Highlander Season 23 Premiership Qualifiers & Season Info Finalization!

Date January 18, 2021

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The Highlander Season 23 Premiership Qualifiers are hereby announced. Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! , Poland inVisionSouthKorea Samsung Galaxy Gang: Global Takeover and Russia kiti s bakenbardami will keep their Premiership spot based on their performance in the last season. Based on the applications we received, we have four remaining teams who will be fighting it out for the remaining two spots.

The teams in the Premiership Qualifiers are:

The matches will be split into two brackets. The Upper bracket, where the two higher seeded teams will face each other for a direct spot into Premiership, and a Lower Bracket, where the two other teams will wait up for the losers of the Upper Bracket. The losers of the Lower Bracket matches will proceed into Division 1.


If teams are having any issues regarding game scheduling, please contact the admin team.

Round 1

Upper Bracket: UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS vs Jamaica Weed Cake Sellers

Lower Bracket: Iceland EF2L KANKER vs Russia BAD DRAGONS

Result deadline: Thursday, 21st of January

Decider Round:

Match 3: Loser of upper bracket round vs Winner of lower bracket round

Result deadline: Sunday, 24th of January

Whitelist Update

The whitelist.tf page for this whitelist can be found here. https://whitelist.tf/11465.


  • Beggar’s Bazooka
  • Red-Tape Recorder

Map pool

Map Rotation

Statics of Post Season 22 Polls and Season 23 Preseason Cup Polls

These were polled separately at separate times from top level teams.

Season 23 Preseason Cup Polls

Unban Red-Tape Recorder

  • Yes – 17
  • No – 13
  • No Opinion – 11

Unban Beggars Bazooka

  • Yes – 24
  • No – 14
  • No Opinion – 4

Even if a new map has a lower score, would you still like to see it replace an existing map?

  • No – 16
  • Even if there is a major score difference – 6
  • Only if there is a slight score difference – 14
  • Don’t have an opinion – 5

Individual Map Scoring

  • pl_badwater_prov9 – 6,84
  • pl_prowater_b12 – 6,67
  • pl_vigil_rc7 – 6,62
  • koth_coalplant_b8 – 6,47
  • koth_warmtic_b6 – 6,41
  • koth_ashville_rc2c – 6,21
  • koth_lakeside_r – 5,35

Due to there being only a 2,2% difference and there being favour to push for change within the map pool we opted to swap vigil in over badwater.

Post Highlander Season 22 Polls

Individual Map Scoring of Previous Map Pool

  • Upward – 8,55
  • Product – 8,37
  • Steel – 8,34
  • Coalplant – 7,18
  • Badwater – 6,37
  • Gullywash – 6,34
  • Warmtic – 6,25

Would You Like to See Map X In The Map Pool? (Yes, No, I would like to test it)

  • pl_swiftwater_final1 – Yes, 18 | No, 31 | Test, 16
  • pl_vigil_rc7 – Yes, 23 | No, 21 | Test, 21
  • pl_borneo – Yes, 27 | No, 24 | Test, 14
  • pl_barnblitz_pro8 – Yes, 17 | No, 27 | Test, 21
  • koth_lakeside_final – Yes, 25 | No, 26 | Test, 14
  • koth_ashville_rc2b – Yes, 19 | No, 30 | Test, 16
  • koth_cascade_rc1a – Yes, 8 | No, 31 | Test, 26
  • koth_clearcut_b15c – Yes, 12 | No, 33 | Test, 20
  • cp_gravelpit – Yes, 17 | No, 35 | Test, 13
  • cp_edifice_rc1 – Yes, 5 | No, 29 | Test, 31
  • cp_process_final – Yes, 15 | No, 36 | Test, 14
  • cp_propaganda_b18 – Yes, 18 | No, 31 | Test, 16

Are there any maps you would like to see replaced in future ETF2L Highlander seasons?

  • Badwater – 29
  • Warmtic – 29
  • Gullywash – 26
  • Coalplant – 19
  • Steel – 6
  • Product – 6
  • Upward – 3

Which Badwater Version Do You Like The Most?

  • Badwater_v9 – 30
  • Prowater_b11 – 8
  • Prowater_b12 – 6
  • Default badwater – 4

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  1. monty: Shrexy - :) said:


  2. Makemake: :flag_xk: said:

    no lakeside thank god

  3. BlastFM: kz - pizza said:

    lakeside is gone :crab:

  4. classy.: WARSAW said:

    makemake i had a dream abt u idk why

  5. laiky: monke - KANKERBOYS said:

    none sniper mains proud lakeside is gone…. atleast coalplant is back samii to prem!!

  6. Makemake: :flag_xk: said:

    mind sharing what the dream was about classy

  7. kuroi: GUCCI - :) said:

    you hate to see it

  8. rulliez: cooking - pizza said:

    put feila in prem thanks

  9. Big Papa MattJ: gains - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    No badwater, no lakeside, vigil added, coalplant remains, life good
    I still reserve my right to complain about warmtic, admins did a terrible job, I cant believe it, quitting etf2l as we speak

  10. supra: (League Admin) - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    good decision overall, i’m truly satisfied

  11. Dobronrav: dneprodno said:

    LakeSide removed? Thanks God.
    Badwater removed? Well, it’s big mistake. I think everyone prefer play Badwater than trash map Coalplant.
    P.S. Thanks for Vigil. Pretty good map.

  12. Citrus said:

    Lakeside and Badwater. Who will replace them? Anyone.

  13. shinso said:

    Kind of sad to see Coalplant will be played over Ashville for yet another season even though I’m pretty sure everyone that played PSC can confidently say Ashville is just a straight upgrade to Coalplant cause Sniper isn’t as strong and there’s no sentry in shutters to deal with and Engie DM might actually matter on a map that isn’t Product again. I’m glad Badwater is finally replaced as the community has been asking for it for ages. Personally Lakeside and Warmtic aren’t too different to me; both have huge flaws therefore it doesn’t change the gameplay experience too much, but I would’ve prefered Lakeside just cause it would make the map pool feel fresher.

  14. Polarium said:

    who are these people who seriously enjoy playing around a lvl3 the entire game so much that they vote for warmtic and coalplant over ashville? Do you have fun playing games? would you say you struggle with basic tasks?

  15. AMPER said:

    I have a dream that one day the etf2l main admin will be an Afro European woman

  16. None_: MM said:

    Thanks for pushing vigil over badwater. Don’t get me wrong I like both maps. But changes really help keep it fresh.

  17. samii: G - KANKERBOYS said:

    Not top seed WHY

  18. pijacka: Compound - SamsungGG said:

    admins biased against samii again………………….

  19. Liko: ︻芫═一☺ said:


  20. Antibite: hb said:

    etf2l is dead

  21. elrond69 said:

    antibite l o x

  22. Axio: (Trial Admin) - KANKERBOYS said:

    admins are giving samii’s team more experience by putting ef2l into lower bracket that he will eventually use to defeat sdck in finals this season

    also to people who complain about lvl3: just shoot at the engi lol ez

  23. Adje said:

    Badwater gone, there is a God after all

    Don’t know why people really don’t want to play Ashville over Coalplant. So much of the way Coalplant is played is dictated by the presence of a level three gun in shutter. If the engineer is any good you are literally just not getting cap time unless that gun is down, which is really aids on koth. The shutter is essentially an extra shield in case your team somehow doesn’t manage to do 648 dmg to a sentry (not unlikely) as it literally blocks the line of fire. The amount of time/effort a flank+spy have to put into dealing with it vs. the time/effort it takes for an engie to get it fully built in shutter (again) with current day engineer unlocks is kinda ridiculous. Banning said engineer unlocks is far more controversial than just adding nobuild to shutter.

    If someone were up to add nobuild to shutter on Coalplant though I think it’d be the best of both worlds and Coalplant would be totally fine.

  24. pijacka: Compound - SamsungGG said:

    what adđe said

  25. smrk: Ѧ - 0FO said:

    ashville > coalplant

  26. pijacka: Compound - SamsungGG said:

    smrk >= wrong & smrk =< wrong