ETF2L Fresh Meat Challenge #3: Provisional Team List

Date April 29, 2023

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Down below you can find a list of teams and their buddies. If your team is marked in yellow or red expect an admin to add you regarding issues with your entry into the cup.

Not all teams have buddies, but if you find your buddy is not on this list please contact an admin. For other buddies already listed, please contact an admin with your discord handle so we can add you to a fresh meat channel in our discord. This channel will be used for general questions and looking for scrims.


  1. Santaz said:


  2. Tekhion: PAN - LOS 9PANES said:

  3. Vercetti said:

    Im late to the party, can I still join any team that is looking for players?

  4. Max Cady said:

    Yes I have a question, where are the highlander teams

  5. dod said:

    it’s a 6s thing, the HL one called Highlander Open.

  6. salvo said: