6v6 Autumn 2022 Poll Results, Provisional Tiers & Rule Updates

Date October 13, 2022

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Poll Results

The polls for the last map in the Division 2 and Below map pool has been closed and we are now ready to announce the results.

cp_reckoner_rc6 – 58 %

cp_prolands_rc2ta – 42 %

Provisional Tiers

Down below are this season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name. Teams marked in yellow are more likely to be moved if there is a need to change teams around.

Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over at our Discord Server. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to why they should be moved.

As it has been a while since some rules were updated we have compiled a good amount of changes into one post. Without further ado, below you can find the rule additions and changes.

Rule Updates

Rule Additions

3.13 Match Disputes
If a team wishes to dispute a results or report any incident during an official match they have a total of seven days. Past this time the results will remain untouched.
– Default Mercs
– Unallowed Mercs
– Use of bugs and exploits

Rule edits

2.2.1. Nickname changes allowed in total

Name changes on ETF2L can only be done by League Admins outside of an active Season. If you want your name changed, contact them on [ETF2L’s Discord server]. You can get your name changed a total of four times.

You will be permitted 1 additional name change to revert to a previous alias used on ETF2L if you meet the following criteria:

1 – It has been at least 2 years since your last name change.
2 – You have not enacted this exemption before.

There will be no other exceptions.

3.10. Pauses & Breaks

3.10.1. Pauses

– Reason

Teams may request a pause at any time during a match. If you need to pause, you must clearly request a pause using in-game chat (e.g.: “Pause please”). The other team is then required to pause at the first appropriate time (e.g. not in the middle of a push) within 15 seconds.

Most common reasons for requesting a pause are:
– One or several players experience a computer issue (game crash, internet loss, computer crash, vocal server died, etc).
– A game update occurred during the official forcing players to update their game and get a new server.
– One or several players don’t feel well.
– Match is not going well and a team wants a tactical pause.

Only the team that originally requested the pause may resume the game. The game may not be resumed under any circumstances without the approval of both teams.

Each team has the right to one pause per map. However, if explicitly allowed by one of the teams, their opponents may pause multiple times per map and have longer pauses if required. If your opponent allows a pause longer than five minutes, or more than one pause, you are expected to extend the same courtesy to them.

– Duration

Pauses may not last more than 5 minutes during a map.

– Penalties

Not responding to a pause request or abusing pause duration during a match may lead to penalties like a Minor Warning or, in extreme cases, a Major Warning and a Default Loss for the map.

3.10.2. Breaks

– Reason

A short break is allowed between maps and rounds and can last longer if both team agree.

– Duration

Breaks between the maps may not last more than 10 minutes.
In case of Golden Cap and/or Stopwatch maps (i.e. cp_steel/pl_upward) breaks between the rounds may not last more than 5 minutes.

– Penalties

Failing to resume the game in time or abusing the breaks duration during a match may lead to penalties like a Minor Warning or, in extreme cases, a Major Warning and a Default Loss for the map.

4.3. SourceTV demos for Premiership matches are mandatory
For every match in the Premiership tier, it is mandatory to upload SourceTV demo files for all maps played.

The responsibility to upload the files is on the team that owns the server or, if the server is owned by neither team, on the team that acquired the server.

In case of a server technical failure backed up by evidence the demo files do not have to be uploaded.

Failure to upload a demo file until 72 hours have passed after an official was scheduled to start will be punished with a Minor Warning for the responsible team. Repeated offenses will be punished with a Major Warning each. These warnings can be removed if the associated demo files are provided before the end of the competition’s regular season (i.e. before the release of playoffs fixtures).

6.1. Bug-Using is not allowed
Examples of banned exploits:
Engineer: Exploit that allows you to double hit players, buildings and sappers with your melee weapon in a single attack.
Sniper: Any method that allows for a faster re-zoom in order to use the time gained by the reload animation skip to negate the headshot delay, allowing you to hit headshots as soon as the weapon is able to fire.
To clarify: cl_autorezoom 1 and (crouch)jumping on flat surfaces is allowed; however it is not allowed to take further advantage of it in an impactful way via the usage of map terrain (e.g. doorways or low ceilings or higher elevated areas/props) with the intent to negate the headshot delay.




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