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The Highlander Open - Cup Stage Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Brazil Le' cirque du roque0            
UnitedStates Mercenary Monsters6UnitedStates Mercenary Monsters0          
UnitedStates The Patriots6UnitedStates The Patriots6          
UnitedStates Custodes Pacis0  UnitedStates The Patriots6        
UnitedStates Knights of the Round6  UnitedStates Knights of the Round0        
UnitedStates Secondhand Highlanders0UnitedStates Knights of the Round6          
UnitedStates Coco Association of BullS and Fun Stuff0UnitedStates The Sideboob Squad0          
UnitedStates The Sideboob Squad6    UnitedStates The Patriots2      
International Überachievers0    UnitedStates The Lazy Bugs7      
UnitedStates Dustbowling for Skill6UnitedStates Dustbowling for Skill6          
UnitedStates Clam Nation0UnitedStates Critical Sandvichers0          
UnitedStates Critical Sandvichers6  UnitedStates Dustbowling for Skill0        
UnitedStates test6  UnitedStates The Lazy Bugs6        
UnitedStates SG Scrubs0UnitedStates test0          
UnitedStates The Lazy Bugs6UnitedStates The Lazy Bugs6          
UnitedStates GG-Top0      UnitedStates The Lazy Bugs0    
UnitedStates Scrubs N' Subs6      UnitedStates Scrubs N' Subs6    
UnitedStates Congregation of Distinguished Rastas0UnitedStates Scrubs N' Subs6          
UnitedStates It's Just A Game6UnitedStates It's Just A Game0          
UnitedStates The Team of Kings0  UnitedStates Scrubs N' Subs6        
UnitedStates Barely Awesome Dudes6  UnitedStates Barely Awesome Dudes0        
UnitedStates Balloonicorn's Army0UnitedStates Barely Awesome Dudes6          
UnitedStates The Critical Hits6UnitedStates The Critical Hits0          
UnitedStates Scrub Wrecking Division3    UnitedStates Scrubs N' Subs6      
UnitedStates Anberlin's Rules6    UnitedStates Anberlin's Rules0      
UnitedStates Monkey Booty Cooties0UnitedStates Anberlin's Rules6          
UnitedStates Chaos Nutricii6UnitedStates Chaos Nutricii0          
UnitedStates Women Without Hats0  UnitedStates Anberlin's Rules6        
UnitedStates GafungaMunga0  Canada Teufort Globetrotters0        
Canada Teufort Globetrotters6Canada Teufort Globetrotters6          
UnitedStates Teufort P.D0UnitedStates B.R.E.A.M.0          
UnitedStates B.R.E.A.M.6        UnitedStates Scrubs N' Subs0  
UnitedStates WestCoastKillaz6        BosniaHerzegovina "Balkan" All-Stars6  
UnitedStates Team ⑨ part 20UnitedStates WestCoastKillaz6          
UnitedStates Scaling to the Negative Dimension6UnitedStates Scaling to the Negative Dimension0          
UnitedStates Hoenn Confirmed0  UnitedStates WestCoastKillaz6        
UnitedStates GuysWeMadeIt6  UnitedStates GuysWeMadeIt0        
UnitedStates H/a/rbl Squits0UnitedStates GuysWeMadeIt6          
UnitedStates Just apples. Mate6UnitedStates Just apples. Mate0          
UnitedStates Team GWAG0    UnitedStates WestCoastKillaz6      
Brazil High Drunk Potatoes6    European b3tmeng united0      
UnitedStates Hopscotch Mafia0Brazil High Drunk Potatoes0          
Brazil quatre-vingt-dix-neuf6Brazil quatre-vingt-dix-neuf6          
UnitedStates Omega Arcade0  Brazil quatre-vingt-dix-neuf0        
UnitedStates ─╤╦︻ Pr00  European b3tmeng united6        
Poland First Aids Kit6Poland First Aids Kit0          
European b3tmeng united6European b3tmeng united6          
International The Grumpy Old Gits 9v90      UnitedStates WestCoastKillaz0    
Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa + 1 Argentino6      BosniaHerzegovina "Balkan" All-Stars6    
UnitedStates Hax! Romana0Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa + 1 Argentino6          
France Aeternia Highlander Team1European Squared0          
European Squared4  Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa + 1 Argentino0        
European Club Seals0  Italy Broken Bottles (and Dead Families)6        
Italy Broken Bottles (and Dead Families)6Italy Broken Bottles (and Dead Families)6          
Germany Destruction Killer Front6Germany Destruction Killer Front0          
European Blubbery Bolsheviks0    Italy Broken Bottles (and Dead Families)4      
Mexico The Million Deutschmarks6    BosniaHerzegovina "Balkan" All-Stars5      
European Taco-Cats0Mexico The Million Deutschmarks0          
European Team Suspicious Candy Giveaway6European Team Suspicious Candy Giveaway6          
International Rebel Era0  European Team Suspicious Candy Giveaway0        
BosniaHerzegovina "Balkan" All-Stars6  BosniaHerzegovina "Balkan" All-Stars6        
Romania You Got Snapped0BosniaHerzegovina "Balkan" All-Stars6          
UnitedStates The Army of Gentlemen Shpees0Spain Spanish Bastards3          
Spain Spanish Bastards6          BosniaHerzegovina "Balkan" All-Stars3
Germany New Fists1          European Sick Marmalade, Grandpa!6
International Hatless Hobo's5International Hatless Hobo's6          
European The Pussy Cats HL3European Party Van0          
European Party Van6  International Hatless Hobo's0        
European Sick Marmalade, Grandpa!6  European Sick Marmalade, Grandpa!6        
European RIP BlackOut Gaming0European Sick Marmalade, Grandpa!6          
Germany Scrubs n' Guns6Germany Scrubs n' Guns0          
Poland Lunar Hussars0    European Sick Marmalade, Grandpa!6      
European Lads Are Definitely Succulent6    Poland Multipla Fans [rip]0      
European Rusty Soda Cans0European Lads Are Definitely Succulent3          
Poland Multipla Fans [rip]6Poland Multipla Fans [rip]6          
International Fruit0  Poland Multipla Fans [rip]6        
International TheBritishKittens6  European Dustpubstars0        
UnitedStates Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round0International TheBritishKittens0          
European Dustpubstars6European Dustpubstars6          
NewZealand Rainbow Voodoo0      European Sick Marmalade, Grandpa!6    
Italy Floω6      European Prefix0    
International Gud Frndz0Italy Floω6          
European Harbingers of Aphrodite6European Harbingers of Aphrodite0          
Norway The Victorious Mercenaries0  Italy Floω3        
European r/ip3  European Prefix6        
European Prefix6European Prefix6          
Finland FinGin Ja Pojat6Finland FinGin Ja Pojat0          
European 64-ʙɪᴛ0    European Prefix6      
European The Bureau6    Ukraine Witnesses of sober "Observer"0      
Denmark Baby Blue Bikers0European The Bureau6          
European IzNoGood0European Free2PlayUnity0          
European Free2PlayUnity6  European The Bureau0        
Ukraine Witnesses of sober "Observer"6  Ukraine Witnesses of sober "Observer"6        
Russia Hate This Game0Ukraine Witnesses of sober "Observer"6          
Ireland Melons, Memes and Manly Men7Ireland Melons, Memes and Manly Men3          
European Ragtag Group of Misfits2        European Sick Marmalade, Grandpa!6  
European Goon Patchers6        European Fruit Force0  
UnitedStates The Otaku Lords0European Goon Patchers6          
Cyprus Neko Punch0Netherlands Crossing Borders0          
Netherlands Crossing Borders6  European Goon Patchers5        
European Dysfunctional Artificial Intelligence0  European Don't Panic1        
European Socialized Cranium Protection Insurance6European Socialized Cranium Protection Insurance0          
European Don't Panic6European Don't Panic6          
European Brotherhood of Peace0    European Goon Patchers0      
Finland Highlander tiimi6    European Team Colonslash: Ambition6      
Hungary White Storm0Finland Highlander tiimi0          
European Team Delta Pigs6European Team Delta Pigs6          
International tf_bot_add 9 allclass expert HYDRA#1-90  European Team Delta Pigs0        
European Team Colonslash: Ambition6  European Team Colonslash: Ambition6        
Norway Up North0European Team Colonslash: Ambition6          
CzechRepublic JBMNT6CzechRepublic JBMNT0          
India Downtown Strikers0      European Team Colonslash: Ambition3    
France LSD Factory6      European Fruit Force6    
European Postmodern Omega0France LSD Factory1          
Finland fetissiSQUAD e-Sports6Finland fetissiSQUAD e-Sports5          
European Pure eSports0  Finland fetissiSQUAD e-Sports6        
Finland Saukot0  England The Alpha Gummys0        
Poland Duck Party6Poland Duck Party3          
England The Alpha Gummys6England The Alpha Gummys6          
Poland RedLight Team0    Finland fetissiSQUAD e-Sports0      
European Fruit Force6    European Fruit Force6      
European Scorched Feathers0European Fruit Force6          
International Ermehgerd HLO6International Ermehgerd HLO0          
European The Wrecking Crew0  European Fruit Force6        
Belgium Pioneers6  Belgium Pioneers0        
Germany Tornado Marines0Belgium Pioneers6          
Russia Mellivora capensis0Russia Reckless Daredevils0          
Russia Reckless Daredevils6