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Hello everybody!

Since nothing is holding me down anymore in TF2, I decided that it is about the time to finally say a very big good bye to this friendliest community-wise game ever.

I grew and learnt English language together with this game as well as I’ve learnt many good qualities of being humane, kind and benevolent; which is undoubtly going to help me in the future throughout my entire life. All that would’ve been impossible without you, my friends!

All my old friends have left this game long time ago. And I feel that after 7 years of medic playing experience, it’s time to pass the baton to my medic descendants. I’ve been there way too long…, there is someone better suited than me to go through the tunnels of medicine I’ve dug.

But hey… that would be way too stupid and arrogant to create this topic just to tell you about my retirement. Thus, I am leaving here a very valuable info for all medic players that admired or admire me. It’s very hard to go through dark tunnel without a map and a flashlight, as a result, I hope this information will help you.

First of all, my config and HUD can be found here:

Note: from now on, everything I am going to say is my pure opinion based on the experience which I have. It doesn’t necessarely has to be true from your point of perspective. Everything was working well for me and helped me to achieve the TOP.

General Tips and Explanations of the mechanical part of the game from now on will start here:

1) When you are going for the skill perfomance instead of quality, you might consider having minimum graphic settings in the game. High graphic settings are very distractive; in addition, no matter how good is your PC, you have to remember that TF2 is poorly optimized game. You might get FPS drops. (I have the FPS config inside of the custom folder)

2) You might consider using a very clean hud which is not covering much space on your in-game monitor. I’ve actually seen people using hud which has big non-transparent boxes with HP, ammo and ubers. Yes, and ubers, you won’t believe me. I know, it’s all about the preference, and somebody even might claim that he is comfortable playing with that shit, but let’s be realistic. The less your screen is covered, the more you see. As simple as it is.
I also have seen people having “Uber meter numbers” in the middle of their screen, next to the crosshair. This is the most retarded shit I have ever seen in my life. It distracts you. Never put your uber charge meter in the middle of your screen (I have Garm3n SdX 2013 hud (Mirelin’s version) inside of the custom folder)

3**) Launch options or let’s get to the serious stuff which gives you HUGE advantage over the game.
If you really want to see everything, you might want to switch to Windows mode and low down your vertical resolution. And I ain’t even kidding, I’ve tested it several times.

There is the link to my native full-screen resolution 1680×1080:

There is the link to my adjusted windows-mode resolution 1680×800:

The difference might look not that big, but believe me. Playing in full-screen felt for me as playing with the tunnel vision after switching from my windows-mode resolution.
By the way, it is also a very good alternative for the OpenPlugin.

My launch options: -dxlevel 81 -sw -w 1680 -h 800 -console -noborder -nojoy -noipx -novid -useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd

If you are playing on the full HD monitor (1920×1080 native resolution), the resolution that you are looking for might be ( -sw 1920 -h 900 or 800)

You definitely don’t want to drop below -h 800, because further it gives no difference in sight anyway.

4**) Everytime after downloading new HUD, you might consider going to the following hud direction:
D:GamesSteamSteamAppscommonTeam Fortress 2tfcustomhudresourceui

and then search for the config:

The command, which’s number we might like to change, is:

And the magic number which we always might want to have is:

Explanation: When playing medic, your health indicator will become red at 113HP. This is the amount of HP where you literary can get one shot from the close range by a scout, demo or soldier. Or let me put it this way, when holding uber with 113, 1 big fart from heavy class will result to you dropping the uber.

But how does that really help us not to drop ubers better?

Explanation: When playing, you often hold your concentration on the middle part of your screen. Obviously, that is because everything happens exactly there. In the middle of our screen.
As a result, we almost never focus our concentration on HP and ammo numbers, which are far down in the bottom of our screen. (Remember your heavies often running out of ammo in the middle of the battle. That often happened in the teams I played in: OH SHIT, I RAN OUT OF AMMO, GOIN’ BACK). In rare occasions, we throw our eyes at the HP or ammo bar, but most of the time these 2 numbers are seen by the side vision. If I am not mistaken, this shit is called by the “far peripheral vision”
Wait, where did I stop. Oh yeah. Far peripheral vision reacts on the changes. We can’t see the exact changes, but we can see that these changes became ‘’RED’’ in the bottom left of our screen. With this option, you don’t have to focus on your health that much. It became red and started to flash? A rocket is flying in to your face? UBER!
With this option, you are making yourself very comfortable during the ubercharges. In the ubering everything happens in milliseconds. We can’t sacrifice our time for watching our HP, because that can result in to a uber drop.

5) If you decided to play with my resolution, you might consider having gamma at a very high level, or in other words, we want our monitor to be very bright. Since it’s a fucking windows mode, it doesn’t let us to change the brightness in the game, because it is using our default windows brightness now (Which is very dark)
Quick explanation about why is it a bad idea to play with dark brightness:
You cannot see a shit, as simple as it is. Our eye reacts to the light. Our aim, reflexes and everything depends on what we see on the screen. If we see no shit, then we start to suck at this game; which is bad.
In order to change your brightness: Control Panel > Screen > Calibrating Colours (Or smth, I have it in Russian) > Next > Next > Next > Adjust the slider. By default it is on 50%. You might want to have it on 75% or 80%.
I would suggest to turn it back to default, after you finished gaming. You can fuck your vision up by staring in to a very bright screen for a long period.

6) Disable Windows Aero. Doesn’t matter how good is your PC, this shit grants your mouse with input lag just like your phallus can be granted with aids, if you put it in to bad vagina. And it doesn’t matter how good your PC is, or how strong you are at the avoiding viruses.
To do so, go to your personalization (Mouse2 on Desktop > Personalization > Basic Theme)

7) If you have decent computer, use your mouse at 1000 polling rate. I could really feel the difference between ubering with 500 polling rate mouse and 1000.

When we are done with adjusting our game, now we can entirely focus ourselves on the gameplay. By the gameplay, I mean scripts and other useful stuff, which will help us to focus on the game better, and do amazing stuff in more amazing way.

General Tips and Explanations of the theoretical part of the game from now on will start here:

1) We definitely want to have our medi-gun model disabled. As I have stated it above, we want to see as much as possible, and having a weapon, which just covers half of our screen; is unacceptable for a medic player. Some people claim something like ‘’UH OH, I am used to that, I feel comfortable’’, ‘’UH OH, I don’t want to disable it, I like it’’ But they are just all nerds and you shouldn’t listen to them. It is almost the same as being a girl and hating sex due to bad first experience. ‘’I don’t like having a sex and I am comfortable with that’’ But in fact, they say that just because their first experience was bad and they were afraid to try it again.

The same goes for the models. You might feel shit healing without model, because in the past you used to AIM with the model. Most people are barely using their crosshair; they aim with the model instead. Therefore, getting used to actually AIM with your crosshair will help you to play better as a medic as well as see more things on your screen.
Though I played with the healing beam, because it made me feel very sexy and horny while seeing it going inside of butts of my patients, you might consider turning it off; it covers some place on the screen as well. I have it enabled in my config.

2) Using a jump/crouch script. Is a mandatory. Since you are a medic, you have to move and jump all the time. If you jump and move, it’s harder to kill you. If you want to do a rocket jump, you have to crouch while in the jump in order to fly away for a good range. If you press only space instead of space+ctrl, that means you have more time to focus on better things during healing; which is very helpful. 1 finger = less effort, more time to pressure on other things. 2 fingers = more effort, less time to pressure on other things.

Some people claim that they don’t even need to think in order to press space + ctrl for a solid rocket or sticky jump. Never listen to them; they are nerds. (Mainly talking about medics) Imagine, you are just going somewhere and you don’t have crouch + jump script. You are safe and nothing is about to jump on you. You are jumping, but it will be very lazy for you to spam that ‘’ctrl’’ button on your keyboard several times, in order to make your hitbox change in the air. And now, BANG. A solly comes out behind you, trying to get over your sexy butt. If you just jump, you won’t fly away too far, because you only jumped, without crouching. But if you have jump/crouch script, you will fly very far away. Something like that :D.

3) Dropping ubers (My most interesting part). You’ve probably noticed me dropping them too much lately? But let me explain you one thing now. Dropping ubers is just like farting. You have to know where you can do this, where you can’t.
You shouldn’t be afraid to drop ubers on the middle, on enemies second or last point. You shouldn’t drop ubers on last point, but that is not a mandatory. If you have a lot of time till the map end, it’s always not a problem to drop uber.
However, everything changes when the time is playing against you.

You should be terrified of dropping ubers at your second point when it’s a stalemate or the score is 3-2 in your favour. You have to be super careful, and better pop early than drop it. Better be safe than sorry.
You should be terrified of dropping ubers at your last point under the same circumstances as mentioned above. Obviously, because then you are most likely going to lose a round.

When the score is 3-2 in favour of your enemies, the time is 1 minute, you are desperately trying to make a draw, and pushing to their second point:

You should be terrified to drop ubers on your pushes. 1 minute on the clock, better uber faster than drop the uber. If you use your uber badly, the comeback is still possible. If you drop your uber, you won’t be able to reach the last point against defensive team.

4) Using uber when you are at 95% and there’s a lot of naughties flying in your faces:
Just hold down mouse2 button and your uber will immediately pop after you get it.
(I just assumed, that somebody can still not know about that)

5) After getting to middle, try to arrow your demo, or heal him a bit (If you missed the arrow), and buff your scouts. The scout is such an imba class, why would we ever want to give them less heals on the middle?

Anyway, that’s everything that I can think of at the moment. Technical section of this info might be very helpful to experienced players. Both technical and theoretical sections can be helpful to the beginners.

I might consider adding some other useful and tricky tips here. It’s hard to remember everything what I do in the game, because after 7 year of playing, everything I do mostly is done automatically without me even thinking about it.

If you made all your way here through this huge wall of text, big thanks to everybody once again.

You’ve been my passion and I love all of you. I will remember you forever and you will always be in my heart! Although I am leaving the competetive scene, I will still play pickups and maybe do some casting as well.

Everybody is welcome to ask questions here, as well as I might even help with mentoring.


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good night sweet prince

Best of luck in life buddy <3






inb4 people saying that tf2 is dead because great players are leaving




because football died with Pele and ice hockey died with Gretzky.
Sad to see Mirelin go, but new talents are comming.



Bye, see you in few days!


Good bye mirelin and thank you for inspiring many medics like myself
one question is what viewmodel_fov do you recommend/your preference for your primary secondary and melee for medic


First boxing died now tf2



When I run -w 1920 -h 800 in windowed mode I end up with a window taking half of my screen. How can I stretch to my 1920×1080 monitor to fit into the whole thing ?



Farewell, Mirelin. <3



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Nice post 10/10

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