Medic  Open/Mid Skill, 6on6

UnitedKingdom Bluee

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looking for a top-open or mid team

main > sub but i could sub if it comes down to it

could maincall if needed

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Left #FreePat [6on6] Bluee
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Joined #FreePat [6on6] juan
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Left the shpee's are we [Highlander] Bluee
Left Ringo [6on6] Bluee
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Joined Ringo [6on6] oJ
Left Pandamonium [6on6] Solid
Left "i'm a mid medic" - bluee [Fun Team] Solid
Joined "i'm a mid medic" - bluee [Fun Team] Bluee
Left Stratosphere HL [Highlander] Bluee
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Left metal is a chemical [2on2] Bluee
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  1. Pandahh: NASA - hi im dog said:

    Really nice guy, good med, and great duet partner. Easily Mid <3

  2. disable said:

    he told me to say nice things

  3. Callum: NASA said:

    give team

  4. Maccy: autistic said:

    Excellent at Medicine <3

  5. stainless: Chill - RUN! said:

    give team pls

  6. Feyne: NASA said:

    nice guy, pretty sure he could do mid

  7. Duckie: Devon - lol hl said:

    Mah boi

    Good friend and a good player.

    Ez mid, playoff worthy. Pick him up!

  8. chando: HH - HONK! said:

    Ubers are much like his balls, they just wont drop.

  9. TheMeerCat: ^ - Wiki said:

    Knows his shit, 100% mid capable.

  10. Tiddles said:

    Really solid guy, devoted to getting better and a nice guy to have on your team. Definitely get this guy now!

  11. Bank: Rev. - Syn said:

    Decent med and knows what he’s doing but don’t think he’s mid since he hasn’t played a season yet. Nice guy though :)

  12. MATTYAZN: FAINT said:

    needs to play atleast open, he’s a decent med and cool weeb

  13. Amik: BALLS said:

    This is guy is soooo good at medic. Last time i played with him he had like 0 deaths and 30 assists and triple airshot the enemy medic while being in mid air himself. He also a very friendly guy and is actually nominated for a noble peace prize IRL. His calls are soo good that he makes knoxXx look like fucking twiggy. Next upcoming talent :)

  14. EinsteinTheCrazy1: zed said:


  15. Bluee: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) said:


  16. Cox Brian: [UKLL] said:

    Hey add me on steam same as my ETF2L name for more info about joining my team.

  17. Bluee: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) said: