6v6 Season 39: Finalisation & Premiership Teams

Date June 28, 2021

Banner by No Premiership Qualifiers For the Season 39 we received 8 Premiership applications. Therefore there won’t be any Premiership Qualifiers. The teams going straight to Premiership are: Prizepool We’ll be having a prize pool for Season 39’s Premiership Tier. The split will be the following: 1st – 132 euros 2nd – 78 euros Map […]

6v6 Nations Cup #8: Playoffs & Tiebreakers

Date June 5, 2021

Banner by After 3 delirious weeks of nations coming together and fighting to scary close results teams have made their way out of the group stages in to the Round of 16. With and each winning a map when they met resulting in a tied score for the highest seed in group C, alongside drawing with […]

Highlander Season 24: Provisional Tiers & Mappool Update

Date May 12, 2021

Banner by After evaluating the feedback from the cup and the map voting poll following it we have decided to put the following map in the season: Map pool Addition koth_proplant_v7 koth_warmtic_f5 Whitelist Whitelist for the Highlander season 24 can be found here. Poll Results Whitelist change: Should the Fists of Steel be unbanned? Yes […]

6v6 Nations Cup #8: Captains & Group Stage

Date May 10, 2021

Banner by The captains have been decided! Here is a list: Algeria – Austria – Belarus –  Belgium – Croatia –  Czechia – Denmark – England – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Ireland – Israel – Italy – Kazakhstan –  Lithuania – Netherlands – Norway –  Poland – Portugal […]

Season 38: Playoffs & Tiebreaker Scores

Date May 2, 2021

Banner by Welcome everyone to the conclusion of the 38th Season of ETF2L 6v6. We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for the teams that made it through, congratulations. If you find yourself on the list of these teams you are expected to be available. If you fail to provide information, or it is insufficient, […]