England Byte and the mapping skills of Germany Vince comes cp_obscure_remake_b3. Download it here. The second new map has gained a high number of dedicated fans and takes a well-deserved spot in the Season 10 pool. Be sure to download Sweden Chojje‘s amazing final version of cp_snakewater here.

Map schedule!

With those maps, the week-by-week order of them will be as follows:

Week 1: cp_badlands – cp_gullywash_pro
Week 2: cp_gullywash_pro – cp_gravelpit
Week 3: cp_gravelpit – cp_granary
Week 4: cp_granary – cp_obscure_remake_b3
Week 5: cp_obscure_remake_b3 –  cp_badlands
Week 6: cp_badlands – cp_snakewater
Week 7: cp_snakewater – cp_gullywash_pro


There has been a tremendous amount of debate regarding the unlocks. To put the whole thing behind us, and hopefully allow us to focus on more important things, we will be adopting a “vanilla” ruleset.

  • Allowed unlocks: Blutsauger, Kritzkrieg, Übersaw and Crusader’s Crossbow.
  • Reskins of stock weapons (Lugermorph, Holy Mackerel, Frying Pan, Iron Curtain, Golden Wrench, Big Kill, Enthusiast’s Timepiece) are also allowed.
  • All other non-stock weapons are banned, including the Original.

Other Rule Updates:

  • We have updated the rule on requesting demos from opponents –
    Demos can be requested by an admin or any player of the opposing team.
    Admins may request demos up to 14 days after the match was played. They can request as many demos as they require.
    The opposing team can request demos up to 48 hours after the match was scheduled to start. They can request demos from up to 2 players for each map.
    A player whose demos have been requested has 72 hours to upload the demo, starting from the time the request was made.
    Failure to supply a requested demo will be punished.
  • We will also be creating a forum thread that allows team leaders to post if their team has folded. This will give teams a new way of informing the admins and the community about a drop from the league, and optionally the reason behind it. Only admins and team leaders will be allowed to post in the thread, and such a post will be enough for admins to implement the drop. However, teams that wish to request a drop in private can still choose to do so by contacting an admin on IRC.


In the past, our weeks started on a Monday. Most of our teams, however, are known to play their games on Sunday-to-Fridays. This season, ETF2L weeks will start on Sunday and end on Saturday (match deadline). The schedule deadlines will now be the Thursday before the week starts, on 23:59 CEST. We hope this will make scheduling matches, as well as default dates, easier to deal with. Feedback on this in particular would be appreciated.

As mentioned earlier, the playoffs and long season can make fitting the schedule between holidays quite difficult. In an attempt to remedy that, Season 10 will feature divisions of 8 rather than 10. This meanz only 7 match weeks, so we have a bit more time to run the season smoothly. Please let us know what you think about this in the schedule feedback thread.

Signups will close on Monday, September 12th 23:59 CEST. Divisions will be announced on Sunday the 18th and Week 1 will start on Sunday, September 25th.


What are you doing reading this when you could be signing up? Do it, sign up now!

You can apply for a specific division when signing up, between Divisions 1-6 and “unknown”. Teams applying for the Premier Division should contact us on IRC or on the email address below. If your team wants to request a higher division seeding, be sure to send us an email with an explanation of your case and screenshots of some good, recent results. Mention your team name and the division you are aiming for and send it all to [email protected]. Please collect all screenshots under one link, for example using imgur.


We are always interested in hearing what the users have to say about ETF2L. You can give your opinion on the map pool, the unlocks, the rule changes and the scheduling system in their respective feedback threads.

There is still information to come regarding Season 10. Keep an eye on the front page for news on prizes and more!


  1. Crasp: (Legend) - BACΩN | - бекон said:

    Post still says 9-weeks in the map schedule, will be changed soon.

  2. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    Good stuff :) Sad to not see Turbine Pro

  3. aLx: trick17 - trick17 said:

    Great news!
    <3 the map pool and unlock-rules!

  4. Furi0us said:

    wtf snaekwater

  5. northhhhhh said:

    Sad to see the return of obscure :(

  6. Ordinator: tuhi said:


  7. flix: n2o said:

    i like

  8. konr: idd. said:


  9. dAAAve: TIDS - TSGHUH said:

    nice. updated the whitelists ( http://whitelist.thrawn.de/ ).

  10. konr: idd. said:

    yay :D

  11. Forsak3n: S said:

    awesome :p

  12. byte said:

    Excellent Job ETF2L listening out to the community, and hopefully providing an epic season!



  13. Shabbaman: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:

    So, with less teams per div, do we get more subdivs?

  14. huhystah said:


  15. vøid said:

    Next time please write obscure_remake and not obscure
    i didnt voted for obscure remake , seriously….

  16. The Man with many Faces: spire said:

    No turbine, no viaduct, but snakewater.

    Fuck you ETF2L community, I am disappoint again.

  17. tasKu: e-famous said:


  18. dAAAve: TIDS - TSGHUH said:

    > Next time please write obscure_remake and not obscure
    this. i’ve also voted for the original map.

  19. Cure: LSD// - Lohysi said:

    No turbine, no viaduct, but snakewater.

    Fuck you ETF2L community, I am disappoint again.


  20. Old_Grandma: OGizzle said:

    how come we didn’t vote on unlocks? :)

  21. cribbe said:

    Viaduct :(

  22. huhystah said:

    It was obvious already Old_Grandma!

  23. Asskicker: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:

    No equalizer? :(

  24. eXtreaL said:

    GJ ETF2L!

  25. Permzilla: (Legend) - WiK? said:


  26. Cr0ss said:

    Wtf the original is banned? It won’t give you an extra-power, it’s just a re-skin, why…

  27. Will said:

    actually looks like a brilliant map pool.. :P

  28. clippen: keso said:

    Awesome stuff, shame I won’t be able to play. (fu BeaVerN xD)

  29. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    It’s got no seperate kritz sound, Cr0ss. A regular rocket or a crit rocket is indistinguishable by sound – thus affecting gameplay for everybody and warrants a ban.

  30. Atty: ORKZORKZORKZORK said:

    original banned?

  31. Pinky: CotC said:

    Can we get the amount of votes (%) for the other map? I’m kind of curious :>

  32. ashkan said:

    Pinky: We wanted to keep this news post as short as possible, but we thought we’d post some stats about that on vanillatf2 if possible.

  33. Dr-GimpfeN: 9g1c said:

    Other Rule Updates:

    We have updated the rule on requesting demos from opponents –
    Demos can be requested by an admin or any player of the opposing team.
    Admins may request demos up to 14 days after the match was played. They can request as many demos as they require.
    The opposing team can request demos up to 48 hours after the match was scheduled to start. They can request demos from up to 2 players for each map.
    A player whose demos have been requested has 72 hours to upload the demo, starting from the time the request was made.
    Failure to supply a requested demo will be punished.


    wont be done by the admins i bet!

  34. Mors Immortalis: KoP!? said:

    no quickfix :<

  35. Trent: ‹Con› said:

    So, ahem, when does it START?!

  36. RaCio: GoT² said:

    “Week 1 will start on Sunday, September 25th.”

  37. lolage: TSPAG said:

    [email protected] whining about maps – it got voted by the public, it wasn’t ETF2L’s decision. Its impossible to please everyone, complaining here isnt going to change it so why bother…

    on topic: gj!

  38. TucE: tR67 - KUKKO! said:

    so good

  39. This is season 10 « VanillaTF2 said:

    […] ETF2L announcement  […]

  40. Daleth: ti. - [PG] said:

    I think the Holy Mackerel should be banned because of the indistinct sound and disruptive attributes.

  41. fe said:

    +1 to Daleth

  42. wer: tfortress.no said:

    Excellent :)

  43. atomic said:

    wp ETF2L <333333333333

  44. croco said:

    no bans? pfff

  45. raappana: KoP!? said:

    No viaduct :((

  46. Demourge: EPA said:

    vanilla crybabies 8======Ð
    ETF2L Staff: (_O_)

    How can you take a league serious that changes it’s ruleset every season? And where you stand firmly as a 12 yr old virgin on your ban policy, you’re as loose as a 50 yr old hooker on your ruleset. You don’t allow stuff for “x” seasons and then suddenly throw it all around the next.

    Sorry to be playing the “bad guy” part once again. I was really hoping things would start to look up after you got rid of certain individuals in the staff, but it seems that once again you don’t disappoint (to displease), as always.

    Also obscure (cringe) and snakewater (about as good as yukon, especially last point) … it’s a sad day.

    Other than that, glhf etc.

  47. fe said:

    etf2l is made for people by people, and people made a decision. like you it, Demourge, or not.

  48. Demourge: EPA said:

    Seems you totally missed my point awarche. I’m not complaining about vanilla, tbh since I don’t have to soldier and just left click, right click now, I don’t “need” an equilizer now. I’m complaining about how undecisive etf2l is about their unlocks.

    English you speak, awarche, or not.

  49. Spike Himself: TC said:

    lol demourge you never give up do you?

  50. fe said:

    i think, now etf2l is decisive. no more discussions what to unban, all is banned. and will not be unbanned for sure.
    p.s. no, i speak Russian now. или нет?

  51. Demourge: EPA said:

    Give up on what exactly Spike?

    How is changing your ruleset every season decisive, exactly? And going with “vanilla”, yet allowing the crossbow, is rather curious.

    Same with allowing all the other reskins, but not allowing the Original.

    It’s just very, very tiresome.

    awarche, please don’t come with the “I’m foreign, I’m allowed to speak like Yoda” shit. My native language isn’t english either, so please. Sukkeltje :).

  52. fe said:

    whats your 2nd language? English? it’s my third, i mean will be third when i’ll learn it. i don’t come with that shit, and i don’t try to annoy you. whant to see me speaking better? say how i must to speak or give me a link to materials in English wich you used. And I also can say a lot of thing, you will not be able to translate with google.
    vanilla+medlocks, so crossbow is not curious.
    agree about reskins, but it’s not a big dial.

  53. Beefy: Vuze. said:

    Demourge, one of the reasons etf2l is making it vanilla, is so that they DONT have to change the ruleset everytime valve releases more shit weapons anymore. This is the hopefully the start of a standard ruleset for etf2l now so there wont be bitching and changing, and being tiresome.

  54. Stuppa: .Dicknitas said:

    we want bans!

  55. Stuppa: .Dicknitas said:

    we want bans!

  56. Tawks said:

    a good job from the ETF2L team and the ETF2L community.

    looking forward for the season!

  57. Demourge: EPA said:

    @awarche, I’ll ignore the languages part ‘cuz it’s not interesting, but we both know vanilla + medlocks always meant blutsauger+kritzkrieg, not crossbow .. and if anything, giving the medic a crossbow which is almost the equivalant of the sniper’s crossbow is not gamechanging how exactly?

    @Beefy, no shit sherlock. The whole point is that seeing it’s been changed about EVERY SEASON still makes it look undecisive and influenced by too many crybabies. The fact that it took FOUR FUCKING YEARS to come with a so-called “standard” ruleset (which it isn’t, it’s just preference), says enough and I doubt this is the last conversation we have about it. Wasn’t the vanilla poll like 50/50(I could be wrong, but that’s what I remember)? In that case you’ll always have half the community unhappy I guess.

  58. Nick: ⁄⁄nν said:

    This is a rotation I can get behind.

  59. fe said:

    >”which is almost the equivalant of the sniper’s crossbow” – lolwut? with it’s much lower damage and reload time it’s not even useful, especial in comparison with pros of blutsauger and standard weapon.
    You know, I aslo call people, who want unlocks crybabies, cuz a lot of them are pub funners or will change their opinion in future. And anyway, etf2l had standard this years – testing new unlocks and allowing some of them wich are not unbalanced or too annoying. But now, when administration grown up finally, we have a better standard ;)

  60. atomic said:

    I voted for white obscure not remake………

  61. atomic said:

    So, with less teams per div, do we get more subdivs?

  62. atomic said:

    or additional div gonna be added like div 7 xD

  63. hal: blah said:

    who gave Vince a German flag? wtf tbh smh.
    I briefly considered +1ing demsel but mehhh :D

  64. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    The fact that people voted for the original obscure and not remake is so fucking priceless (and hilarious). It was known that obscure will undergo some changes, in fact it’s a completely new map. I can’t judge it, because I didn’t play it, but the new one seems better than the old.
    And I really hope that obscure didn’t make it in the mappool because of people voting for the old obscure plus people voting for the new one.

    And gravelpit out, turbine in :( At least we have only cp-maps now.

    Rest looks good.

  65. Pedman: sextant said:


  66. Jay |: TFPortal.de said:

    pllls gravel out & turbine in :/

  67. Dags att anmäla sig till ETF2L s10 : TF2 Sverige said:

    […] ETF2L har öppnat portarna till den tionde säsongen, en säsong som innehåller en rad ändringar. […]

  68. Pirateer said:

    Why no Huntsman? Why no FlareGun? Why Obscure remake and not original Obscure? Why Snakewater? Why no Original? Why Engi limit still 2? ETF2L and community, I am dissapoint.

  69. wwww: ISIS - Panopticon said:

    Snakewater out – turbine in , and +equlaizer?

    I like s10 more then s9.

  70. Holy Donut: [Brobot] - [Brobot] said:

    This is going to be a noob question, but why don’t I have “sufficient permissions” to access the sign-up page? :(

  71. RaCio: GoT² said:

    You need to be in a team first Holy Donut :)

    We’ll try to get a post up with a bit more info for new players, in the meantime try to look here: http://etf2l.org/recruitment/

  72. Holy Donut: [Brobot] - [Brobot] said:

    Noob question #2:

    How do I set up a team? I’m new to this whole competitive thing, and I was looking forward making a team with my friends, but I have no idea how.

  73. RaCio: GoT² said:

    You can find that info here: http://etf2l.org/rules/faq/

  74. T-Mac: DA! said:

    Honestly obscure is the worst map who will be played in etf2l,
    just played it for the first time, and loosing 1-0….. after 27 minutes trying to push ennemy’s last point
    Old obscure was better, quite simple, no useless rocks or something like this..

    Nice to see it’s only a beta version because i think i won’t be the only one, not raging, but surprised of this map

  75. Holy Donut: [Brobot] - [Brobot] said:

    Thanks, Racio. I didn’t see that FAQ. :)

  76. Grimm said:

    Oh man you are a hilarious group of crybabies rofl

  77. byte said:

    @T-Mac – Are you kidding me? Last is like capture point 1 granary but different objects and positioning, if it took you 27minutes then I suggest you practice and learn the map more lol…Can’t believe you think it’s less stalemate than the old one.

    So many people are coming out with that, that it seems more stalemate yet they cease to forget that they don’t know the map well to ideally know what is a best attacking option or a best defending option. Believe me cp1 last is easier to cap than it is cp1 of granary.

    This map will be in the map pool and it will be the newer version, and basically what Gear said from epsilon the fact that a few selected people are wanting the old one makes me smile but also lol.

    “No useless rocks?” lol? :D



  78. byte said:

    more stalemate**



  79. Warden said:


  80. fe said:

    played new obscure few days ago. 5-0 easily. can’t imagine what you did 27 minutes.

  81. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Obscure needs destructible rocks

  82. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    Last point on the new obscure is hard to push, because
    1. no sneaky backcaps are possible (it’s not must for a last point though)
    2. there’s no place to hide or be safe from damage to reload or heal up again after ubers are off. You have to leave the area of last cp to achieve this. It’s just an even ground with the wooden building in the middle. And having 6 enemies standing around it, you barely are safe there.

  83. T-Mac: DA! said:

    During 27 minutes we did something like 10 fails pushes,
    Maybe it was stalemate because that was the first time, but.. it’s quite like old version
    Remake version is still cool to play, no fps drops, but still stalemate problems, at the moment , maybe it won’t be the same after playing it few times

  84. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Even on our first try we didn’t take 27 minutes to get 1 point. It’s far faster than the old version imo. :s

  85. L’Europe à l’heure de la rentrée ! | SexyGamers - Actualités Day of Defeat : Source, Team Fortress 2 & Brink said:

    […] la possibilité d’inscrire votre équipe jusqu’à la dernière minute du 12 septembre (lien de l’annonce). Les 6 cartes choisies par les membres de la communauté TF1 […]

  86. Hosain H: Royal` said:

    New obscure is waaaay too big. Very scout/sniper oriented. I voted thinking it was the old obscure also.

  87. wwww: ISIS - Panopticon said:

    Make a poll – New Obscure or Old Obscure

  88. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - SVIFT said:

    new obscures middle is much more attractive for scouts in my opinion.
    In the old version you were forced to stay very defensive and wait for some initial picks on the new version the distances are smaller and you can move more easily on middle point.

    I can also say that it isnt that hard to push the last cp because with the removal of the bridge it isnt that easy to defend it. ( remember horrible times on old obscure with heavy plus solly plus demo on top of that bridge circlejerking on every incoming push oO

  89. byte said:

    Get used to it, it’s the new version you will be playing, it’s not that big, (similar transition sizes to granary) and even lesser in width in certain parts. Old map was too stalematey and slow, new one is much faster.

    If you have problems on it, it’s either because you haven’t learnt it yet and/or you don’t want to learn it because you know the old map strats, if I called this new version a different name most people wouldn’t be saying what’s been said in here or the thread!

    Learn the map, keep playing it, the same happened to coldfront to gullywash when it first started, so many whines and moans about things not working out, play it for a few weeks and watch how “other” teams do it, prem or low div etc.



  90. Kop: [CiC] - CiC said:

    i dont mind the map, but on our 1st time of playing it took DA(who last season were 2 divs above us) 20 minutes to cap. But as i said its not a bad map, just not quite the difference i expected

  91. chojje: keso said:

    Granary is big.

  92. ashkan said:

    Granary is fat.

  93. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    cp_snakewater has been updated. Make sure you check out the new version which will be used in the league http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2447457/cp_snakewater.bsp.bz2