6v6 Winter Showdown 2023 – Provisional tiers and restrictions released & map pool update

Date February 24, 2023

Banner by Poll Results and Map pool update The polls for the last maps have been closed and we are now ready to announce the results. cp_granary_pro_rc14 – 55,52 % cp_proworks_v1a – 46,90 % cp_reckoner_rc6 – 45,17 % cp_sultry_b8 – 27,93 % cp_mannbase_rc2a – 10,00 % For Premiership and Division 1 we will add cp_proworks_v1a. We […]

6v6 Winter Showdown 2023 Premiership Qualifiers & Map Poll!

Date February 20, 2023

ETF2L 6v6 Season 44 Banner by Map pool In the original season announcement, we polled the community to choose between two koth maps. With 59,14% of the votes going in favor of koth_product_final against the 40,86% of koth_clearcut_b15d, we will be adding Product to the map pool of the 6v6 Winter Showdown 2023. However, the […]

6v6 Autumn 2022 Awards Polls!

Date December 12, 2022

Banner by   With the recent conclusion of the Premiership and Division 1 playoffs that took place last weekend, which crowned both and respectively, it is now time for you to vote for the best players and casters of the season! The polls will be open until Sunday, December 18th @ 23:59 CET.

6v6 Autumn 2022 Playoffs & Tiebreakers

Date December 3, 2022

Banner by Now that the regular season is over for all divisions it’s time to proceed to the knockout stage of our Autumn Season! After a close win against at RCADIA LAN last week, can (with a perfect 14 map win record) manage to take it all and defend their Season 42 title? Or will  rise […]

Highlander Season 27: Wrap-up

Date November 12, 2022

Banner by The Highlander Season 27 has come to an end. The winners have been crowned and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the season. All rosters are now unlocked so you can get yourself ready for the upcoming Throwback Cup, as well as prepare yourself for Highlander Season 28 happening in […]