Highlander Season 13 Provisional Tiers

Date July 14, 2017

Down below are this seasons provisional tiers. If you cant find your team it could be due to your recently changing your team name. Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over at http://etf2l.org/support/. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to why they should be moved.

S27 UBR1: Arctic Foxes vs. Lowpander

Date July 13, 2017

At the end of a tight season, have emerged as second seed after a tight series against habitual champions . Their reward is a best of three versus , a team that’s looked even better at times than the squad that finished runners up last season. The fact that these two split their series during […]

S27 Week 6: the absolute nuts vs. ANTIC

Date June 28, 2017

Written by TurboTabs Another day, another cast, another last minute panic from myself noticing that teams have changed their match date. We’ve all broken into our routines. One of which at this point; is consuming some ETF2L Premier action which is into its sixth week so far! We’re nearing endgame for all these prem gamers. […]

Highlander Nations Cup #5 Playoffs

Date June 28, 2017

The groups have been played and we’re left with a final ongoing tiebreaker. In the meantime lets get onto the bracket. It’ll be a bit of a tight schedule so we encourage the teams to actively work on their schedules. You can find the full bracket over here and a listing of the round of […]

ETF2L S27 Premiership Week 3: Arctic Foxes vs Lowpander

Date June 11, 2017

Written by  We’ve got fox on panda action tonight on TFTV! bounced back from their week 1 spanking by with a convincing roll of unexpected last week. Similarly, after throwing away their first 6 points of the season in a tantrum over server hosting, came back to surprise everyone with a victory over , prompting […]