Announcing Highlander Season 15!

Date March 5, 2018

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Announcing Highlander Season 15!

All the information regarding the coming Season can either be found in this newspost, or will be released shortly!

The same whitelist as the preseason cup will be used. You can find it here.

>>>>>SIGN UP NOW<<<<<<

We are still currently going through the feedback from our Preseason cup to decide on a map list to use for the season, map list will be finalized later.

High will be planned to continue again as Round Robin along with Premiership, while Mid and Open will remain to be played under Swiss System.

Season Schedule

  • Signups: March 4 – March 16, 21:00 CET (Premiership signup deadline is March 10th 21:00 CET)
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: March 16
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: March 17
  • Pre-Season Playoffs: March 11 – March 16
  • Main Season: March 18 – April 20 (5 Weeks)
  • Playoffs: April 22 – May 13

If you intend to sign up for the Premiership Division we encourage you to do so as soon as possible due to the Premiership Qualifiers. We will only consider teams for the Premiership Qualifiers that signed up before March 10th 21:00 CET. Additionally we expect teams without a guaranteed Premiership Division spot to be able to play all of the days mentioned above. This will be in order to have a double elimination stage for the Qualifiers to determine the best of the best teams for the Premiership Division.

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Copenhagen Games 2018 – Highlander & 6v6 BYOC LAN

Date March 5, 2018

When: March 29-31, 2018
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Team Fortress 2 has always been a very community driven game, people creating content, players making mods and organizing LANs. So it should not come as a surprise that Esport United and the team behind it stepped up to make Copenhagen Games 2018 happen, with not only one but two TF2 Tournaments! For the first time in history of the game tournaments for both the action packed 6v6 and 9v9 Highlander game modes will be represented to unite and gather players of those communities under one roof in the Bella Center.

The TF2 ticket books you a seat in the BYOC hall an allows you to play in both tournaments, so you can show up with your team to play and meet your ingame friends in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Games will be scheduled in a way that you can play in both the 6v6 and 9v9 tournaments if you would like to try to get your hands on a share of the prizepool with your team(s). The matches will start on Thursday 29th of March at 10AM (yes, that is in the morning), so make sure to be on time. If you happen to be at the venue on the Wednesday you might even be able to get your hands on some more prizes by playing in a small 2v2 Ultiduo Tournament.

Signing up

Make sure to book your Team Fortress 2 seat on time and check out the LAN Discord to help find or possibly share accommodations, get a team, or find players to fill out your roster.

Team leaders need to sign their team and players up on Toornament:

When booking your ticket on the Copenhagen Games website fill in your team name, or contact support to have it changed later if you don’t have a team yet, to make sure you end up seated with your friends and teammates!

More information (about rentals) and announcements can be found in the thread on and the Discord.

Highlander Season 15 Preseason Cup – Fixtures Released!

Date March 3, 2018


The fixtures for the Highlander Season 15 Preseason Cup are now released! The fixtures and tables can be seen within the competition tab in the ribbon.

  • Group stage round 1: March 4th 19:00 CET – pl_borneo
  • Group stage round 2: March 4th 20:30 CET – koth_warmtic_b6
  • Group stage round 3: March 4th 21:15 CET – cp_gravelpit

Remember both pl_borneo and cp_gravelpit will be played as a bo3.

You can leave feedback on the cup here.

Highlander Season 15 Preseason Cup

Date February 19, 2018


With the dust settled on Season 14, let’s start the preparation for Season 15! This cup will focus around testing maps for the upcoming season to see if they’re still fit to be of same quality as most of the current maps played in Highlander.

Edit: It has been brought to our attention that there is currently a bug with the Gas Passer allowing it to be thrown through walls, because of this it will be kept banned from this cup. The new whitelist can be seen at

>>>Signup now!<<<


Each tier is divided into round robin groups of four teams meaning there could be multiple groups for each tier, teams that sign up sooner will be prioritized in getting a spot in the cup, so do not wait until the last minute to sign up! Keep in mind that there will not be any elimination rounds for this cup.

  • Signups close: March 2nd at 21:00 CET
  • Group stage round 1: March 4th 19:00 CET – pl_borneo
  • Group stage round 2: March 4th 20:30 CET – koth_warmtic_b6
  • Group stage round 3: March 4th 21:15 CET – cp_gravelpit

Both pl_borneo and cp_gravelpit will be played as a bo3.

Highlander Season 14 – Wrap-up

Date February 13, 2018

Highlander Season 14 – Wrap-up

The playoff games have ended and the winners have been crowned. The main season of Premiership was shown to be very promising and competitive, and in the end it was proven to witness former champions reclaiming their throne back.

We want to give big congratulations to gold medal European Strong Opinions as the winners of Premiership once again! With silver medal Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS improving on previous seasons by claiming second place. And finally we see bronze medal Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! claiming third place after getting dethroned.
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