Season 37: Premiership

Date October 13, 2020

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Hey just going to keep this as a short update for the season 37 Premiership division. We ended up receiving 6 signups which will directly be placed into the tier. If any other teams are out there that are interested feel free to still sign up. We will look at what the best option is for Premiership within the following season once all signups have concluded.

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  1. Charlie: new - NNG said:

    new team

  2. Kordian: weed - Durvin said:


  3. supra: Inactive said:

    POLSKA ⛰️

  4. tavi: tavi said:

    go pl

  5. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LMFAO said:

    so many people complained there wasn’t gonna be another 6s season this year, but can’t even get 8 teams for prem?

  6. ddf: D925 - 9MC said:

    solid teams!

  7. deli69: TBC - Jamz said:

    wheres samski’s team

  8. buud: .yu said:

    Not everyone who wants to play 6s is prem timtum

  9. tobs: Danmark said:

    @timtum scene doesn’t revolve around prem and shouldn’t. Also forcing teams into prem is a bad idea and is only going to make another gay jail.

  10. Sprite: o/ said:

    @timtum people are pussies and dont like losing

  11. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LMFAO said:

    @tobs I feel like if there aren’t enough teams for prem they shouldn’t be able to even choose for prem/div 1. Prem are top 8 teams of Europe, so if there are only 6 ‘real’ prem teams that automatically means the top 2 teams of div 1 are top 8 of Europe, so prem. sure the average skill level of prem might go down, but you can’t stop that. Also there should be way closer games in bottom prem this season than last season with gay jail.

  12. Cuby: new - Jamz said:

    go kritzberg!

  13. Dypsilon: ? said:

    Gay Jail was a result of not forcing a team into prem though?

  14. oben said:

    Alv did the reverse rag!

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