Data Recreation Phase One!

Date December 26, 2020

Hello everybody,

We’re quite excited to show you the progress of the data recreation. Welcome to the finalization of phase one out of two! phase one included gathering up all recorded pages within archiving websites such as and parsing these pages back into actual results on the site. This has granted us the return of 1800 matches! While this dataset is obviously still missing a lot of data this will allow for further completion later on. Next to the regeneration of the matches we also remade all competitions and teams.

Phase Two

The main thing missing from this dataset is which players played in what match. We’re looking into a system that would allow users to complete or correct the data set through The development of this has started but will take quite a while to make so please be patient with us. If you already want to prepare for this phase then looking up the pages of your previous officials and save them for once phase two is completed.

We will have a full newspost dedicated to this system once its been completed.


Can I get access to my team that got recreated?

No, as of right now we’re leaving the generated teams empty. This to make the data within the teams untouchable and thus purely generated. Once all recreation is done we’ll look into giving the rightful owner their team back or to merge team histories in case players remade the team.

I can’t find the team I was on.

The recovered data are snapshots in time so your team might not show up with the most recent name that it had. Try to think back to a potentially different name your team had. If you still can not find your team there is a chance it did not exist within the recovered data. If that is the case you can contact an admin with some proof of your team existing and the competition it participated in.

How come only some people show up on this match page?

If a player registered within the data loss gap then it was not possible to reattach him to an official. This might cause certain instances where one person is missing an official. This should be fixable in phase two.

I’ve found an issue in the data set!

There are most likely still issues within the data. Certain results not being fully accurate or similar are not unlikely. If the issue is something related to a result then please wait for phase two where you will be able to fix this mistake on your own. If the mistake that you see is something different, such as a match being in the wrong competition, then feel free to contact an admin on discord.

How will medal distribution be done?

We don’t have a definitive answer for this yet. However it will depend on the effectiveness of phase two and will only be possible based on which players played in matches due to roster history not being recoverable. Expect a more thorough answer at the start of phase two.

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    I still have all screenshots for offi of my team for season 35 if it’s needed

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    @admins do you need old status screenshots for some of the old matches that got wiped?

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