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Highlander Autumn Season 2023: Wrap-up & Staff Changes

Date November 27, 2023

Highlander Season 30

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After the Awards comes what usually has to come. The Wrap-up, and oh boy, this was a season! Who would have thought that we see a new winner in all divisions!

We want to thank everyone for participating in this season!

Staff Changes

a lot happened behind the scenes, here’s a summary:

League Admin

Hungary dod left the League Admin Staff. Armenia kilikia completed her trial period and has been promoted to a full League Admin.


Germany Samus decided to leave the Anti-Cheat Admin team. Portugal Biohazard stepped up as the Head Anti-Cheat Admin. Ireland bitebo completed his trial period and has been promoted to full Anti-Cheat Admin.


Poland supra left the Webmaster staff.

Congratulations to all promoted Admins, and We wish Germany Samus, Poland supra and Hungary dod the best in their future endeavours!

Highlander Autumn Season 2023 Winners

After 11 seasons in a row, Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! tf2easy.com lost, and Jamaica GANJA 2009 brought home the trophy and on top of that broke a record holding streak! Congratulations to Jamaica GANJA 2009 for this mind blowing achievement!

The winning squad is composed of:

Division Placements


  1. gold medal Jamaica GANJA 2009
  2. silver medal Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! tf2easy.com
  3. bronze medal China Gacky Googmans GABAGOOL

Division 1

  1. gold medal Romania Uni
  2. silver medal Poland inVision
  3. bronze medal UnitedStates Yanking Hazard

Division 2

  1. gold medal Kosovo THACI/VUCIC
  2. silver medal UnitedKingdom ANGLOSPHERE
  3. bronze medal Russia Crystal Castles

Division 3

  1. gold medal UnitedKingdom 2 CAKED UP
  2. silver medal Poland ROLL EX
  3. bronze medal Netherlands ado

Division 4

  1. gold medal CzechRepublic HowToMakeCrystalMeth
  2. silver medal European Xenon
  3. bronze medal International mad milk enthusiasts & SouthAfrica Jollyweed

Division 5

  1. gold medal Russia петушки
  2. silver medal Russia ебанаты(полные)
  3. bronze medal Switzerland chillers & Israel nextseason

Open Division

  1. gold medal Italy SBQRRA
  2. silver medal International Generic Gamers 9
  3. bronze medal Russia kunteynir & Spain Durisimas declaraciones

Premiership Award Winners

  • gold medal Scout of the Season – Greece menex
  • gold medal Soldier of the Season – Denmark Blanc
  • gold medal Pyro of the Season – UnitedKingdom nebuden
  • gold medal Demoman of the Season – Sweden Hugee
  • gold medal Heavy of the Season – Poland Elysioner
  • gold medal Engineer of the Season – Poland keicam
  • gold medal Medic of the Season – Poland .xio
  • gold medal Sniper of the Season – Netherlands Lucian
  • gold medal Spy of the Season –  Poland Un4given
  • gold medal Best Premiership Debut of the Season – Denmark Blanc
  • gold medal Best Player of the Season – Denmark Blanc
  • gold medal Caster of the Season – Spain CeeJaey

Missed the show? You can find the VOD from KritzKast right below!



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