ETF2L 6v6 Season 33 Preseason Map Cup

Created 15th May 2019 @ 23:47

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mist is a mess of a map, kalinka isn’t very good either, metalworks is ok but I think reckoner is still the better option to be added alongside badlands (if you decide to pull through with the 9 maps)

If you want to keep 7 maps don’t change anything, none of the preseason maps are good enough

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Just add reckoner, metalworks and prolands remove logjam :)

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cp_mist bad fps

Kalinka could be good with a few changes, mist is awful and metalworks is ok.
Agree with reckoner + badlands + metalworks, remove logjam



mist is honestly horrible to play both metalworks and kalinka are good maps and i wouldnt mind seeing either of them played in season 33 and beyond



Propaganda is lit

Prolands instead of logjam.
Reckoner instead of product.



i mean the only NOT shit map among those 3 is metalworks

Metalworks could work in the season. Mostly because it has been tested already and people have idea how to play it. If it was open for some changes, it could go back to map pool for good.

Kalinka is bit too messy in general. Most fights last pretty long and map has bit too many places you can flank from and hide. Mid requires rework most of all, as it’s very easy to go behind enemy team straight when fight begins and you.cant really control this.

Mist is hmm. Hard to describe it. Let’s stick with the fact that it’s not ready for comp yet.

Apart from cup it would be nice to see new koth sometime in the future.

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Difficult to give feedback on kalinka. I think there aren’t that many interesting areas to fight on that map. Pretty sure there are some insane sniper sightlines as well.

Probably the best map of this cup. I still dislike the fact that the map is very dark. For me it was difficult to spot jumpers in the air, especially if they are doing a high jump on mid or second. Other than that the map is fine. I still prefer logjam over metalworks because the darkness kinda ruins the map for me.

I really liked this map, lots of potential. I don’t think it’s ready to be put in a season however, but with some changes this can be a very interesting map. The main issue of this map is the distance between points. It takes a long time to clear every flank if you are pushing to the next point. My suggestion would be to shorten the distance between points, and maybe remove a few flank routes and hiding spots. The second point is the best part of this map, it’s a really fun area to take fights and it might be better than some of the second points of the current map pool.

7 maps in map pool: Keep the map pool of last season (maybe remove logjam for metalworks)

9 maps in map pool: Keep the map pool of last season and add metalworks + prolands.

I would love to see Reckoner/Propaganda in the next preseason cup, I think these maps deserve a chance as well.




Don’t add mist.



mist is a bit too big to be played. Honestly, it is a good map but not for 6v6 in my opinion. It would be an amazing map to pub on probably.

metalworks is time tested, really open and I enjoyed playing it (maybe because I already played it in the past tho)

kalinka is good and has got potential but compared to metalworks it doesn’t compare because there are some flaws there and there.

So in the context of etf2l I’d rather see metalworks than the other 2.

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