TF2 at I37, and the failure of the admins.

Created 8th August 2009 @ 18:34

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How is it possible for someone to be so incompetent?

First, the TF2 tournament is single elimination from the get-go, and 4 of the highest skilled teams are in a single group. This meant that only one of the highest skilled teams could have a chance to reach the final. No-one agreed with it, and we ended up revolting against the admins.

We told the admins 10 seconds after the group seedings were announced, and they neglected to do anything. Only after we got the head admin, Neophyte, involved did they realize how fucked the structure was and rectify it.

A meeting was called between team leaders, Xman and the Admins. We voted on the comp being restarted (13 yes, 9 no), and agreed that the top two teams in every bracket should go through to the winners bracket. The 6 number ones (from each group) would go through instantly and the second places would likely have some form of playoff for the places.

Instead, they decided to not restart, but continue the rounds with slightly altered seeding (top 4 teams got broken up, but Superior Cows were left with Special 7). Also, once these were over they decided to take the total # of point captures instead of any other option as the decider for second place qualifications.

They told NO ONE about this. Everybody expected there to be some form of playoff. As such, Superior Cows played their third qualifier on Fastlane versus a lesser team, and allowed them to quit at 10 minutes due to excessive rolling. We could have easily scored 15 – 20 points, at the rate we were going, and we only needed 6 more. We had 5 lost captures, 6 gained (1 from dustbowl, 5 from fastlane). We lost by 6 captures, easily obtainable, to (no offense intended) a lesser skilled team who played the full 30 minutes instead of 10. They had 3x the chance to beat us. It is bullshit.

The admins decided to help under enormous pressure from the community, but backed up on the vote they had and continued along their own lines. This LAN’s tournament has been a shambles. They promised to fix it next time, but that’s not really good enough for me, Viqun, and quite a few others who are attending this LAN as their only, or last.

I dislike to whine but this is bullshit. So many logical and fair fixes to the structure could have been made, but they were neglected by the ultimately lazy admins. I appreciate that they have alot of work, and not alot of time, but they neglected the community here over their own laziness. They couldn’t be bothered to fix it, it would seem, and as such they tried for the easiest solution for them.



Sucks to be you!=( You should come to assembly instead, real shit going on here man.


Sounds like a pile of wank =[ UL and GL



At least you got to play some games, our mix team got completely left out, very disappointing for our 6 and made for a shitty tournament all round.

so +1 for the topic

fun fact: 24 teams signed up, 8 played.






The fun part is, BoX is #1 seeded, because they won their group with like 10-0 and 17-0. The thing was they had really newb opponents.

Guess where they are now, got raped in the upperbracket by some newbs and are about to lose the loserbracket match as well against some other newbs. Well played admins ))



goes to show how much they like tf2 tbh, ye theyll organise a tf2 fun tourny but they wont actually recruit admins who from the looks of things have an idea bout the competitive community. heres a tip multiplay (even tho this isnt the multiplay forum) get an admin who has alot/enough experience say div3+ in etf2l. sry for raging but we got really fked up by this and every1 thinks were shit now…



I still think you’re good <3



that is quite messed-up…



had I payed cashmonies to fly over and cashmonies to attend and cashmonies for this that and the other to play tf2 with mates to get dicked on by organisation like that, I’d have to suggest you vom on one of the admins.

Seriously. He’s getting paid for it.


where is commanderx when you need him?


Hi, I am still looking into how this has happened and why the admin failed to carry out the resolution we had all agreed. From my perspective the tournament has been well below the level I would expect, regardless of whether it’s only a fun tournament or not. I would like to thank the players I’ve managed to speak to so far for their understanding on this and assure everyone that right now I am working on ways to ensure players and admins never find themselves in this position.

The first change we will be making is the admin team itself. I am now spending my time researching admins within TF2 and speaking to various people at the event in order to bring in someone you all know and can trust. The next change will be the structure of the tournament itself. Finally, we will be elevating TF2 to Prize Tournament status for the next event. I realise this is little consolation for the teams affected by the events of today but will be speaking to everyone I can over the course of tomorrow to discuss things with people.

It’s been less than a year since I took over control of the i-Series tournaments and having worked hard to fix the major issues that were present in CS:S, CoD4, and Halo3 I think it’s time to give the TF2 community some love.

One of my aims this last year has been to further support TF2, currently I spend a lot of time putting resources in place to make popular projects such as the TF2 Pickups (#mpuktf2.pickup on Quakenet ) as well as supporting leagues such as ETF2L with servers whenever they need help and request them.

The plan was always to elevate TF2 to prize status for i38 and is the reason for i37 the final is on the main stage – I really needed a good final on there to use the videos to promote the TF2 community and attract further sponsorship to get more money pumped into this community. I am as devastated about the whole issue as the rest of you as this seriously harms the work I’ve been doing to promote TF2.

Unfortunately I have to oversee all gaming at the i-Series which means I rely heavily on the admins at the event to carry out the tournaments we work so hard to plan. Having sorted out the initial problem in a fair way I am extremely disappointed this solution wasn’t executed – to me this is unacceptable which is why the action towards the admins was taken.

TF2 is a fantastic community, the way the community pulled together for UKeSA showed us that this community needs more support. I would ask if you could all work with us to fix this with the end aim of bringing something more to TF2, rather than losing faith now and giving us no room to recover.

I apologise for posting on the ETF2L forum however most of the admins here know how hard I work for the good of TF2 with very little in return. We provide resources for so many projects and teams in TF2 without asking for recognition that I hope this post will be allowed to stay. If anyone at the event wants to come over and speak to me just ask for me at helpdesk so we can all this negativeness into one big positive that can be beneficial for the TF2 in the future.

If anyone doubts my ability to do this please take the time to research the work I’ve done within other communities to improve things.



I came to fucking i37 for just 3 matches? How sad…


I fully support Neophyte’s post. He’s a good guy, just the admin in control really fucked things up. I believe with the people he’s speaking to about running the TF2 tourney next time, he can pull together a really good tourney. I hope people support it as Iseries is a really, really good lan. It’s a shame this comp turned out the way it did, purely because of a few people not doing their job.

Cheers for the clear up neophyte, I’ll see you tomorrow I suppose!



Great post Neo, it’s nice to see you’re wanting to fix this. But the problem is there were a few complaints last season that never got fixed, and now this season we have more issues. I hope you really do consider Tapleys application as he’s pretty much been to every i-series and boy he would do brackets like a charm! (seedings and shit)

I understand it’s hard for you with all the other tournaments. It’s just a pity really. To start with there aren’t any TOP TIER teams going just a mix of good players dotted about, and the players aren’t even at the highest of levels (Div1 ect.). Although I do reckon a telecasted game of superior cows and s7mix would have made for a good finals with both teams warmed up being a great (close and equal) match up. It’s just a pity that one admins lack of experience and listening(?) has let that become a fantasy.

Still, I do respect the fact that you are trying to promote tf2 and I think it’s great our community has you on our side.


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