Highlander Winter 2023: Fixtures released, map pool, whitelist update and player restrictions

Date January 21, 2023

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With the Highlander Winter 2023 season around the corner there are some changes to the rules for maps played each week in the top divisions, a change to the whitelist and a list of player restrictions, all of which can be found below.

Map pool

Premiership & Division 1

This season will introduce a new system similar to our most recent 6v6 season with picks and bans of a select set of maps each week during the regular season. Teams will have to proceed to a heavy fist fight if they cannot choose which teams are A and B.

  • For Stopwatch maps teams will go as follow: Team A bans/Team B bans/Last map played
  • For KOTH maps teams will go as follow: Team A bans – Team B bans / Team A picks – Team B picks

This subset of maps will be used during the season each week:

Division 2 & Below

The season will use the usual rules, and the following map rotation will be used:


The following change will be applied during the Winter 2023 Season. An updated Whitelist can be found here and will be automatically executed when using the ETF2L Highlander server configs on a TF2 server.

  • The Flying Guillotine is now banned

Player Restrictions

We are publicizing the player restrictions again, please see the full list per team below. If you think we missed any players feel free to reach out to us on our Discord.

Division 2


Division 3


Division 4


Division 5






  1. adje: Pill said:

    poll results?

  2. pijuka: Korv - Pill said:


    UnitedStates actual Massive Legends Here
    International nukanga cannot play

    damn wtf this dude do

  3. Luigixby: CROCKET - Slava! said:

    they denying us wtf

  4. azzii: JaR said:

    Damn who did nukanga upset

  5. nukanga: LEGEND said:


  6. adil: LEGEND said:


  7. Katsu! :3 said:

    No Divulgence or Proot… ugh, this season is gonna be boring.

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