Highlander Season 22 Award Polls!

Date November 18, 2020

Vote for who you think was the best at their respective role!

These polls are going to be live until Friday the 27th of November at 21:00 CET!

Highlander Season 22: Scout of the Season

Total Voters: 428

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Highlander Season 22: Soldier of the Season

Total Voters: 459

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Highlander Season 22: Pyro of the Season

Total Voters: 416

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Highlander Season 22: Demoman of the Season

Total Voters: 444

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Highlander Season 22: Heavy of the Season

Total Voters: 447

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Highlander Season 22: Engineer of the Season

Total Voters: 462

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Highlander Season 22: Medic of the Season

Total Voters: 428

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Highlander Season 22: Sniper of the Season

Total Voters: 452

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Highlander Season 22: Spy of the Season

Total Voters: 455

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Highlander Season 22: Debut of the Season

Total Voters: 436

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Highlander Season 22: Best Player of the Season

Total Voters: 423

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Highlander Season 22: Caster of the Season

Total Voters: 446

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  1. BlastFM: BAP - DORF said:

    who the fuck was nominating

  2. Black: theorist - kzS said:

    No dummtmm :(

  3. st0rm: ADO said:

    where is dummtm

  4. magistr: D: said:

    who tf is daddy

  5. mak: FAINT said:


  6. Winter Personified: Aids - GS said:

    Daddy is Yahoo im pretty sure.

  7. virgonaly: TANK - :fish: said:


  8. Georgiboy: FLOPPA said:

    where is sunflower

  9. Buck824: Bestest said:

    why is there only 2 options for best player lmfao

  10. stan: :ccHappy: - inv said:

    JoeN>me Sadge

  11. Sodium: (Head Admin) - D925 - CHIMP said:

    The third place for MVP was a seven way tie, impossible to differentiate

  12. stan: :ccHappy: - inv said:

    Mentioning those people wouldn’t make any harm tho right? Like lets say in comments or something

  13. chumovaya: FLOPPA said:

    You have successfully voted for: Hugo

  14. pesky: 100% LG - WARSAW said:

    wizat vote where

  15. TBourdon: Zulu - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:


  16. ReseF said:

    Nice meme “ETF2L” admins.

  17. Sacrilege: pizza said:

    nice none of my nominations made it.

  18. samii: ︻デ═一 - V3V2 said:


  19. Mlody: CC - kzS said:

    why i can’t vote to the samii for the best demoman and kfc speedrunner????

  20. dragon_slayer72 said:

    You have successfully voted for: dragon_slayer72

  21. BlastFM: BAP - DORF said:

    Hello, this is catman’s manager

  22. NeoBern: RAG - SeG said:

    Why is not @ZiggoKill here?

  23. Kanga: gains - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:


  24. TK_: V3V2 said:

    Where is Mak and all of the russians

  25. Kanga: gains - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:


  26. mak: FAINT said:

    GG no debutt of the seson for me… no shortlist for demo of the seson… GG i no play this gamemode again fuck all hl

  27. STiNGHAN: LR - inv said:

    what a bullshit man. i feel sorry for mak and the others

  28. Big Papa MattJ: gains - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    @TK ikr

    pahan plays heavy in prem, brings in a ton of players on offclasses and such, still gets 4th, noone even mentions him or his teammates

    @stinghan that too

    these nominations were scuffed but hey at least hondjo is here and that is epic

  29. AMPER said:

    Highlander Season 22: Caster of the Season – DuMmTm

  30. Citrus said:

    Neither of the players from the teams finished 1st or 2nd were nominated for the player of the season. Team which finished 6th got 6 nominees which is 2 times more nominees than 4th and 5th teams got together. Current nomination system is broken and admins must rework it.

  31. yesa: Freaks said:

    where is Fry_Friday?????????????? best engineer of the team fortress 2

  32. Sketis said:


  33. pijacka: Compound - pizza said:

    based nominations

  34. ire said:

    You have successfully voted for: Buck824

  35. HBFS: pHy - DOMINOS said:

    dummtm deserves at least a fucking nomination

  36. Niro: GYRO$ said:


  37. WiseGenie: lg1v1 - kzS said:

    Etf2l is dead

  38. DaFuQWiZaT said:

    every vote I made won