6v6 Season 41, Preseason Update, Config Changes and a Rule Update!

Date January 11, 2022

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After reading some comments on ETF2L and teamfortress.tv following the announcement for our upcoming 6v6 Season 41, we decided to ask our Premiership players, of which 74 out of the eligible 88 responded and voted, for their opinions about the current map pool and general decisions with regards to config settings for mechanics we are considering testing in the Preseason Cup, and potentially changing during the main season.

Map Pool

The first question was about the maps that should be in the pool for Season 41 and allowed for 7 picks, with the following results:

As a result of the answers to this question and after internal discussion, the maps in the next season’s map pool will be:

  • cp_process_f9a
  • cp_gullywash_f5
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • cp_sunshine
  • cp_metalworks or cp_metalworks_f2 (depending on post-Preseason Cup feedback)
  • koth_product_final
  • cp_granary_pro_rc8.

Iron Bombe(r) hitboxes

After that, we went over general game and mechanics changes questions for the upcoming season. The most important one is the Iron Bomber question, obviously.

I have to admit that I messed up during creating this poll by not adding an option for leaving it as is, however, the most important thing we wanted to see here is what config settings we are supposed to test during the Preseason Cup. There were 4 players who responded in the additional feedback field that they would have voted for leaving the Iron Bomber as-is. That being said, this decision may not be definitive, which means we may make one more poll for it before the season start after the Preseason Cup has concluded.

Medi Gun pick-up

The next question is about the following Medi Gun behaviour shown by Finland Juho in this video.

With this result, we are going to set sm_empty_active_ubercharges_when_dropped to 1 (enabled) in the preseason cup to disallow this behaviour. After the preseason cup this will be re-evaluated to see whether it stays in play for S41.

Market Gardner

The result of next question is also not a huge surprise, as it became clear that having a season in the higher divisions without Market Gardener was way more desired than with it.

Playoff Structure for top divisions

The last two questions were related strictly to the single swiss table competitions, namely Premiership and Division 1, on what to do for the playoffs and avoid any confusion by changing our minds mid-season.

With these results, the highest division are going to have a Single Elimination Playoffs with a pick/ban map advantage for the team which had the better score at the end of the regular season.

Config changes

The latest config change contains a new tf2-comp-fixes setting (thanks to France TwiiKuu) sm_inhibit_extendfreeze 1, which prevents you from having an option to watch the killer on a death cam way longer than you are supposed to be able to.

Public ETF2L league configs

From this point onwards we are going to use a GitHub repository for storing all ETF2L configs, which means you can get the latest version of the etf2l_configs.zip and etf2l_configs_extra.zip here. This move will additionally allow everyone to keep track of any config changes on this public Git repository (e.g. differences between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1).

The following links to our config releases will be replaced:

Rule updates

The latest rule changes pertain to the bug-using rules, which are in effect immediately for all ETF2L competitions.

  • Quick scoping after jumping with cl_autorezoom 1 to reduce scoping time.

Rule changes


6.1. Bug-Using is not allowed

Any kind of “Bug-Using” is not allowed. Players abusing exploits and/or map bugs/glitches will be penalized on a case-by-case basis depending on the intent and impact on the matches. Possible penalties may include warnings, forfeiting of one or more match rounds and league bans.

A spot on the map is commonly banned if:

  • It gives players the possibility to see things they shouldn’t be able to (e.g. looking through walls).
  • It gives players a way to shoot others without other players being able to shoot them.
  • It doesn’t work on both sides of the map.

Wallbugs are not considered an exploit unless they meet any of the criteria above.

Examples of banned exploits:

  • Quantum Crouch/Schrodinger’s Crouch
  • Jetpack Exploit
  • Demoman explosive crouch jump bug against sentry fire
  • Bugging player model animations
  • Damaging/Killing players during setup time
  • Cornersniping
  • Quick scope right after jumping with cl_autorezoom 1 setting in order to shorten the scoping time

Most commonly seen banned map spots include:

  • Upward: Teleporter in dropdown spot on 3rd point, resupply cabinet through the wall at RED forward spawn
  • Gullywash: Last point shutter shoot through
  • Gullywash: Taunting through the ceiling of elbow
  • Product: Skybox bugged spot
  • Steel: Using flamethrower through steel sliding doors on A

If you are unsure about the legality of any sneaky spot on a map, please contact an admin on [ETF2L’s Discord server] to clarify the situation and prevent complaints from your opponent.




  1. ascending: xd - Pill said:

    first noobs

  2. ympo: IaB said:

    bring back clearcut

  3. Hugee: cutie - Pill said:


  4. Vermilion: Chill - ehm said:

    Gran or ban, lfg!!!

  5. rae: TANK - MM22 said:

    banned for jumping after shooting
    banned for crouching
    literally 1984

  6. KO: COOL - neoWise said:

    idiots for bringing back product and lowering skill ceiling for medics

  7. Mong: 6ms said:

    don’t care. when cup

  8. Tonton Flairix: A6E said:

    Why the prems are deciding for other divs ?

  9. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    because they have way more experience in the game than the others meaning it’s better to use their knowledge as an advice how could we make better quality games in general

  10. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    This now banned exploit should be explained more clearly as to what is an offence because it is incredibly easy to do using autozoom 1 by accident even

    (Unless it only counts as consistent use)

  11. laiky: ehm - SDCK! said:

    took me so long to get used to the scope thing then they ban it.


  12. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    This now banned exploit should be explained more clearly as to what is an offence because it is incredibly easy to do using autozoom 1 by accident even

    (Unless it only counts as consistent use)

    cl_autorezoom 0 and there won’t be any accidental uses anymore

  13. rae: TANK - MM22 said:

    not seen any player complain about autozoom 1 before this, rly dont see the point of banning it

  14. Brogli: OTP said:

    season 44 mirrored maps only pretty please

  15. FL1X: IGOR - FaW said:

    ^ what brogli said

  16. Brogli: OTP said:

    ^ what flix said

  17. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    You respond by saying dont use the setting set by default which many snipers and me use.

    This applies to muscle memory and would be unfair to ban a setting set by default in tf2 which anyone can use.

  18. bum: mkk said:

    banning/ saying not to use autozoom altogether is a crap take, fix it with a plugin or only punish people who permanently abuse it if it can be done by accident. all the 6s changes are perfect imo

  19. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    I agree with the chum above however i would also add the fact that scoping quick should not be banned as that is the easy mistake, it should be if someone is deliberately trying to shoot max speed and headshot

  20. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    the setting in question is not banned at all, it’s one of the options i suggested for not using the exploit (even accidentally), after all there is no mention that cl_autorezoom 1 is banned
    however using this exploit is indeed banned, we are going to assess it’s usage on case by case basis and treat it as another exploit which is in the game compared to metal footsteps which is considered as cheating, meaning doing it [the jump autorezoom scope trick] accidentally will not warrant a 2 year ban, but a minor warning for the match (as long as the accidentally doing it will not make a major impact on the match, because they we can default win a map on which it happened)
    my take here is just to not use the exploit after all, not the setting you are talking about and i hope we will have an option to block it in the future by a tf2-comp-fixes plugin so there will be no confusion for it like yours

  21. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    so a minor warning for jumping and scoping…. LOL

    its like its almost impossible for you to just agree with me, I am trying to help you but now you suggest banning autorezoom 1 by default which will go from a small change to a massive change as that will again effect muscle memory of many players, just like how the immediate jump bug was patched for sniper you will basically ruin the class for most as it is set to default and people will probably leave like last time.

  22. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    this bug can still also be performed without autozoom 1 on timed clicks like bhop

  23. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    so a minor warning for jumping and scoping…. LOL

    to be exact for using an exploit letting you shoot faster than the opponent potentially, yes

    I am trying to help you but now

    you did your job very well by making this video, honestly there was no better touch on this topic and it’s clearly why i’ve mentioned it in the post

    you suggest banning autorezoom 1

    don’t twist my words, i suggest not using itas an option, i don’t suggest banning it

    this bug can still also be performed without autozoom 1 on timed clicks like bhop

    that makes my suggestion about not using autorezoom 1 irrelevant, yet it doesn’t change anything here

  24. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    the topic literally sais
    “Quick scoping after jumping with cl_autorezoom 1 to reduce scoping time.”

    you literally said
    “we will have an option to block it in the future by a tf2-comp-fixes plugin so there will be no confusion for it like yours”

  25. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    that means we’ll have to reword it to generalize not using an exploit regardless of it this setting is used or not, i think that’s your point

  26. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    figure it out

  27. yak: VNC - INSANE said:

    this is a rare situation where i agree with wizat

  28. mak: 100kg+ - INSANE said:


  29. klassy: wG - gandhi is said:

    is anyone gonna fix being able to sticky onto the shutter door on gully 2nd spawn?

    not sure if the exploit should be banned until its fixed because you could accidentally just land a stick on the shutter if ur simply trying to sticky the floor in front, meaning if the exploits banned while it still exists it complicates trying to spawncamp.

  30. supra: (League Admin) - SIMP - H4B said:

    Refresh Team will take care of it, thanks for reporting

  31. Jorge said:

    I’d say just ban Dafuq directly, he cheats anyways

  32. redlix: cutie - SDCK! said:

    “Copypastaing” here too in hope of recognition.

    Dear Admins!
    The current “bug-using rule change” seems pretty “under-researched”.
    Apart from the animation skip, the shot interval does not change in time – hence the ban is invalid.
    What we experience as the “faster scope -> faster shots” from the “autorezoom” is literally the elimination of the input delay coming from an external device – the game itself allows you to set your rezoom on auto to execute the rezoom command immediately after the reload animation.
    The animation skip could look unfair, but it won’t help you in any other way apart from scoping in faster. No, you won’t be able to shoot faster because of this, since the next bullet has not been reloaded yet when the fast rescoping (animation skip) took place. The game will fire it when the reload takes the literal digit from your clip.
    It’s being used to bypass the animation time delay to achieve the fastest fire rate, which is still allowed by the game naturally.

    Please reach out next time to experienced players to handle in experimental evidence to prove a ban like this, because it seem like no valid research has took place apart from a few complains (demo requests about this specific meta) and the video wizat demonstrates in.

  33. mezzo: TBC - SDCK! said:

    what redlix said ^

  34. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - stfu said:

    Its pretty weird how this is the second time that ETF2L has banned sniper tech that wizat popularised.

  35. redlix: cutie - SDCK! said:

    @scrambled is it tho? *X doubt*

  36. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    cl_autorezoom 1 enthusiasts be like https://youtu.be/3jwcGW_L8KA

  37. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:

    [10:59 PM]
    ask if he knows about the one flame particle doing like 120 damage exploit
    when u shoot a flame at the ground at a specific angle
    and it hits like 10 times
    why is that not banned

    apparently this is real????

  38. N3lly said:


    wait, so all those times when a pyro did 125 dmg in a second to me and i thought it must have been a reflect or something (even tho the kill feed didnt show a reflect) were actually bugs? FUCK ME! Delete class pls!

  39. DaFuQWiZaT: inv said:


  40. laiky: ehm - SDCK! said:

    god fucking sniper mains suck ASS

  41. laiky: ehm - SDCK! said:

    but seriously all of this could have been avoided if you just asked people who know more

  42. hr: LR said:

    I have no love for sniper but banning some quickscope thing seems pretty stupid and to call it a bug or exploit seems pretty far fetched.

  43. I stole your bees.: (honey daddy) said:

    Supra worst admin ever?!?!?!!!

  44. NuTRiCuLa: D925 said:

    new wave of the sniper mains that “dominated” top divs in last last couple years might have used exploits/bugs and stuff like that to gain advantage? SHOCKING