Staff Changes, a short PSA on Demo Requests and Wednesday Evening Bans

Date September 1, 2021

Staff Changes

We would like to announce that Germany Jonez, Belgium EASY, and Latvia Axio have successfully completed their League Admin trials. Germany Jack has also completed his trial period as a site coder.
And finally, the Anti-Cheat team will include Denmark Jortand in our ranks as a full staff member.

PSA on Demo Requests

Recently we have received a couple of requests about players not receiving emails when demos have been requested or general admin comments were posted on a matchpage. In most of these cases it turns out that the team leaders and deputies did not enable the option “Send Email Notifications” in their profile dashboard, or their email was not current anymore. Even if you are not a leader or deputy in your current team, you should still consider leaving this feature enabled for the future. If you need to change your email address, please open a League Admin request on our Discord as you cannot change it yourself.

Furthermore, we will use this post to remind you that you are required to keep all of your demos from official matches until the wrap-up post of the season has been published!




The following players have been caught cheating by the Anti-Cheat team and were banned for two years unless otherwise specified:

VAC Bans

The following players have been caught with VAC bans possibly affecting TF2 and have been banned from the league for two years:

+ 58 inactive and 8 inactive permanently banned ETF2L accounts. Total: 66

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff potential match results are not affected. Some of the VACs may have been detected on alternate Steam/ETF2L accounts.

If you were banned due to a VAC ban on your Steam account that does not affect Team Fortress 2, or would like to appeal your permanent VAC league ban, please contact our Anti-Cheat staff and clarify the situation in order to get the ETF2L ban removed.

Demo Bans

The following player failed to provide a requested demo more than once:

  • Poland Fifiss_ – Failure to provide two demo requests – Two Weeks
  • Russia ZOOM – Failure to provide two demo requests – Two Weeks
  • Hungary Osero – Failure to provide two | three demo requests – Two Weeks, Two Months

League Bans

The following players were banned for the given reason and ban duration:

  • Russia stas – Harassment – Two Weeks
  • Russia Justmed – Harassment – Two Weeks
  • Russia PojiLo – Harassment – Two Weeks
  • Russia shi – Harassment – Two Weeks
  • International Anvu – Harassment – Two Weeks
  • Russia kon4ch – Harassment – Two Weeks
  • France Igov Драгови – Racism and Transphobia – Two Weeks
  • Algeria cyrax – Racism and Transphobia – Three Weeks
  • England Fancy Elf – Racism and Transphobia – Three Weeks
  • Cyprus jeven99 – Harassment – One week
  • Greece stalky – Inappropriate behaviour around minors – One Year
  • Switzerland poy – Racism – Two Weeks
  • UnitedKingdom RaTSLaYeR – Racism – Two Weeks
  • Greece -E- – Racism – Two Weeks
  • Wales Benito – Racism – One Month
  • CzechRepublic Snowy – Racism – One Month
  • England Fracture – Racism – Ban extended to: One Year
  • CzechRepublic thu4der – Harassment and Transphobia – Two Weeks
  • Poland ALOV – Racism – One Week
  • Norway namba – Racism – Two Weeks




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    good job osero

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    lol, no wrap-up post for 6v6 Season 38 means you can still request demos from it, demo bans incoming

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