LAN Shoutouts/Thanks/Gay love.

Created 29th August 2011 @ 15:45

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Shoutout for best bbq EU. Kroketjes and namu down. Also dauk passing out was nice. Loads of nice things really. Almost. Home



shoutout to MGE Mike, guess he isn’t a massive dong afterall :D



Shoutouts/thanks to:

DAKKA.neXt for having me on their lan team :)
And the rest of the DAKKA community

Ramown for being THE bro.

Lolage for letting me use his pump to inflate my air mattress :D

Skully and Turbotabs for being the only other TC players there.

Nervousenergy for mumble and game servers. And fun times in general, like the Rock Band finals. Nearly pissed myself laughing.

Swimp for a gg Saturday night.

.:ne:. Phoenix for being a total bro and a massive spaz on stage. Oh and for the Vanilla Coke <3

Sparky, Fishy and Justmoose for being awesome.

Omegle for late night cocks!

All the staff for being extremely polite and helpful.

Dr. Icecream, Eledorian, Sparky, Califax and Coco for the lulz on the ferry. Sorry I lost you guys twice when driving off. I am derp. :D



Shoutout to Qun for being a baller and fun to hang out with & shoutout to the entire infused team for being the most fun to stand behind and spec.

And shoutout to the dakka community… <3!



Shoutout to:

Everyone who shook my hand/gave me a hug.
Enigma, Quarantine and Nordic for some epic games.
LTG for a good game. (I did scream rather loudly when I airshotted Hildreth and also Rinta :>)
Koalapunch for a great game.
Continuity for being our bros.
Turbomonkey for being larger than life and founding the TF2 steps. Also for buying an absolute fuck-ton of beer for everyone

And of course, my own team Elemental Violence.
Ace – for being the best medic in the world, and getting the most ridiculous save ever on me on Gravelpit C against Nordic.
Shrike – for being mega friendly irl, and sitting me down with your shotgun aim in MGE.
WAR – for being an amazing demoman, and repeatedly killing Byte with sticky traps during our game against TCM.
HeadHunter – for top-fragging all the time, and getting THREE backstabs attacking Badlands last against Koalapunch.
E-thug – for being an incredible scout pair with Head, and paying for the hotel.
Also the two of you for our accidental leaving-without-paying after eating a full English breakfast at the hotel :>

Finally, I’d like to thank the whole of the TF2 community who attended i43 and made it a fantastic experience. Everyone was so amazingly friendly and there was an awesome atmosphere throughout the whole weekend, especially during the grand final.



Shoutout to the entire TF2 community, <3 to all.


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(king of all rollouts)

shoutout to all the infused players, you played your hearts out and we achieved what we aimed for :) an even more special shoutout to those of you who supported us throughout lan. we couldn’t have done it without you. we thrive on the energy from the crowd, and you guys really were the best crowd I’ve experienced at a LAN.

also a shoutout to haunter: turning up to lan after a car crash isn’t that bad, man the fuck up.

Memento Mori

Big thanks to Heffron and Viqun for providing me somewhere to sleep.
Thx to infused for letting me hang around.
Thanks to Ramown for being a super duder.
Shoutout to [SAS] for the meal!
No thanks to flushy and the Dutchies for exposing me to the horror of Dutch fast food.
Huge respect to flushy for avoiding a “criminal damage” charge.
Seeing some of the empathy guys again (+ alex!) was good.
Thanks to Gambles and Hitman for tampon’ing konrs pc LOL
Shoutout to Admirable for suddenly turning into a street brawler on sunday night.

Good to see everyone.


Quoted from Nmx

Shoutout for best bbq EU. Kroketjes and namu down. Also dauk passing out was nice. Loads of nice things really. Almost. Home

bbq pics and vid tomorrow.

Prob the biggest thanks will go to d2m for not leaving me in country of wrong traffic sides.
skeej that was looking for lift for me more active than myself, also for: tent, sleeping bag, socks, beer, food bites, shower, hot chocolate, weed etc ;D
fish that let me listen to airline comercial via his phone
ross for headset and whole vuze guys for fucking hardcore drinking ;D
nmx that he wasn’t a bitch ;D
rubikon for not sleeping in a tent
blind for BIG PRAY and chocolate rain
kaidus for carrying ;d
flushy for being a small awesome monkey ;D
namu for worst joint eu
poop for his smart shoes and sport clothes on the first day ;D
pentia for awesome gully game

Big shout to califax who saw me do my awesome slide tackle.
Shout to gibbins for dwelling in the gutter and talking about concrete cocks and arse fluff
Shout out to monkeh, for 2girls1octopus
Shout out to all of dakka, nik in particular as my dad stole his biscuits
Shout to comedian who I enjoyed talking to so much I afked in a doublemix
Big up to 6v6newbiemix and the staff meeting, hope it’s still this strong next year!

Special mention to byte who sat across from me and ruined all my games my screaming PUSH and NICE all the time

Lastly big shout to everyone who helped me eat my surplus food. Pretty sure my satsumas were a little ray of sunshine to all


A shoutout to: elemental violence, nervous energy gold, my little pwnies, stack, Quarantine, TCM, I <3 and COP for fun games against my lan team in the tournament, as well as zumba for the warmup they gave us on day 2 before the Lower Bracket… i’ll forever be the only guy in my team that wakes up before original tournament start time each day to practice!

Aside from that, i guess shoutouts to everyone in the TP.TF2 Circle Jerk… and to everyone else for attending (especially Merry who came down on Sunday for a few drinks)!

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Flushy showing some looove


Shout out to TF2 community for putting up with a LAN without me



Shoutout to spin, soz about the tent!



First off I would just like to come and thank everyone for the support we recieved at i43, we are a team that thrive off the noise, and it boosts all of our players. It always seems something cliche to say that in Football being at home is like the “12th man”, well all the support we got in the most crucial games didn’t just give our team a 7th man, but closer to a 100th. Whether this is what carried us through to overcome a 1 map defecit against TCM, and then manage to take that golden cap when it looked completely lost I don’t know, but I do know you added to our teams spirit throughout the whole event.

Other than that shoutouts go to My Team, All the Finns, TCM, Epsilon, TP CircleJerk, Kaidus, Rubikon, Dunc, Shox, Admirable, Comedian, Bones, Cube, Tapley, Mole and everyone I had a beer with or chatted to at the event, the community makes the LAN.

PS Fuck Infused

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