Provisional Schedule Mid 2021

Date April 20, 2021


This is a provisional schedule therefore dates are subject to change.

This is the schedule for the next 5 months of ETF2L seasonal competitions. We intend to catch up on the missing 6v6 Nations Cup from last year without delaying the Highlander Nations Cup. Therefore we will host both Nations Cup at the same time as the opposite Game-mode.

Note: Signups for the Highlander Season 24 and the 6v6 Nations Cup #8 are happening simultaneously. The 6v6 Season 39 and the Highlander Nations Cup #7 overlap starting the week of July 11th.

Highlander Season 24

Signups: 26th April – 14th May
Main Season: 16th May – 20th June
Playoffs: 20th June – 4th July

6v6 Nations Cup #8

Signups: 26th April – 14th May
Main Season: 16th May – 5th June
Playoffs: 6th June – 27th June

6v6 Season 39

Signups: 7th June – 25th June
Main Season: 27th June – 15th August
Playoffs: 15th August – 29th August

Highlander Nations Cup #7

Signups: 21st June – 9th July
Main Season: 11th July – 31st July
Playoffs: 1st August – 22nd August


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  1. AlesKee: CHIMPU18 said:


  2. Harrow: theorist said:


  3. theos: Compound - 0FO said:


  4. tendon: Anka - !tendon said:


  5. rubicus: FLOPPA - DOMINOS said:


  6. saltyy: 100% LG - BL said:


  7. brokencarwheel: MILFs said:


  8. FLARES': DOMINOS said:

    tfw no prolander

  9. Soaky: DOMINOS said:

    nations cup? Well, we know Germany will lose anyways, so

  10. HartzFartz: (ETF2L Donator) - gsg - 0FO said:

    What happened to the Prolander Nationscup?

  11. zambz: LR said:

    nations cup

  12. supra: (League Admin) - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    > What happened to the Prolander Nationscup?

    don’t expect it to happen

  13. Anzu: CHIMPU18 said:

    no preseason cup for highlander?

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