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Highlander Season 14 Group Stage Wrap-up

Date January 11, 2018

With the group stages drawn to a close at the end of 2017, it is the perfect time to go into depth regarding the outcome of Highlander Season 14. This season has seen some unlikely results.

Highlander Season 14 Group Stage Wrap-up

Starting from the bottom to the top of the tables we start at number six with France Tourettes Frenchclub. Most notably Tourette’s performance over course of the season could be summed up as something of a “late starter”. Despite a promising roster at the beginning of the season, players were being swapped, resulting in a different lineup every week for the first four or so weeks of the group stages. Despite clutching a Golden Cap Loss against leading team Strong Opinions, and perhaps finally having the stable roster needed to succeed in the season, it was to little too late. France Tourettes Frenchclub will seed last in the group stages, and thus be subject to relegation.

Coming in at joint fourth and fifth were the two debut premiership teams, Seychelles inVision and Sweden Lucrosa. The decision as to which team is facing relegation is decided by the result of the match between them, meaning the loss of inVision to Lucrosa in the 4th week was a costly one. However both teams have had a surprisingly decent first season in prem; both teams took the edge over former Highlander giants Tourettes Frenchclub, with inVision also claiming points from current third place team Feila eSports. These debut teams were fortunate enough to pick up some former premiership veterans, namely Poland thaZu for inVision and Spy legend European Chooper for Lucrosa. However, both teams also saw some debut prodigies come into play. Invision’s Heavy Hungary tuja and Pyro Sweden yugo both showed incredible performance during their season debut, consistently proving themselves against some of the veteran prem players. Similarly, Lucrosa’s soldier pickup Ireland Kosuke hit the scene as a force to be reckoned with. Who knows what these premiership newcomers could achieve in the future.
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Announcing Season 29!

Date January 9, 2018

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Announcing Season 29!

First of all congratulations once again to Season 28 winners European SVIFT! However, there is going to be only a short break in the TF2 calendar with Season 29 signups open until 26th of January at 21:00 CEST.

Premiership signups will close on the 20th of January at 21:00 CEST.

>>>> Sign up now! <<<<


While we sadly don’t have a sponsor yet, we do have a prize pool thanks to our ad revenue and affiliate programs. This amount is not on the same level as what a sponsorship could have provided but is definitely better than nothing. Meanwhile, we are already starting preparations to make season 30 a great season for all participating teams.

Here are the prizes for next season’s Premiership division.

gold medal – 300 Euros

silver medal – 120 Euros

Unlocks and Map Pool

The whitelist used for this season will be published after our Global Whitelist Test Cup will be wrapped up in order to establish which of the weapons tested will be allowed in the season.

Meanwhile, the map pool is undergoing a few changes compared to Season 28.

Reckoner will not be played in Season 29 anymore, as the map was seen as a new project that we had taken into our map pool for the purpose to improve it further on with community feedback.  However, it had not seen many changes nor updates towards the past seasons that it was played in the league. While in the newest version of the map changes have been implemented, they’ve not been received positively in the off-season, thus leading us to the decision of not choosing the map for Season 29 anymore.

However, with Reckoner going out, we are bringing back Granary for more diversity to the map pool, as the map is less Scout-centered and still retained its original popularity from when we removed it. We couldn’t separate ourselves from Granary for too long anyway.

Map pool

Map Rotation

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Announcing Global Whitelist Test Cup Powered by!

Date January 5, 2018

As per the changes to the Global Whitelist that were announced over a week ago, we also added some temporarily allowed weapons to the whitelist in order for them to be tested and found out if they are enough suitable for the whitelist or not. With that being said, we are gladly announcing our first Global Whitelist Test Cup!

>>>>>>>> Signups are Open Now! <<<<<<<<

A link to the whitelist that will be used for this cup can be found here. Below you can find a list of unlocks that have been temporarily added in to the whitelist for testing due to being added/heavily modified in the Jungle Inferno update.

  • The Gas Passer (Pyro)
  • B.A.S.E Jumper (Soldier/Demoman)
  • Bonk! Atomic Punch (Scout)
  • Sandman (Scout)

Next up are the schedule and structure of this cup. We chose the widest variety of maps to check how these different temporary unlocks behave in different scenarios.

The cup itself will take place on Thursday the 11th of January. Signups will close at 21:00 CET on Wednesday the 10th of January. It will be in a round robin format of tiered groups of four teams, both 6v6 and fun teams can signup.

The knockout stage will take place on Sunday the 14th of January. All knockout matches are single elimination, except for the grand final, which will be played as a Best-of-three.

Prizes for the top group will be provided by, as they have generously donated 24 keys and several killstreak kits for the top 3 teams of the top group in this cup!

18 keys will be given to the team that places 1st in the top group, 6 keys to the 2nd placed team in the top group and various different killstreak kits to the team that placed 3rd in the top group. The 3rd place will be decided in a 3rd place match after the semi-finals.

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Staff Changes, Scheduling Update: 1 January 2018 – 31 June 2018

Date January 1, 2018

Staff Changes

We’re glad to announce that Germany Zitrooone and UnitedKingdom Dr Happiness have completed their trials and are now a part of the staff as League Admins.

Provisional Schedules

As of summer of 2017, we have published our method of scheduling, meaning that we will be posting the provisional plans for the following 6 months every 3 months in a newspost. This is the third post regarding this and covers the period ranging from approximately 1 January 2018 – 31 June 2018. These posts only cover regular season events and do not cover Nations Cups, Preseason Cups or any other spontaneous or surprise events.

Season 29

7 January – 20 January Signups
14 January – 20 January Preseason Playoffs
21 January – 9 March Regular Season
11 March – 31 March Postseason Playoffs

Highlander Season 15

4 March – 17 March Signups
11 March – 17 March Preseason Playoffs
18 March – 21 April Regular Season
21 April– 12 May Postseason Playoffs

Season 30

13 May – 26 May Signups
20 May – 26 May Preseason Playoffs
27 May – 14 July Regular Season
15 July – 4 August Postseason Playoffs

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Season 28: Wrap-up

Date December 29, 2017

Season 28  Wrap-up

Congratulations once again to European SVIFT for claiming their first Premiership title!

The winning squad is comprised of:

After a thrilling Grand Final, France Ascent.EU have been defeated and place 2nd while
Denmark LEGO are rewarded with the bronze medal.

Although we all enjoy watching the top players, ETF2L is not only about the Premiership Tier. The following teams placed top of their tables in the lower tiers:

High Tier

1.  – Romania Rakuzan
2.  – European
3.  – Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls
3.  – Norway Ora Elektro

Mid Tier

1.  – France DABLANDZ
2.  – UnitedKingdom Ringo
3.  – European ALPHA
3.  – England Colchester 6-a-side Football Club

Open Tier

1.  – Finland █▄ █▄█ █▄ ▀█▀ █ █▄ ▀█▀
2.  – European FullPasta
3.  – Russia Last To Spec
3.  – England Poundland

Season 28 Awards

The best of the best have been  competing all season, displaying exceptional skill and ability. The following are the ones you voted to receive an award for their gameplay and dedication:
Here are the winners of their respective categories:

  •  Best Player of the Season: France Elacour
  •  Demoman of the Season:  France Elacour
  •  Medic of the Season: France Ombrack
  •  Pocket of the Season: Ireland Josh
  •  Roamer of the Season: UnitedKingdom Silentes
  •  Scout of the Season: England Thaigrr
  •  Off-classer of the Season: Russia Mr.Epic
  •  Best Premier Division Debut of the Season: Finland nuthouse
  •  Caster of the Season: Denmark Beater

Congratulations to all award winning teams and players!
Season 29 is just around the corner. Make sure you gather your players and be on the lookout for that announcement!

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