Deathadder or G500?

Created 27th June 2011 @ 21:30

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before i qut i was using a mx518 good mouse nice reactions very good value for the money i had it for 3 years and never had one single problem. In the end it did have your problem, but i think a mouse lasting 3 years aint bad going for 25 quid investment….. Tryed my mates DA but never really got on with it so i would say mx518 or the new one mx400



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Do note that Arie’s experiences don’t match those of some other players ;). Buying the right mouse is trial and error.

I do understand it. That’s why I created a topic and didn’t just ask one guy :) But yeah. I trialed Logitech long enough. I might try something else for a change. It’s not like I won’t be able to change the mouse if need be, right? :)


I’ve used G500 for almost a year now, and it’s been worth my money. It was a smooth transition from Mx-518, only thing I had problems at start was the sensitive scrollwheel & weird placement of the laser. I dunno if it’s better or worse than the DA but as a former 518 user I can definitely vouch for G500.


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The Deathadder not only has that weird looking at sky/ground problem but let’s not forget about that fucking vertical jitter

mad cuz 3500 dpi


I’m a huge fan of Logitech products, specially the G- serie.
G500 is a great mouse and feel really smooth.
use it for one year now and dont have any problem.

Got a lot of Logitech G stuff here.
Logitech G15 2006 edition ( get it on release date in the netherlands/ Almost death)
Logitech G15 2008 orange
Logitech G5 ( my old game mouse, using it for my laptop)
Logitech G9 (was searching for a new gaming mouse for my desktop, it was to small)
logitech G500( just amazing mouse like the G5)
Logitech G35 (really nice headset)


both mouse are great.

choose with a rolling dice


both great mice, just choose the one which fits your hand better

or do i like i am and wait for the g400, an updated mx518


da 1800 dpi



At the end of the day there are very few mice at this price range that are actually bad mice these days. Yea they all have little niggles. But when you really get down to it there is little difference between them in quality. It’s like opening 2 packs or razors and arguing over who has the sharpest ‘razor Sharp’ razor blade.

Most of what you should look for is the shape and weight of the mouse. I avoid mice with adjustable weights, etc because you are never quite satisfied. The less options you have to fiddle with the quicker you will get used to it.

In my experience the deathadder it was just difficult for me to throw around. Due to the way I hold a mouse, I couldn’t lift it off the mousepad without looking my grip on it.

I found that g5 and g500 had a nice weight to them but again difficult to hold comfortably. And the buttons had a very light feel to them leading to accidental clicking from my club like hands :)

Xai symmetrical shape suits me well, yes it has its faults. Such as wear on the left click causes you to not be able to click on the very edges of the button. And yes you can get occasional split second freezes from a dirty mousepad or sensor. But a handy can of Mr sheen or pledge cuts out nearly all of that.

Have fun choosing!

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Deathadder 1st gen 1800 dpi =D



Left click is still fine for me Sketch on the xai. Unlike my Razer DBG3 which broked <6 months.



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mad cuz 3500 dpi

Mad cuz 1st DA did the same, as did the DBG3 (which has the same sensor). (talking about the sky/ground problem).

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I guess I’ll go with Razer Deathadder, cause I really like how it looks and it’s design should be pretty comfortable. It just looks like among these mice I am choosing from, all of them have great tech specs and they all do their job, so it’s down to small bits to decide which is the best for me. And besides I always wanted to try out at least something from the Razer chaps, and what better way is there, than to buy one their most popular mice. Thank you all for your replies, and I’ll keep an eye out for that “look-at-skyground-instead-of-rocketjumping” thingy. Hope I’m lucky not to get them for at least half a year or so :))

Again thanks for all your replies. I will get it in two days and will have fun with it!

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