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Left deFend. [6on6] pykow
Joined deFend. [6on6] walters
Left The Donut Syndicate [6on6] Modularized
Joined The Donut Syndicate [6on6] Modularized
Left inb4 Gaming [6on6] pykow
Joined inb4 Gaming [6on6] sno
Left asdfhfg [6on6] pykow
Joined asdfhfg [6on6] Martn
Left Team Dynamic [6on6] pykow
Joined Team Dynamic [6on6] iAwp
Left KebabCharged [Highlander] pykow
Left Turntable Crusaders [6on6] laerin
Joined KebabCharged [Highlander] laerin
Joined Turntable Crusaders [6on6] freshmeatt
Left Moustache Gaming [6on6] SiTeHBu0mbb
Left Team Head Kick [Highlander] pykow
Joined Team Head Kick [Highlander] alexestla
Joined Moustache Gaming [6on6] pykow
Left dutch-eSports [6on6] pykow
Joined dutch-eSports [6on6] pykow
Left Gathering of Tweakers Team 4 [6on6] pykow
Joined Gathering of Tweakers Team 4 [6on6] pykow

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