Staff Changes & Nations Cup

Date April 1, 2021

Staff changes and Ban

After the recent departure of Belgium Aoshi it was meant for Belgium Sodium to take over the role of head admin. Since then the League Admins had a discussion and decided to ask him to step down. Although it might seem as this is a pretty sudden change behind the scenes the situation became quickly became uncontrollable with Belgium Sodium more often than not being unreachable at critical moments, he has agreed to step down as head admin. The remaining admins reached out to Belgium Aoshi who turned down their request. Fortunately for us Germany DCS has agreed to come back and fill in the gap until a new League Admin has been prepared to step up to the head admin spot.  Germany DCS mentioned that he only took up the offer to return because being a solo head admin gives him a lot more freedom in the role in comparison to his time alongside Belgium Aoshi.

Additionally we came across a situation we hoped would never happen. International Faust used his trial position to gain and leak critical information that forced us to put the website under maintenance a couple of times to fix what he’s done.

League Ban:

The following player have been caught gathering and leaking information. They have been banned from ETF2L for one year:

Nations Cup

It was long awaited and requested by the community and it feels like the right time to cheer everyone up after this heavy announcement. We’re excited to share with you an update related to the upcoming nations cups. After long consideration and tinkering with the schedule we have drafted up the following idea for this years nation cup:


Due to the lack of a nations cup last year we had to fit in both a 6v6 and HL nations cup, we realized organizing both cups would be near impossible in the current schedule. Therefore, we have decided to compromise to players of both game-modes and organize the very first Prolander Nations Cup later this year.


  • Captains Applications: 26th April – 08th May
  • Announce Captains & Groups: 09th May
  • Group Stage Round 1: 10th May – 16th May
  • Group Stage Round 2: 17th May – 23rd May
  • Group Stage Round 3: 24th May – 30th May
  • Tiebreakers: 31st May – 04th June
  • Round of 16: 06th June – 12th June
  • Quarter finals: 13th June – 18th June
  • Semi finals: 20th June – 25th June
  • Grand finals: 27th June



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  1. Mofu: DumasFC - WRONGDOG said:

    Thank god I left staff then

  2. SchmitShot: TBCB - RATS said:


  3. SchmitShot: TBCB - RATS said:

    wait what happen

  4. Akio: ADO - CHIMPU18 said:

  5. Axio: (Trial Admin) - cooking - :) said:

  6. Mofu: DumasFC - WRONGDOG said:

    Holy fuck I got bamboozled

  7. sheepy dog's hand: (puffy vulva) - {SMPMGG} said:

    Sodium was the only admin other than Aoishi who treated me like genuine kindness and respect. This saddens me greatly.

  8. AlienSmiley: bdo - Jamz said:

    very funny

  9. snarpii said:

    lol!!!! so hilarious

  10. Big Papa MattJ: gains - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    fuck yeah prolander nations cup
    Legit super hyped rn thats a great idea admins

  11. Big Papa MattJ: gains - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    oh yea, today is a special day, a special day for special people

  12. joba: CHIMPU18 said:


  13. DuMmTm: woofwoof - COGU said:

    liked the russian Faust more anyway

  14. pijacka: Compound - pizza said:

    joba: CHIMPU18 said:
    Today, 02:11


  15. saltyy: 100% LG - BL said:

    yo nederland, hmu :)

  16. theos: Compound - 0FO said:

    why prolander…

  17. red: GYRO$ - STARS said:

    prolander cup was a good April fools joke… right?

  18. ziggokill: RAG - SeG said:

    let’s goo prolander

  19. suN said:

    april fools here we go

  20. rulliez: cooking - WRONGDOG said:

  21. FLARES': Asia said:


  22. cooney: gsg said:

    DCS erlaub Mal smzi Scout danke

  23. STiNGHAN: LR - inv said:

    im big fan of prolander

  24. kreumat: BW. - B. said:


  25. Buck824: Bestest said:

    nice prolander meme tbh tbf

  26. Sabesaroo said:

    lfp team trinidad n tobago

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