Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Updates

Date September 11, 2013

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Ruleset Updates

Based on pre-season feedback, we have made the following changes to the Season 16 ruleset:

  • Class limits are no longer enforced by the 6v6 config
  • cp_snakewater has been replaced with cp_snakewater_g7 – Download Link

Update: This somehow escaped the news post, but with the introduction of the unlocks below, a class restriction of 1 will also apply to the Pyro.

Whitelist Updates

The Season 16 whitelist has been modified to allow the following items:

  • The Black Box
  • The Degreaser
  • The Flare Gun
  • The Axtinguisher
  • The Dalokohs Bar
  • The Jag
  • The Amputator
  • L’Etranger
  • Conniver’s Kunai

You can download the latest whitelist from the League Configs page


  1. GeaR: Epsilon said:


  2. private_meta: STDs said:

    a bit pyro-heavy, but its a great start! now lets see how often we see 525hp heavies on last :D

  3. Marvin: dogs said:

    Welp, pyros are about to fuck everyone’s day up.

  4. frixx: LG said:

    oh wow, degreaser and axtinguisher together, GG

  5. AcidReniX: RaWr :: said:

    So now Pyro’s are a bit more viable to do something other than delay an uber push for a few seconds. These are a needed addition to make the class viable for other situations (which isn’t a bad thing).

    I’m more surprised with the Black Box allowance. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I would have thought more people would kick up a storm about that one as I’m sure a number of players will be able to utilise its perks to great effect.

    Great update though!

  6. Askior: swimp said:

    9v9 inc

  7. accless: cp_ said:


  8. Fallen: TC said:

    <3 Permzilla

  9. AnimaL said:

    op pyro defense incomming

  10. Flipmode: (ETF2L Donator) - eN said:

    pyro can kill uber ?!

  11. AnimaL said:

    you can use it more viably now, not to just reflect ubers but to deal damage too

  12. lamei: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    hate it already

  13. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    might throw in a general cl 1 except for soldier and scout!

  14. AnimaL said:

    indeed :D

  15. Flipmode: (ETF2L Donator) - eN said:

    Pyro cant kill uber but reflect it and reflect rocket/pipe and die.

    same thing with flare, axtinguisher and degreaser ?

  16. Spike Himself: TC said:

    I’m at work now so can’t access my chat logs, but I am fairly certain we also discussed a limit of 1 on pyro and I don’t remember if we decided on anything in the end.. I’ll check with the other admins to confirm as soon as they wake up.

  17. AnimaL said:

    Flipmode yes but what you are missing is that it makes sense to run double pyro now and reflect 2nd/jumping soldier with the other pyro and be able to do it much better because of degreaser+shotgun/axtingusher

  18. Flipmode: (ETF2L Donator) - eN said:


  19. Tomu: BoyBrigade - MEGA$$ said:

    Would have preferred no axe unlock but powerjack instead but otherwise I like these improvements, I can now run pyro and pretend I’m not useless for more than last point! Div6 come at me.

  20. Lukas: hf said:

    where is the FAN

  21. L-iNC said:

    Can we have Detonator and Powerjack please? To give pyro a little bit more mobility.

  22. byte said:

    Okay in light of some more information I will retract my statement <3 Spike :p



  23. ThaZimmer said:

    Degreaser+flare is nice, the axtinguisher is maybe to much ? TIme will show.

  24. Mak: <3 said:

    degreaser + flare gun = insta frag

  25. Ordinator: tuhi said:

    well HELLO SEASON 9

  26. BaR: REVERTO said:


  27. SorroW: iveR - VDOH said:

    the degreaser+flare gun is REALLY overpowered, way too easy.

  28. Candle said:

    i like this

  29. Will said:

    “Class limits are no longer enforced by the 6v6 config”

    Thank you perm <3

  30. thng: is house said:


  31. Russian Guyovich: (Surging Meat Cable) - [T-A!]LoS said:

    Flare Gun? No.

  32. Spycy: TC.Express said:

    @private_meta “now lets see how often we see 525hp heavies on last :D”

    The bar doesnt increase the max overheal

  33. fraac: JOHN - CENATION said:

    Can you reban the jag? It becomes the default wrench but I like my blood botkiller wrench. Cheers.

  34. Askior: swimp said:

    It does. And btw who the fuck decided this? Why getting back to 2010? Did you even ask the community somewhere?

  35. NeoN: ︻デ═一一 said:

    Please, the pyro doesn’t need to be buffed. Airblast is strong enough, now you give him free crits? Degreaser is ok, but don’t give him crits

  36. Beater: ez - LEGO said:

    This is a step in the wrong direction. Too many duels will be decided by unlocks now, as opposed to skill (especially retardpyro)

  37. ❤ snQx :k said:

    added “The Dalokohs Bar”

    what’s the point? lmao

  38. SpacePig said:

    this new unlocks are bad and you should feel bad

  39. Fenril: frigide.eZizi - Dn. said:

    Is it april 1st already?

    Time runs so fast.

  40. Ryushi said:

    Well… time to bring those div 1 pyros onto my team…

  41. private_meta: STDs said:

    @Spycy yeah, ruskeydoo already told me :D

  42. Fallen: TC said:

    So many people mad about the unlocks, but the chances are during a typical game you won’t be affected by them.

    Maybe soldiers are scared of having to use their shotgun to kill a pyro?

  43. Bery: Seizs - LoL said:

    why dalokhos bar? :/

  44. Sneakeh: notdoggo - [DA] said:

    Maybe soldiers are scared as they might use gunboats instead of shotgun? Can’t see myself ever using gunboats really now if the other team has an at all decent pyro as coming against him is just instant death

  45. zen1th: LEGO - LEGO said:

    Oh god, not the pyro weapons

  46. Hokai said:

    and for the season 17 the soda popper !

  47. doks said:

    this IS a joke right ?
    no votes ? no nothing ?
    Just random bullshit…. metalworks and tons of unlocks…. whats next ? 6v6 format canceled ? HL only ?

  48. Adrenaline: cirlo said:

    + 1 doks

  49. Bonkers: KRITZBERG - HFoF said:

    no cloak and dagger?

  50. Kimo: 124 - -Xe- said:

    I like the changes. Not the same again and again.

  51. Asso said:

    Please , please dont allow pyro unlocks. I mean they have no downside and are clearly overpowered

  52. doks said:

    Admins i`m sorry but are your tongues dry ?
    Cous i would like a courtesy lick at least before you DECIDE TO FUCK US!

  53. RuFFino said:

    #fuck pyro

  54. easyGame said:

    Replace conniver’s kunai with cloak and dagger and remove axtinguisher.
    Kunai is useless and axtinguisher is op. :/

  55. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:


  56. GeaR: Epsilon said:

    Stop being afraid of a changing metagame.

  57. Xearo: GTD said:

    Axtinguisher? Really? :( I was hoping my rage at that bullshit weapon was going to be restricted to HL.

  58. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    I can deal with the black box, the unlocks that will never be used (dalokah’s bar, kunai, amputator), the engie and spy needed a buff in the jag and l’etranger, so that’s okie.

    But seriously, don’t give the pyro crits :|
    Especially not that flare gun. I understand degreaser, that’s cool. But the flare gun and axtinguisher? A perma-pyro on Snakewater is gonna be such a pain.

  59. jx53 said:

    Love the unlocks.

  60. doks said:

    pocket pyro full season. this gonna be good. sorry team… soldier is to mainstream and change is good.

  61. easyGame said:

    giev deadringer pls

  62. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    OMG full time pyros and 800HP heavies EVERYWHERE!

  63. Razkar: said:

    what’s the point of the black box ?

  64. prince of denmark said:

    I dont care what’s the new unlocks just please, dont enable the quick-fix.

  65. birdy: (ETF2L Donator) - GoodE said:

    oh no some interesting unlocks we can use now? better get really mad for no reason

  66. So||o Wo|o said:

    Cinnamon Whitelist! Back to s9

  67. Haimehh: addict! said:

    omg stop crying about these unlocks, please. time to change this boring gameplay already and start something new

  68. AnimaL said:

    what was so boring about tf2? maybe go play some other game if a balanced game is boring for you?

  69. Popcorp said:


    It makes Roamer’s job a lil bit easier, he can watch flanks easier and ask for heals less, so medic has to share between 4 players now instead of 5, doesn’t mean Roamer not gonna ask for heals at all, it’s the fact that he gonna ask for Heals less and rely more on Black box heals and Health kits, that’s what i think, im not Roamer just my opinion

  70. arD: -[S2L] said:

    what was the point of adding kunai?
    and plz ban degreaser and axtinguisher, too op plaplapla

  71. T0m.: (ETF2L Donator) - open said:

    Way too many shitters crying about unlocks.

  72. Adrenaline: cirlo said:

    ye, the best way to change gameplay yeyeyeye

  73. Popcorp said:


    What i think, is that when a Spy get’s a 1 backstab, he is instantly Spotted, and gonna die very fast, with a Kunai, if you get 1 kill, you get like 180 HP overheal(?) so it gives you time to run away, cloak, surf a rocket, so basically you can still be useful after getting spotted, as long as you get that backstab and manage to run away

  74. HBFS: pHy said:

    YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS. Fucking black box and that new, shit version of snakewater? You, omfg, i don’t even know what to say, you are just stupid idiots. So, from now on, we’re going to play with one scout and one perma pyro?

  75. arD: -[S2L] said:

    @popcorp didn’t think it that way, pretty clever actually

  76. konr: idd. said:

    The Degreaser
    The Flare Gun
    The Axtinguisher


  77. Haimehh: addict! said:

    @AnimaL, I meant that the unlocks were boring and its time to try something new.

  78. san alex said:

    NICE unlocks!!!!

  79. kKaltUu: UbeR | - -chess- said:

    wow no good heavy unlocks, etf2l staff is denying me easy road to prem. how can I sue? I want my pro medals.

  80. Permzilla: (Legend) - WiK? said:

    Turning ETF2L into a HL league: Stage 1 complete.

  81. sheepy dog's hand: (puffy vulva) - TCM - bad said:

    jesus christ you people are fucking retarded

  82. Popcorp said:

    What’s so bad about allowing more unlocks? i mean, if you cant deal with certain weapons or classes, it’s your and your team fault, you dont know how to deal with them, stop crying about Unlocks and look at ESEA and UGC 6s, they play perfectly fine with majority of unlocks, if some of you people are planning to play ESEA Europe, you have to get used to more Unlocks anyway

  83. FakemasterPT: Barroliano - Nave said:

    maybe keep the the flare and degreaser but ban the axe and limit pyro to 1

  84. fraac: JOHN - CENATION said:

    You have to limit pyro to 1 once you allow flare gun.

  85. Ace said:

    Relax, the best teams will still be the best, and nobody will run a full-time pyro.

  86. Larath: /gE/ - GoodE said:

    One step closer to a unified whitelist, bring it :3

  87. f_blue: bzzz said:

    I really like the introduction of Black Box, Degreaser, Jag and L’Etranger, good choices. The rest is almost useless in 6v6 (Amputator, Kunai) or questionable (Flare Gun, Axtinguisher, Dalokhs Bar) in my opinion.

  88. JoakimMos: BAGC - RUN! said:

    I’d like to point out how GeaR doesn’t seem to mind this at all, and he is on the team that has mastered the current unlocks and what follows the best (as is evident by the two latest seasons and i49).

    For those who talks about the Flare Gun. What? The stock shotgun deals up to 90 damage (Which is FlareCrit-damage) as well as faster firing-speed than the Flare.
    It will just look flashy. I am not sure it’d be “better” than the Shotgun.

    Respect to GeaR for embracing a changing meta.

  89. vox: -9w- said:

    fuck this shit

  90. ThaZimmer said:

    Pyro will TOTALLY become a new gamebreaker and every team above div 4 will run a pyro. Cause deg/flare/axt is so good, it’s easily much better than a scout or soldier. Give it some weeks and realize it’s not that big of a deal

  91. wpminnows: [PG] said:

    yesss black box

  92. Spike Himself: TC said:

    HBFS you don’t truly believe a pyro with these unlocks is always better than having a scout or a soldier do you? :/

    I hope all my opponents run perma pyro. Easy road to prem :D

  93. Flappi: r/ip said:

    …why? who the fuck wanted this?

  94. Swedish Santa: 105 said:

    This will make the pyro more viable as an offensive asset. Airblast jumping is going to be a requirement though.

    However, this will slow the game, from my point of view… but at the same time, I see the pyro replacing the pocket soldier. as it will keep scouts and soldiers away from the medic.

    In general, I think the game will be more flexible instead of being limited. The soldier has more mobility than the pyro but the pyro has a much stronger area control, etc.

  95. b33p: (ETF2L Donator) - -st- said:

    ITT: A lot of afraid 6v6 players raging about pyro unlocks. If you can’t deal with the enemy running a pyro then you’re in a really, really shite team. Live a little, kids. Soon we’ll all be in the grave.

  96. Spike Himself: TC said:

    If you swap your pocket for a pyro you lose way too much mobility and damage output. That’s a straight downgrade, even if the pyro in question is amazing at his class.

  97. Permzilla: (Legend) - WiK? said:

    We WILL be limiting pyro to 1. It was planned to be announced with this newspost but it was forgotten.

  98. Concrete: Nave said:

    It’s true that adding unlocks changes the meta game, and will certainly make the game more interesting, but randomly adding shit will not contribute to the improvement of the league.

    -Black Box on soldier is harmless. IMO, it’s a side-grade to the rocket launcher. It should be kept.

    -The Winger is a side-grade, although a little bit weaker than the stock pistol. It makes you jump a little higher while equipped, making it easier to reach some cool spots. You do have less ammo, and more damage, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem

    -The Degreaser, Flare Gun and Axtinguisher is OP, it allows a pyro to be more than an accessory for defense, which is what it was always supposed to be. There should be only one of these weapons.

    -The Dalokohs Bar isn’t a bad idea. It gives a bit more HP for the heavy, making it slightly more tanky, although making it difficult to time with pushes. It should definitely be kept.

    -The Jag, with 2 Engineers is absolutely broken. It allows to build a sentry gun almost instantly. It should be considered whether there can only be one Engineer with Jag, or 2 Engineers without Jag.

    -The Amputator is harmless. Who in their right mind would taunt in the middle of a mid fight? It would only be used after at the start of stalemates, which isn’t actually bad. Should be kept.

    -I can’t see why not keep the spy weapons.


  99. Falcon0408 said:

    Pyro is clearly the best class. I mean look at highlander! They totally don’t just reflect ubers and spycheck, they are power class! Getting all the kills with the crits they get! And NA tf2 as well. Their pocket pyro plays are incredible! Oh wait you’re all being really dumb.

  100. Swedish Santa: 105 said:


    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the passive health regen is higher with amputator + crossbow

  101. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Concrete: Maybe I’m misreading but where in the news post does it state anything was added “randomly”? ;)

    Just because we’re not going to add all our discussions to the news post, doesn’t mean we didn’t have any. We add unlocks because we believe it is the right thing to do. Maybe not everyone can see the bigger picture, and that is fine, but we’re not doing anything at random, ever.
    (apart from demo checks on matches of course, those are absolutely random :D)

  102. Hedgehog said:

    da fuq? seriously……. da fuq?

  103. Adrenaline: cirlo said:


  104. Turbo: sniper said:

    Please be a troll

  105. Selek: Dr. med. said:

    Thank you for allowing the new unlocks!

  106. Concrete: Nave said:

    I ofc did not mean random as in “thrown in just for the heck of it”, what I meant is, and I might be wrong, this “Bigger Picture” you are talking about might change stuff too much.

    IMO the pyro stuff isn’t that good, because it -COMPLETELY- changes the purpose of the pyro. Even though the objective of this was to change the meta game, I think it’s changing to the wrong side.

  107. Concrete: Nave said:

    I think unlocks are a great idea!!!!! I just think some should be kept away.

  108. taro said:

    Hey great changes! Awesome to see some new unlocks in the mix. And to everyone who is complaining, give the unlocks a go first! It really won’t be as game changing as you think. Stuff can always be removed next season if it’s found to be OP, but I don’t think we’ll have that problem with any of these unlocks.

    Thanks admins, good move!

  109. Square said:


  110. doks said:

    As always in unlock threads 99% of the defenders are highlander players or people with less then a full season @ 6v6.
    We had cinamon didnt we ? straight after a season we got rid of that pest.

  111. i pray to bell - dis: ‹Con› - evCon. said:

    Can all the nobodies stop thinking they can talk about unlocks? You opinion doesn’t matter unless you’re good. The quicker people realise this the better.

    And by good I mean prem of course.

  112. Andreas: ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ. - DANMARK said:


  113. Droidster said:

    Gear said yes, so everyone else’s opinions are now invalid, they’re just afraid of change. This reacton reminds me of when gunboats were allowed. No one complains about them now do they? And American TF2 is not a retarded unlock shitfest yet they allow a lot of them. (Excluding the qf which they banned)

  114. Kemor: ; said:

    I can finnaly show my div 10 pyro degreaser skills while defending last !

  115. Pattio: TEZC said:

    Idk I don’t like to watch NA games because they look not interesting for me, and the main reason is unlocks (ofc not all, but those op, market gardener and etc. ). Ok like few unlocks are good but not too many.

  116. BenBazinga: said:

    :D It was the plan all along!

  117. Joseph__: YAK - ♎︎♊︎♒︎ said:

    I don’t actually mind these unlocks to be honest just a few niggles really. Don’t like the idea of degreaser, flare AND axtinguiser being allowed. Either just the degreaser or just the axt and flare gun

    Well that’s what I think but I’m a shitter

  118. kalhó: MM - Nave said:

    no direct hit :(

  119. iNdxyOu said:

    i think that the sniper hp shield should be added just my opinion

  120. Peksi said:

    :DDDDD holy shit

  121. gf18_idiot: Top5rocket said:


  122. mrwhizz said:

    what the fuck are you doing

  123. snowdream: gay said:

    holy shit this comment section is full to the brim of madkids

  124. retz: HG said:

    Meh, I’m not really worried about the OP(?) aspect of some of these unlocks, but more about the fact that there will be a ton of trolls that will ruin the competition of many teams

  125. Whiteglow said:

    do u remember season 9?

  126. Apolloftw said:

    The Dalokohs Bar isn’t that useful, even with the Heavy gaining 50 health doesn’t affect his max overheal of 450. Its best to use the shotgun instead. Also the Cloak and Dagger should allowed instead of Conniver’s Kunai.

  127. dAGNER: FAINT said:


  128. Bloodyyy: (Weeaboo Nerd) - (XD ͜ʖXD) said:

    Wat iz “vanilla loadout” naooo????? Pls.

  129. Deexah said:


  130. Spycy: TC.Express said:

    With or without those unlocks, pyro will still only be viable for situations it was before. I don’t understand all those complains.

  131. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Whiteglow: I do, do you? Here is a list of the unlocks that were allowed in Season 9:
    The alert reader will notice that the S16 unlocks list is way shorter and contains way less (if any?) ridiculously game breaking unlocks.

    After all, if the Americans can manage the ESEA set, why can’t the Europeans? We showed them we are better at i49.

  132. eS said:

    WTF UNLOCKS?!?!?!??!?!

  133. Link!: .:ne:. said:

    degreaser… nice

  134. vøid said:

    ok axtinguisher why not , but you really want the trololo perma switching weapons pyro that can rape a scout in less than 1s ??

  135. S`: Blah! said:

    Screw this shit.

  136. Thors said:

    pyro limit 1 inc.

  137. Falcon0408 said:

    OHMYGOD pyro can now kill a scout almost as fast as solly and demo can! (flare crit does less damage than direct rocket, pill, sticky)

  138. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

  139. Kvux: /./ - LEGO said:

    what the fuck
    degreaser and axetinguisher, really?
    whoever thought this was a good idea is fucking retarded

  140. mana: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    Pyro is not OP with the unlocks. We’ve played with a whitelist way bigger than this in NA and the metagame hasn’t changed significantly.

    Unlocks are a good first step to making more people interested in the game but not ruining competition, not to mention a universal whitelist. It also helps make certain situations more balanced (no one effective is going to run a 24/7 Pyro in a game about momentum and speed).

    Great job to ETF2L. I wish you could’ve gone full whitelist (you’d probably get a ridiculous amount of ad hits and would get all the dumb rage people have out of the way), but the road is clear.

    Can’t believe people are still complaining when even GeaR has posted in this thread.

  141. AnimaL said:

    almost seems like the unlock lovers are minority when coming to the comments section… who would have known…

  142. Blinky said:

    Remember those unlock threads…who ASKED FOR blackbox or dalokohs bar, seriously


  143. ItsTheGreenBin: lofi said:

    Please remove

  144. Tommy: MILANO said:

    The Black Box? The Degreaser? The Flare Gun? The Axtinguisher? and a lot of other shit?… What the hell!!! Someone in ETF2L has gone crazy but certainly has made the happiness for new little kids who play tf2. Personally I am really glad that I have not joined this season…

  145. Kaneco said:

    No animal, butthurt players about unlocks are just much more vocal than us “unlock lovers”.

  146. Skyride: DUCS said:


  147. accless: cp_ said:

    @Animal: We just leaned back after the announcement and enjoy the show.

  148. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

    These haters are pathetic :<

  149. HBFS: pHy said:

    I would really love to know just one thing: why do we (EU) have to follow american TF2? I spoke today with ppl and everyone said “hey, americans r playing for always like this and it’s working for them” WTF? Why do i give a fuck how those americans r playing? Why do we need to play like them? Why do we need same maps as they have? I don’t get it. Just give us fucking kritzkrieg and that escape thing for soldier, that’s all. And fucking normal maps.

  150. HBFS: pHy said:

    Why do i have to give a fuck*

  151. Freddy said:

    Because pyro was totally not easy enough already.
    Degreaser is fine, no problem. But flarepunches are bullshit, and deg+axt is just shit-ass annoying.

    Also, 2 engies running Jag is OP.
    Also, L’etranger’s downside isn’t that big of a deal, but the upside is huge. I don’t think it matters that much because lelspy, but just keep it in mind.

  152. mana: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    almost seems like the unlock lovers are minority when coming to the comments section… who would have known…

    That’s cute, there’s an even less amount of substantial evidence, proof, or actual reasoning to NOT have unlocks. I’m not even an “unlock lover”, I play standard roamer and pocket in NA.

  153. ThinkTank said:

    People still think Pyro is OP? I thought this was 2013, people should be good at this game by now. This really doesn’t do anything, you’re pretty much always better off running Scout or Soldier instead of a DFA Pyro. He was never OP and is still the weakest class in the game even with unlocks.

  154. darkusio said:

    I like the addition of of the L’Etranger, should make spy more viable. Maybe consider the Cloak and Dagger too? The Kunai is also an interesting point, it will make it easier for a spy to survive after a kill. But one spam rocket and you’re dead.

    I think the Black Box will be a nice weapon for roamers, but I’ve never liked it. Not sure if I want it in 6v6. Also not sure if I want to see the Degreaser and Flare Gun in 6v6, but it could be cool. Now Pyro can be used for something other than his airblast maybe. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but all in all I think Pyro will remain quite weak.

    I don’t think anyone will be using the Amputator at all (unless the crossbow+amputator set that gives hp regen still exists?).

    No opinion on the Dalokohs Bar, but I don’t think it’ll affect the game in a major way.

  155. Rinta said:

    Regarding Amputator, copied from:


    July 10, 2013 Patch
    Changed attribute: Removed +1 hp regeneration on wearer.

    So, completely useless weapon now. Why even add it…

  156. Whiteglow said:

    stop changing rules every day

  157. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Nothing has changed yet today!

  158. Ggamefreak22 said:

    I didnt know that the tf2 community is such a butthurt community.
    My teammate is a div 1 pyro and i see no reason, why he should break this game. Sure, he can reflect like every rocket and kill a stupid scout fast but… which dumb scouts try to fight a pyro in the nearest distance? You have to get some skill to outplay them.

    And if you dont have this skill…

    Dont play 6s.

  159. Oxy: TC.Express said:

    “oh god this is boring same stuff over and over again…”

    “oh god nooooo unlocks what are you doinggggg”

    (c) etf2l community 2013

  160. demsii: EPA said:

    While I’m glad more unlocks are being allowed, they are still kinda pointless as they are not for the typical classes being used in 6v6 (except for Black Box and Amputator)? Could someone explain the logic? Or are we trying to promote using different classes permanently in the 6v6 standard?

    Curious course of action..

  161. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

    yea, GIVE US:
    Direct Hit + Concheror + Mantreads + Reserve Shooter + Market Gardener for Soldier,
    Atomizer + Shortstop + crit a cola for Scout,
    Loch-n-Load + Loose Cannon + Ullapool Caber for Demoman
    and Solemn Vow for Medic

  162. Spike Himself: TC said:

    I like how focus firing and calling damage is a skill. It is small things like these that make 6v6 the amazing team-based game it is. Introducing the Solemn Vow will chip away part of the very core of our game. I very much doubt it will ever be allowed.

  163. Ordinator: tuhi said:

    what was the point of adding those useless unlocks anyway, it adds nothing to meta game? only making more ground for unlock lovers whining and more random to 1v1 situations

  164. Ordinator: tuhi said:

    it adds nothing to meta game,*

  165. Chomik: Fusion said:

    ambassador pls

  166. Fallen: TC said:

    If it adds nothing to the meta game then what is the problem?

  167. Obnoxious: said:

    I am glad etf2l are trying to motivate people in order to leave this website and go on esea (which seems just better now that they both have the same whitelist).
    Really good move, in 2 or 3 season, i ll think with nostalgia to
    As we recently saw usa’s thought was dominating europe’s way of play (i obviously talk about i49), it’s clearly the best move by a head admin in fond of 9v9

  168. mana: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    Why would “unlock lovers” (ad hominem way to describe those for unlocks, by the way) be whining if unlocks are being added?

    And it really doesn’t add anything “random” because unlocks are generally less optimal than the EU stock load out. Adding unlocks for Pyro just make using that class (Pyro in NA is used to airblast away ubered opponents when on disadvantage) slightly closer (keep in mind it’s still very easy to kill) to being on par to the other classes (which are still better for playing the game; capping points).

  169. ISpotnikz: DFD - TCM said:

    what black box are they mad?

  170. Twisted: Gaston - m a s o n said:

    Replacing my empty pocket spot with a d2-3 pyro tomorrow, will post results with his op loadout.

  171. Goto: WR. said:

    Why the flare gun?

    The pyro shouldn’t be a range class. This shit does up to 30 + 60 damage on the first hit. At any fucking range.

    I don’t even talk about the second hit, broken.

  172. emb: (Legend) - ciortai said:

    This is what happens when you let highlander admins run 6v6. Shame on you, ETF2L!

  173. Permzilla: (Legend) - WiK? said:

    We’ve passed the signups for Season 15!

  174. fancy. said:


    Are we gonna play public/highlander? I really can’t understand this one about unlocks.

    I think every last poing will be defended by pyro with this axe and degreaser. Shame on you.

  175. tonz: Spidey said:

    s17 unlock items

    force a nature
    soda popper
    market gardener
    rocket jumper
    sticky jumper

  176. Schweppes said:

    of all the unlocks you could have allowed the critshitter pyro combo gets in

    pomson for s17

  177. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

    cry some more you little noobs.

  178. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    “We’ve passed the signups for Season 15!”

    Ha, nice.

  179. Phnx: WCS said:

    Welp, whacha gonna do?
    those are the unlocks for now, even though I don’t think the degreaser should be there:/

  180. Is Scout really a “Generalist” class? | The Daily SPUF said:

    […] is where the concept of Generalist v. Specialist came about) flip Pyro and Sniper. Of course, ETF2L recently allowed Degreaser, Flare Gun, and Axtinguisher so perhaps I’m talking too soon. These are strange […]

  181. PuzZle: Boys - itsallgood said:


    Pyro is still a shit class

    get good ^.-

  182. radical24: {MTX} said:

    degreaser + flare is okay but axtinguisher is too much

  183. The Daily SPUF » Is Scout really a “Generalist” class? said:

    […] is where the concept of Generalist v. Specialist came about) flip Pyro and Sniper. Of course, ETF2L recently allowed Degreaser, Flare Gun, and Axtinguisher so perhaps I’m talking too soon. These are strange […]